26/May/2018: 19h32: Fabril: Final whistle at Abegondo: Fabril 3 - Extremadura 2. Carlos López entered the field and scored (93'), but Álex Cobo committed a huge error and Barrera scored (106'). Fabril eliminated by the away goal rule.

26/May/2018: 18h50: Fabril: Final whistle at Abegondo: Fabril 2 - Extremadura 1. Pardo was sent off with two yellow cards (57'), the game was equal in the second part and goes to extra-time.

26/May/2018: 17h48: Fabril: Half-time at Abegondo: Fabril 2 - Extremadura 1. Game full of fouls and yellow cards. Zarfinho scored an early goal for the visiting side (4'), but Fabril responded through Uxío (11') and Edu Expósito (21'), the latter replaced injured Queijeiro. Luis was sent off with two yellow cards at minute 31.

26/May/2018: 16h37: Fabril: Lineup Vs. Extremadura: (4-4-2) Álex Cobo – Blas, Steve One, Raúl González, Caballo – Bicho, Gaizka Martínez, Queijeiro, Borja Galán – Luis Fernández, Uxío.

26/May/2018: 14h36: Market news: Radio Galega reported the interest of Depor in goalkeeper Édgar Badía (26, Reus Deportiu).

25/May/2018: 19h19: Fabril: Tomorrow, the team hosts Extremadura UD as part of the second-leg in the promotion playoff to Segunda (Abegondo, 17h00 CET).

25/May/2018: 18h10: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera Auonómica Femenina: Depor Ladies B Vs. Torre (Sunday, 16h00 CET)
Liga Nacional Juvenil, matchday 34: Lérez Vs. Depor Juvenil B (Sunday, 12h00 CET)
División de Honor Cadete, matchday 34: Calasanz Vs. Depor Cadete A (Tuesday, 19h30 CET)
Liga Galega, Grupo Norte, matchday 34: Depor Cadete B Vs. Ural B (Saturday, 11h00 CET)
Segunda Comarcal A Coruña, matchday 29: Depor Benjamin B Vs. Santa Cruz B (Friday, 19h00 CET)

25/May/2018: 17h06: Transfer news: It's official: Andone has been transferreed to Brighton. Andone signs a 5-year contract with Brighton for an undisclosed fee.

25/May/2018: 16h02: Transfer news: Radio Galega reported that Guilherme has an offer coming from the United Arab Emirates. 

25/May/2018: 15h51: Transfer news: Report from England say that Depor and Brighton are about to complete the transfer of Florin Andone. The operation could be sealed during the weekend.

25/May/2018: 13h09: Fabril: Uxío Da Pena talking of the returning-leg Vs. Extremadura, "We believe in ourselves, the 0-0 is good for their game and we must be aware that they can even get the advantage in the scoresheet, but what we cannot lose is calm." 

24/May/2018: 20h58: International: Fabian Schär is in the final 23-man list of Switzerland for the World Cup.

24/May/2018: 16h31: Deportivo: Richard Barral in an interview at Radio Marca, "I am frustrated with the relegation, I feel sorry for what has happened, I thought I was leaving friends at the club, especially the president, but I believe that I didn't deserve the criticism. My surprise is that every appearance of Tino Fernández is a direct attack against me. I feel disappointed, because those are lies that I wasn't expecting."

24/May/2018: 13h05: Market news: Radio Galega reported that Deportivo are interested in midfielder Rubén Alcaraz. He is currently perfoming with UD Almeria and has scored 9 goals in the Segunda season.

23/May/2018: 17h27: Deportivo: Dani Giménez confirmed that he has the option to play a third season at Depor if he plays 45 games in the first two seasons.

23/May/2018: 15h38: Market news: Carmelo Del Pozo confirmed today that he already has a "name" and a "face" for the new coach. He also confirmed that the buyout option over Carles Gil is mandatory regardless the league where Depor is playing. 

23/May/2018: 13h26: Market news: It's official: Keeper Dani Giménez is the first signing of the season 2018/19. The Galician keeper, formed at Celta's academy, is coming from Real Betis and signs a two-year contract with Deportivo.

22/May/2018: 19h02: Deportivo: Seedorf saying goodbye on his Instagram account, "No words can explain the disappointment of missing the goal to maintain the Club in LaLiga. The same way no words can describe what a pleasure and privilege it has been to work with this group of players and staff at @rcdeportivo and to have been able to feel the fans in the atmosphere of #Riazor was magical . As my term with Depor ends today I can say that I leave a city whose people have embraced me warmly from day one. I've gained new friends and I thank you all from my heart. Forza Dépor."

