Referrals is a website created by Depor's fans for Depor's fans. Our main goal has always been to inform the non-Spanish speakers about the news related to Deportivo La Coruña. In order to fulfil our goal, we spent part of our time translating the articles appearing in the Spanish media, mostly of these newspapers and radios:


AS. Spanish sport paper that's considered as the second best in the country in terms of daily readers. It was the first Spanish paper to present daily issues fully printed in colour. It's based in Madrid and its main articles are dedicated to football, especially to Real Madrid. One of its sections is dedicated to Deportivo and its articles are made by special correspondents living in La Coruña. Its articles can also be found in its webpage.

MARCA. The other big sport paper in Spain. It's based in Madrid and its sales are calculated in 500,000 issues per day. Its main articles are related to football and are mainly dedicated to Real Madrid. Like the case with AS, they have a special section dedicated to Deportivo. Its articles can also be found in its webpage.

SPORT. Catalan sport paper that principally covers football and mainly Barcelona FC. It's the fourth paper in Spain in terms of readers. From time to time they write about Deportivo. It also has a webpage.

LA OPINION A CORUÑA. It's a Galician newspaper that belongs to the group known as Editorial Prensa Iberica, same one that administrates other Spanish papers like Diario de Mallorca and Faro de Vigo. Usually referred as La Opinion, this Galician paper circulates in La Coruña and it has its own webpage. Its daily issue presents a sporting section that covers the news related to Deportivo.

LA VOZ DE GALICIA. Founded in 1882, it's the leading product of Grupo Voz. It is based in La Coruña and it has been calculated that at least 650,000 persons read this paper daily (124,000 issues sold per day). It also has a webpage and one of the sections is dedicated to sports and mainly to Deportivo and Celta de Vigo.

EL IDEAL GALLEGO/DEPORTE CAMPEON (DxT) Both El Ideal and DxT are owned by the same company: Editorial La Capital, which is based in La Coruña. El Ideal is a newspaper, while DxT is a sport paper.  Another difference is that El Ideal has its own webpage, while DxT doesn't. The sporting articles that appear in El Ideal are mainly dedicated to Deportivo and usually are resumes made previously by DxT.

DEPOR SPORT: The official paper of the club. It only circulates in La Coru?±a and its past issues can be found at (PDF files) 

ONDA CERO. It's the third radio corporation in Spain in terms of market participation. It belongs to Grupo Antena 3. It has regional radios dedicated to every province in Spain. One of them is dedicated to La Coruña and transmits a radio program dedicated to sports and mainly to Deportivo. Alberto Gomez Barros is the journalist that presents this radio program. The information can be also be found printed in a website called El

RADIO GALEGA. It's the public radio of Galicia. Its transmissions are made in Galician and several of its programs are dedicated to Galician sports, especially to football and the two biggest clubs in Galicia: Deportivo and Celta. They usually transmit the matches of Depor and Fabril.

RADIO CORUÑA. It belongs to the radio group known as Radio Cadena Ser, which is part of a corporation called Grupo Prisa. It transmits two daily programs dedicated to sports and mainly to Deportivo. Journalist German Dobarro is the one who leads these transmissions.

RADIO VOZ. Another product of Grupo Voz, it has four specific radios: one for Ferrol, one for A Coruña, one for Vigo and the other for Carballo. This radio usually transmits Depor's official matches.