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30 Dec 2020
Striker Rui Costa admitted that he wasn’t in a good moment at the moment of joining Deportivo, and that he keeps looking for his best version.

Rui Costa addressed the media before Thursday’s training session. He hasn’t’ had a good start to the season ad was talking of his physical state as one of the reasons for it, “I hadn't trained for a while when I arrived. Then I had a month-long injury and it took me much longer to get into shape. Now I think we are on the right track for it. I am doing my best to help and I keep working. So far it is what has been seen and I keep looking for my best version.”

What has helped him a lot was to score in the Teresa Herrera, “It's good to score, even if it's during a friendly game. It gves me confidence for the tough games that are coming and now it is the coach's choice whether to put me on or not. We all work to get back to what we want.”

The team has also been criticized for the collective performance, the Portuguese attacker was talking of this use, “It is like in any team. The fans want the best for the club, and we try our best to do it. We have lost a very important game, which we shouldn't have lost, but football is like that and you can't win every game. But the fans are supporting us and they criticize when they have to criticize. That is the best of football.”

“For the fans it is always good to win by five or six gals, but that is not possible. There are games that will be won 1-0, and in others we are going to draw. Football is like that. We have to do our job and, in the end, we will be up there in order to move up." He added.

Rui Costa was also asked about the transfer rumours, but he said that the team is out f these comments, “The squad that is here is the squad we wanted. We believe we can move up with it. We don’t know anything about exits and entries and it isn’t something of interest either. We are together inside the changing room.”



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