22/May/2018: 18h08: Deportivo: The club just confirmed that Clarence Seedorf won't continue on next season.

22/May/2018: 16h20: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Ser understands that the shareholders meeting will take place in July. The club is still checking the petition made by Miguel Otero, who gathered 5% of the shares to make the petition.

22/May/2018: 13h49: Market news: Dani Giménez arrives this afternoon and will undergo the medicals tomorrow. The keeper admitted in an interview at La Voz de Galicia that he is signing for Depor, “There are several factors in this decision, in one side to return to Galicia, then hat Carmelo is the sporting director, and then because Depor is the one calling me, an historic club. Depor is Depor even at Segunda.”

21/May/2018: 17h10: Market news: Radio Onda Cero reported that the three candidates for the bench are Juan Ramón López Muñiz, Juan Antonio Anquela, Fran Escribá.

21/May/2018: 15h51: Market news: Radio Cadena Cope reported that Betis' keeper Dani Giménez has agreed to sign a two-year deal with Depor and that he will undergo the medicals this week.

21/May/2018: 13h02: Market news: Canal Sur Radio and other sources in Andalusia reported that keeper Dani Giménez won't renew his contract with Betis and that he's close to sign with Depor. Giménez will be 35 in July and only played 4 games on this season.

21/May/2018: 01h38: Youth teams: Results during the weekend:
Victoria B 2 - Depor Ladies B 3 | Goals: Alba Suárez (2) & Patri
Depor Juvenil B 4 - Rápido de Bouzas 1 | Goals: David Roo (2), Kilian, & Pol
Depor Cadete A 5 - Rápido de Bouzas 2 | Goals: Aye (3), Mario & Peke
Bertamiráns B 0 - Depor Cadete B 2 | Goals: Iván & Hugo

20/May/2018: 21h51: Fabril: Final whistle at the Francisco de la Hera: Extremadura 2 - Fabril 1. Depor's lads tried, but local goalie Manu García made key saves.

20/May/2018: 20h46: Fabril: Half-time at the Francisco de la Hera: Extremadura 2 - Fabril 1. The locals claimed a two-goal lead through Enric Gallego (10') and Carlos Valverde (16'), but later suffered an expulsion and Uxío scored (35').

20/May/2018: 19h11: Fabril: Lineup Vs. Extremadura: Francis – Blas, Steve One, Raúl González, Caballo – Romay, Gaizka Martínez, Queijeiro, Borja Galán – Luis Fernández, Uxío.

20/May/2018: 13h51: Deportivo: Final whistle at Abegondo: Valencia 2 - Depor 1. Valencia were better and Guedes scored the second goal (77'), but Depor had countless chances within the last ten minutes. Lucas scored (79') and Deportivo were close to tie the game with opportunities for Krohn-Dehli, Lucas and Borja Valle.

20/May/2018: 12h47: Deportivo: Half-time at Abegondo: Valencia 1 - Depor 0. Boring game without too many goal opportunities, the goal was scored by Zaza (27').

20/May/2018: 11h03: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Valencia: (4-2-3-1) Kóval - Juanfran, Mujaid, Navarro, Luisinho – Mosquera, Krohn-Dehli -Gerard Valentín, Çolak, Bakkali - Borja Valle. 

19/May/2018: 18h50: Juvenil A: The team has been eliminated by Athletic from Copa Del Rey. The lads lost 4-0 at Lezama, the aggregate score in the series was 3-8.  

19/May/2018: 14h19: Deportivo: Picked players for the visit to Valencia CF: Kóval, Tytoń; Juanfran, Gerard Valentín, Quique Fornos, Mujaid Sadick, Luisinho, Navarro; Pedro Mosquera, Fede Valverde, Guilherme, Krohn-Dehli, Muntari, Çolak, Bakkali; Adrián, Lucas Pérez & Borja Valle.

18/May/2018: 18h26: Deportivo: Seedorf announced today that Schär won't play against Valencia CF as he is having hamstring issues, he will be released and will join the national team of Switzerland.

18/May/2018: 18h14: Fabril: On Sunday, the team visits Extremadura Ud as part of the first-leg in the promotion playoff to Segunda (Francisco de la Hera, 20h00 CET).

