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29 Dec 2020
Álex Bergantiños rested importance to the defeat with Celta, but admits that the team isn’t fulfilling the expectations, though he believes the expectations are the ones that need to be measured.

Deportivo returned to train on Monday. Before the session, Álex Bergantiños addressed the media. He was talking of the importance of the Copa, "It will be good for us, because it’s the only game throughout the year in which we are not going to be favorites. It will be good to play freed, whatever happens it will give us confidence.”

“It’s a good time to continue fixing things and play a game freed from the requirement that we may not be managing as well as we want. It’s a good moment, but we are focusing our efforts on the league, which is fundamental, especially in this year with little room for error. The most important thing in this first week is to get people back. There are several players with issues and we have a short squad, so we must have the maximum number of players available.” He added.

The Galician midfielder was resting importance to the defeat with Celta B, “We are a Segunda B team that lost against another Segunda B team. As much as it hurts, we have to draw lessons from that match. The format that existed before had a better awarded for the best teams, this is much more unpredictable and limits you. You can pay a bad month without passing the cut, but these are exceptional times and you have to adapt to it.”

The captain of Deportivo also talked of the criticism for not fulfilling the expectations of the fans, “The players and the coaching staff knew how demanding this challenge is for everyone. The difficult thing is to be prepared for these blows that the competition brings. We all work for it. Against Celta B it was a defeat that hurt a lot, just before the break, with the team that was coming undefeated, against the most painful rival for the fans... but better that those blows are coming now, we have a long way to go. We knew that defeats were going to appear. The coach has enough experience to know that this could happen. But football is present and if we beat Zamora, everything will be fine again. "

"Each one can judge whether or not they like what they are seeing with respect to the expectations. More than measuring the criticism, we must measure the expectation. We all would like to win every game 4-0, but we know that it isn’t possible. Logically we want to improve.” He added.

Finally, Álex talked of the scarce participation of Fabril’s players with the first team, “It’s a process that takes time and that thing that there’s no one… Mujaid is the one who has played the most. Gandoy and Valín are having minutes… it’s a process that’s going little by little. Being in a lower league makes the jump less expensive, but you have to be patient. Things are changing and the model to follow is that Fabril has been rejuvenated, more and more youth players are coming out and are already competing in the B squad. Deadlines are getting shorter. Today everything goes faster and whoever is giving the level has to compete as high as possible. That0s being changed and it must be improved more and more. "



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