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12 Feb 2008
Five of the six strikers in the squad are needing at least two complete games in order to score one single goal, that's the conclusion after checking their statistics in la liga. But this situation isn't exclusive of Deportivo, because the other club at the bottom of the table are experiencing the same problem. The solution might be at Fabril with the arrival of Lassad, but Lotina doesn't want to hurry up the things.

The absence of goals at Deportivo aren't fresh news, it's a problem affecting the club since Irureta's last season in La Coru?±a (2004/2005). Depor started to lose the contribution of top scorers like Makaay, Pandiani and Trist??n while their spots weren't fulfilled with players of the same category. In fact, the last player that scored more than 10 goals in one single season was Diego Trist??n (12 on the season 2005/2006).

Therefore, Depor passed to be enjoying of seasons with an average of 60 goals scored per tournament to have campaigns of just 41 goals (46 on the 2004/2005, 47 on the 2005/2006 and 32 on the 2006/2007). And the current liga season is following the same pattern, because the Galician team has just scored twenty four goals in twenty three matches.

And the statistics demonstrates that the main problem are the poor marks of Depor's strikers. In fact, five of the six current forwards in the team need at least two complete games in order to score one single goal. The only one that needs less than 180 minutes to conquer a goal is Sebastian Taborda, the Uruguayan needs 162 minutes for it. But this mark isn't enough if the team wants to aspire to bigger things. Curiously, Taborda has only played 5 minutes within the last eight games in la liga.

Another curiosity is that Depor's striker with the worst statistic is Rodolfo Bodipo, the Guinean scores one goal every 554 minutes and it was him who was complaining about the lack of opportunities in the squad, as he said on Monday at Abegondo: "We are the most criticised line since the pre-season. If the squad doesn't scores a goal, the guilty one is the striker, if we lose, it's also our fault. We can live with that, but when we work on the pitch, we are making our best effort and the criticism is always painful. When I finally could have a chance, and if I miss that opportunity, I will be the first critic against myself. But when you are really working in the trainings, and when you aren't having chances and when you still been criticised, it's something that burns you from the inside."

But this draught in the striking zone isn't an exclusive problem of Deportivo, the other clubs fighting to survive are living a similar situation. In fact, the seventeen strikers in the other four clubs that are currently joining Depor at the last five positions in the table -Levante, Murcia, Recreativo and Betis- are presenting worst numbers than the ones of Taborda

As the table demonstrates, the only one that's near to the mark of the Uruguayan is the Argentinean Mariano Pavone at Betis (1 goal every 174 minutes), the rest of the strikers need at least two and a half games in order to score, and in some cases like the one of Goitom at Murcia, this attackers need more than six matches in la liga in order to score one single goal. That's too much for a club that wants to clinch the permanence.

And the situation is similar at Deportivo B, despite the good moment lived by the Galician youngsters, the strikers in Tito Ramallo's squad are also living a draught with the goals, because the trio of strikers that started the season -Aridane, Rivera and Guille- were needing six games in order to score one single goal, therefore the responsibility was taken by other players in the squad like Iv??n Carril and Iv??n P?©rez. That's also the reason why Ramallo promoted youngster Hugo Garc?­a from Juvenil A while he also allowed the arrival of the French Lassad Nouioui.

And it's Lassad who is calling the attention of everybody, because the ex-Ajaccio striker has scored three goals in just two games, meaning that he has a surprising average of one goal every 31 minutes. It was speculated that Lotina might call him in order to have a test with the first squad.

And the Basque trainer confirmed this on Tuesday, but at the same time, he wanted to be cautious with his case, as he said at Abegondo's press room  "Tomorrow (Wednesday), we will have a training match between Fabril and Deportivo. It's not to just watch Lassad, I also want to follow the progression of Lafita, Valer??n or Wilhelmsson. I want to see the whole squad, not only mine but also the one of Tito (Ramallo). About Lassad, we should go slowly, even I was good at Segunda B, and later I was pretty bad in Primera, therefore Tito will tell us when the boy is ready."

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