18/May/2018: 18h13: Juvenil A: tomorrow, the team plays the second-leg of the first round in Copa Del Rey facing Athletic Club (Abegondo, 17h00 CET, agg. 3-4)

18/May/2018: 16h12: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
Copa Primera Auonómica Femenina: Victoria B Vs. Depor Ladies B (Sunday, 16h00 CET)
Liga Nacional Juvenil, matchday 33: Depor Juvenil B Vs. Rápido de Bouzas (Sunday, 12h00 CET)
División de Honor Cadete, matchday 33: Depor Cadete A Vs. Rápido de Bouzas (Saturday, 12h00 CET)
Liga Galega, Grupo Norte, matchday 33: Bertamiráns B Vs. Depor Cadete B (Sunday,11h00 CET)

18/May/2018: 13h25: Deportivo: The first team trained this noon at Abegondo. Sidnei, Bóveda, Andone, Carles Gil & Fede Cartabia remain sidelined. Juvenil A Mujaid trained with the first team.

18/May/2018: 12h49: Deportivo: The club announced that tomorrow's training will be the last one of the current season (Abegondo, 12h00 CET).

17/May/2018: 17h08: Deportivo: Valencia released Bakkali from the clause that didn't allow him to play against them on this season. The Belgian has been tested as a starter during the week.

17/May/2018: 15h34: Deportivo: The first team trained this noon at the Riazor. Sidnei, Bóveda, Andone, Carles Gil & Fede Cartabia remain sidelined. Mujaid trained with the first team.

17/May/2018: 12h28: Deportivo: The club presented today the third kit for the season 2018/19. It's a Macron design with a diagonal blue band across the front where the words of the Galician anthem are present. This design is presented today as it's the day that celebrates the Galician language. 

16/May/2018: 17h14: Market news: Radio Onda Cero reported that Villarreal CF and Depor are already negotiating the transfer of Sidnei. The source also claims that Carmelo Del Pozo is open to include Villarreal's players as part of the payment. 

16/May/2018: 15h31: Deportivo: The first team trained this noon at Abegondo. Sidnei, Bóveda, Carles Gil, Andone & Cartabia remain sidelined. Academy players Mujaid, Adrián Castro, Valín & Víctor Eimil trained with the first team.

16/May/2018: 13h10: Deportivo: The club presented today a three-year renewal with Estrella Galicia as the sponsor of the first team. 

15/May/2018: 17h37: Deportivo: Adrián talking of the relegation, "I hope it's a step backwards to find an impulse and return stronger. When I was at Villarreal they talked that their relegation was a tough year, but they built up a better structure and since then things were better, and I hope it will be the same on here. Depor have great fans, a great stadium and surely will be where it deserves."

15/May/2018: 15h52: Deportivo: The first team trained at noon at the Riazor. Sidnei, Bóveda, Andone, Cartabia & Carles Gil remain injured and trained apart. Mujaid trained with the first team.

15/May/2018: 13h36: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Ser reported that the intention of Carmelo Del Pozo is to keep Mosquera and Cartabia as the axis of the team at Segunda, also that Adone will be sold. 

14/May/2018: 21h38: Fabril: The first-leg Vs. Extremadura UD will be played this Sunday (Francisco de la Hera stadium, 20h00 CET)

14/May/2018: 21h36: Deportivo: Celso Borges is in Costa Rica's final 23-man list for the World Cup.

14/May/2018: 17h08: Deportivo: Francis Uzoho (Nigeria) and Michael Krohn-Dehli (Denmark) are the latest players that are included in a pre-list ahead of the World Cup.

14/May/2018: 16h50: Fabril: The rival in the first round of the playoff is: Extremadura UD
May 20: Extremadura Vs. Fabril
May 27: Fabril Vs. Extremadura

14/May/2018: 15h44: Market news: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Andone is close to sign a transfer to Premier League club Brighton FC. The release clause of the striker will be 6 million Euros with Depor at Segunda.

14/May/2018: 13h09: Deportivo: Fede Valverde (Uruguay) and Ismael Díaz (Panama) are in the pre-list of their national teams ahead of the World Cup 2018.

14/May/2018: 12h52: Deportivo: The first team is resting today. The players return to train tomorrow (Abegondo, 12h00 CET).

