Training 2017/18, week 21


Monday, November 20
Place: Abegondo (10h30 CET)
Comment: Recovery sessions for the starters against Málaga CF and also for Francis and Edu Expósito. The rest of the squad completed a physical session with possession exercises. Bakkali trained apart due to a muscle problem. Juanfran also trained apart. Carles Gil and Adrián trained with the group.

Tuesday, November 21
Comment: Resting

Wednesday, November 22
Place: Abegondo (10h30 CET)
Comment: Long session with the players training individual marks. Sidnei skipped the session as he was undergoing scans. Cartabia, Juanfran and Bakkali trained apart. Adrián and Carles Gil completed the session with the group. Fabril’s Edu Expósito, Francis, Borja Galán & Martín Bengoa trained with the first team, but Edu didn’t end the session with the group due to an ankle knock.

Thursday, November 23
Place: Abegondo (10h30 CET)
Comment: Tactical session with the team training the ball possession. Cartabia completed the session. Sidnei and Bakkali trained apart. Fabril’s Martín Bengoa and Borja Galán trained with the first team.

Friday, November 24
Place: Abegondo (10h30 CET)
Comment: Soft session for the team, the players only completed some physical exercises. Juanfran trained with the group. Carles Gil and Adrián completed the session and received the green light to play. Sidnei and Bakkali trained apart.

Saturday, November 25
Place: Riazor (10h30 CET) -session behind closed doors-
Comment: -

Sunday, November 26
Comment: Game Vs. Athletic Club (12h00 CET)