14/May/2018: 01h45: Youth teams: Results during the weekend:
Depor Ladies B 2 - UD Ourense 0 | Goals: Carlota & Vero
Conxo 0 - Depor Juvenil B 5 | Goals: Rojo (2), Kilian, Jorge & Bruno
Bertamiráns 1 - Depor Cadete A 3 | Goals: Melide, Juanma & Peque
Depor Cadete B 3 - Conxo 2 | Goals: Hugo, Mouriño & Nils
Depor Alevin B 17 - CP Esclavas 0 | Goals: Dani (4), Bruno (4), Xenxo (3), Eli (2), Jairo (2), Álex & Marcos
Depor Benjamin B 11 - Luis Calvo C 1 | Goals: Ronquete (3), Nico (2), Trigo (2), Uxío (2), Paulo & Sergio

13/May/2018: 19h51: Fabril: Final whistle at Salto Del Caballo: Toledo 0 - Fabril 0. Fabril suffered before a rival trying to avoid demotion. The lads end second in the Segunda B season and will play the playoff. The draw is tomorrow.

13/May/2018: 18h46: Fabril: Half-time at Salto Del Caballo: Toledo 0 - Fabril 0. Balanced game, the locals had more opportunities, but Fabril ended the half controlling the actions.

13/May/2018: 17h08: Fabril: Lineup Vs. CD Toledo: (4-4-2) Francis – Blas, Steve One, Raúl González, Caballo – Romay, Edu Expósito, Queijeiro, Borja Galán – Luis Fernández, Uxío.  

13/May/2018: 16h15: Juvenil A: The team lost Vs. Athletic Club in the first-leg of Copa Del Rey (3-4). The goals were score by Pedro Alves (2) & Javi Sanda

12/May/2018: 21h31: Juvenil A: The team plays tomorrow the first-leg in Copa Del Rey hosting Athletic Club (Abegondo, 12h00 CET).

12/May/2018: 20h17: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Riazor: Depor 2 - Villarreal 4. Borja Valle scored twice (57' & 86') and Depor had some good chances, but suffered a new loss in the last home game of the season. The Riazor had the worst attendance of the last years (12,885). Cheryshev scored the fourth goal at the last minute.

12/May/2018: 19h16: Deportivo: Half-time at the Riazor: Depor 0 - Villarreal 3. Another poor game by Depor, Samu Castillejo scored after 65 seconds, Manu Trigueros replied (30') and Castillejo scored again (44'), Villarreal had chances to score more goals.

12/May/2018: 17h18: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Villarreal: (4-3-1-2) Rubén Martínez - Juanfran, Albentosa, Navarro, Luisinho – Krohn-Dehli, Guilherme, Valverde – Borja Valle – Adrián, Lucas.

11/May/2018: 20h44: Deportivo: Picked players Vs. Villarreal: Rubén Martínez, Kóval; Juanfran, Gerard Valentín, Albentosa, Mujaid Sadick, Luisinho, Navarro; Pedro Mosquera, Fede Valverde, Guilherme, Muntari, Krohn-Dehli, Çolak, Bakkali; Adrián, Lucas Pérez & Borja Valle.

11/May/2018: 17h36: Fabril: On Sunday, the team visits CD Toledo as part of matchday 38 at Segunda B (Salto Del Caballo, 18h00 CET).

11/May/2018: 16h08: Academy teams: Calendar for the weekend:
LGF 1a. División Femenina, matchday 30: Depor Ladies B VS UD Ourense (Saturday, 16h00 CET)
Liga Nacional Juvenil, matchday 32: Conxo Vs. Depor Juvenil B (Sunday, 12h00 CET)
División de Honor Cadete, matchday 32: Bertamiráns Vs. Depor Cadete A (Sunday, 12h30 CET)
Liga Galega, Grupo Norte, matchday 32: Depor Cadete B Vs. Conxo (Saturday,11h00 CET)
Fase Comarcal, secound round, matchday 14: Depor Alevin B CP Esclavas (Saturday, 11h00 CET)
Segunda Comarcal A Coruña, matchday 27: Depor Benjamin B Vs. Luis Calvo C (Saturday, 12h00 CET)

11/May/2018: 13h15: Deportivo: The first team will train in the afternoon at the Riazor (18h00 CET). After the session, Seedorf will release the roster for the game Vs. Villarreal. 

10/May/2018: 19h52: Deportivo: The first team trained this afternoon at Abegondo. Sidnei & Bóveda trained apart, both are out of the game Vs. Villarreal. Cartabia skipped the session due to a hamstring problem. He is doubtful for Saturday.. Juvenil A Mujaid trained with the team. 

10/May/2018: 17h24: Depor Ladies: The club announced the first renewal for next season: striker Ainizie Barrera "Peke".

10/May/2018: 13h39: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported that Deportivo tried to sign Miguel Layún during the Winter window, the Mexican was the first option before Eneko Bóveda. 

09/May/2018: 20h33: Deportivo: Celso Borges about his future, "Deportivo will always be there, no matter the league. People will always support this badge. I am not thinking of my future, I am just thinking of the next game and the national team."

09/May/2018: 19h06: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Carmelo Del Pozo visited Abegondo. Sidnei & Bóveda trained apart. Seedorf tested a lineup with Navarro, Valverde & Borja Valle as the main novelties.

09/May/2018: 16h59: Fabril: The club hasn't decided yet if it will pay the buyout option over striker Ismael Díaz. He is currently recovering from an injury and will try to be fit and play the World Cup with Panama.

09/May/2018: 13h43: Deportivo: Deporte Campeón reported that Jagoba Arrasate is one of the candidates to Depor's bench, he is currently coaching CD Numancia, club that's fighting for the promotion to Primera.

08/May/2018: 19h38: Deportivo: The first team trained this afternoon  at Abegondo. Seedorf skipped the session. Bóveda and Sidnei worked apart.

08/May/2018: 15h45: Fabril: Rápido de Bouzas confirmed that, together with Rayo Majadahonda and Fuenlabrada, presented a petition requesting to not allow Fabril to play the playoff round. They also presented a certification of la liga that no relegations will occur at Primera related to administration problems.

08/May/2018: 13h51: Deportivo: La Liga released the kick-off times for matchday 38 at Primera. Depor visit Valencia CF on Sunday, May 20 (12h00 CET)

07/May/2018: 21h55: Deportivo: Miguel Otero, who is a former president of the federation of peñas, announced today that on Thursday he will present the 5% of the shares, which is requisite to request an extraordinary shareholders meeting and then try to fire current president Tino Fernández.

07/May/2018: 21h15: Deportivo: It's official: Carmelo Del Pozo is the new sporting director of Deportivo. He signs for three years and will be presented tomorrow

07/May/2018: 18h18: Deportivo: President Tino Fernández will offer a press conference tomorrow (11h30 CET).

07/May/2018: 15h49: Fabril: Albert Gil, the director of Depor's academy, told to Radio Marca that Fabril will take part of the promotion playoff to Segunda despite the relegation of the first team, "The coaches and players earned that right. It will be helpful to see them soon playing for the first team." He said.

07/May/2018: 13h12: Deportivo: Celso Borges is in the first list of Costa Rica for the World Cup. The club announced that will allow his incorporation to the national team after the game Vs. Villarreal. He won't be available for the final game at Valencia CF.

06/May/2018: 23h51: Youth teams: Results during the weekend:
SCD Milagrosa 1 - Depor Ladies B 4 | Goals: Michelle Romero (4)
Depor Juvenil B 3 - Ural 0 | Goals: César, Julián & Jorge
 Victoria B 1 - Depor Cadete B 2 | Goals: Iván & Nilis
Val Miñor 4 - Depor Infantil A 0
Atlético Arteixo 0 - Depor Alevin A 6 | Goals: Héctor (2), Jorge, Zoe, Dani Rodríguez & Álvaro
Peñarredonda 0 - Depor Alevin B 7 | Goals: Dani (3), Eli, Xenxo, Marcos & Bruno
Depor Benjamín A 5 - Órdenes A 0 | Goals: Anxo (2), Rilo, Mosquera & Janusz
Atlético Arteixo C 2 - Depor Benjamin B 16 | Goals: Ronquete (4), Paulo (3), Trigo (3), Mauro (2), Gael (2), Nico & Caaveiro

06/May/2018: 17h20: Deportivo: The first team is resting today and tomorrow. The players return to train on Tuesday (Abegondo, 17h00 CET). 

06/May/2018: 13h49: Fabril: Final whistle at Abegondo: Fabril 1 - Cerceda 0. Fabril improved a lot with the entry of Borja Galán, his cross in a corner-kick meant the goal of Romay (61'). Fabril are second with one game remaining and with chances of ending first.

06/May/2018: 12h46: Fabril: Half-time at Abegondo: Fabril 0 - Cerceda 0. The visiting side was better in the first half and only the four saves made by Francis kept the goalless draw.

06/May/2018: 11h28: Fabril: Lineup Vs. Cerceda: (4-2-3-1) Francis – Fornos, Steve One, Raúl González, Caballo –Gaizka Martínez, Edu Expósito – Bicho, Romay, Luis - Uxío.