02/Jun/2020: 18h02: Market news: Fede Cartabia said in a live chat in Instagram that his link with Shabab Al-Ahli Dubai FC ended in May 30 and that he is open to return to Deportivo.

02/Jun/2020: 17h30: Deportivo: The club confirmed this afternoon that David Villasuso is the new corporate director of Deportivo. Meanwhile, Albert Gil is the new director of football.

02/Jun/2020: 17h22: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Mujaid was the only player working apart.

01/Jun/2020: 16h25: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. It launched phase 4 of the protocol and for the first time the whole team trained in one group. Mujaid was the only player working apart.

31/May/2020: 22h36: Deportivo: La Liga released the kick off times for matchdays 32 & 33 for Segunda División:
32: Deportivo v Sporting Gijón, Sunday, JUne 14, 17h00 CET
33: Real Oviedo v Deportivo, Wednesday, June 17, 19h30 CET

30/May/2020: 14h44: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Mujaid & Salva Ruiz trained apart.

29/May/2020: 16h13: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Bóveda completed part of the session with the group. Mujaid and Salva Ruiz trained apart.

28/May/2020: 22h37: Deportivo: The first team trained today at Abegondo in a double shift. Bóveda and Mujaid are the only players that remain out injured.

28/May/2020: 17h28: Deportivo: Radio Marca reported that Miguel Otero has been fired as the administrator of Depor Tienda. He remains as part of the board, at least until next shareholders meeting.

27/May/2020: 16h59: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo in a double shift. Mujaid and Eneko Bóveda are the only players out injured. Çolak didn't end the sessino due to a knock.

26/May/2020: 20h56: Deportivo: The first team trained today in a double session and two shifts. Mujaid & Bóveda are the players that remain out injured.

26/May/2020: 14h05: Deportivo: The club released a statement today criticizing the attitude of Miguel Otero. President Fernando Vidal even apologize for hiring him despite the alerts that it was going to be a mistake.

25/May/2020: 18h01: Depor Ladies: The club announces that midfielder Patri López has renewed for one more season.

25/May/2020: 17h52: Deportivo: Advisor Miguel Otero told to EFE that he has been asked to resign by the board of directors. He continues to say that the operation with ABANCA is unnecessary and also pointed that the debt of the club is less of what the board says.

25/May/2020: 17h11: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo in a triple shift. Juvenil B keeper Brais Suárez trained with the first team. Valín & Juan Rodríguez rejoined the group. Bóveda and Mujaid remain out injured

24/May/2020: 18h42: Deportivo: La Opinión A Coruña reported that Somma is in the final phase of recovery in Italy and that he is aspiring to play in the reanudation of la liga.

23/May/2020: 14h27: Deportivo: The president of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, announced today that La Liga will be back on the week of June 8.

22/May/2020: 21h02: Deportivo: The first team trained today in a double session.  Çolak and Juan Rodriguez joined the list of injuries together with Bóveda, Mujaid and Valín. 

21/May/2020: 17h59: Depor Ladies: Centre-back Sara Álvarez has been promoted from the B squad ahead of next season and also signed a one-year renewal.

21/May/2020: 14h05: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Bóveda & Mujaid remain injured. Valín skipped the session due to a muscle problem. Hugo Vallejo rejoined the work.

20/May/2020: 21h14: Deportivo: The first team completed two training sessions today divided in three shift. Mujaid, Somma and Bóveda are out injured. Hugo Vallejo trained apart. 

20/May/2020: 16h10: Depor Ladies:  Striker Carlota Sánchez has signed a one-year renewal and has been promoted from the B squad ahead of next season.

19/May/2020: 14h03: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo in a triple shift session. Mujaid suffered a thigh injury and is the second casualty since the return to work.

18/May/2020: 18h53: Deportivo: The first team trained today in two different sessions and three shifts. This is phase three of the protocol to return. The team was divided in three groups with no more than 10 players. Each group will be the same this week and completed tactical work. Bóveda is the only player that remains out.

17/May/2020: 18h04: Deportivo: The club announced that Álex Cobo will join the trainings with the first team. Since tomorrow the team will train in groups of 10 players.

16/May/2020: 19h09: Deportivo: Fernando Vidal said yesterday that he is open for the participation of Valerón and Fran with the club ahead of next season.

16/May/2020: 15h50: Deportivo: The first team ended the week of trainings with a double shift this morning. Bóveda is the only casualty of the return to work for now.

15/May/2020: 17h45: Deportivo: The agent of Borja Valle, Rodrigo Lovelle, told to radio Cadena SER that the striker won't continue at Depor ahead of next season. 

15/May/2020: 14h13: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo in a double shirt. Bóveda and Somma are the players out for injury reasons.

15/May/2020: 14h10: Depor Ladies: The captain of Depor Ladies, Miriam Ríos, announced today that she won't continue at the team ahead of next season.

14/May/2020: 19h05: Fabril: It's official: Luisito will not coach Fabril on next season. The rumour within the last weeks is that the club could offer the job to Valerón.

14/May/2020: 16h14: Deportivo: The first team changed the plans for today. After announcing a double session, the team ended working during the morning in a double shift. Eneko Bóveda suffered a muscle injury on his right leg and is the first injury case after the return.  

14/May/2020: 15h06: Depor Ladies: Third signing for next season: Helena Torres (21, Alhama CF). The striker signs for one season after scoring 13 goals at the Reto Iberdrola league.

13/May/2020: 18h05: Depor Ladies: The club confirms the second signing of Depor Ladies for next season: Stephannie Blanco (19). The Costa Rican centre-back signs for one season. 

13/May/2020: 17h49: Depor Ladies: The team is on vacation since today.

13/May/2020: 15h04: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo in a double shift. Somma is the only man injured.

12/May/2020: 17h56: Deportivo: According to La Voz de Galicia, Mujaid is the only Depor's player that already had the COVID-19 virus. He is working apart as a precaution.

12/May/2020: 13h28: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo, It was the second training session of the week with the team divided in several groups and worked in two shifts.

11/May/2020: 16h42: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning in a double shift. The players started to train shots on target.

10/May/2020: 18h13: Deportivo: La Liga reported that 5 positive COVID-19 cases have been detected among players of LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank clubs. These players will remain in  in quarantine.

09/May/2020: 15h41: Deportivo: The outfield players trained this morning at Abegondo. The players passed a temperature control and later completed the exercises following the protocol of la liga. The goalkeepers will train in the afternoon (16h00 CET). Jovanović will join the keepers.

08/May/2020: 17h00: Deportivo: It's official: The Spanish Federation has cancelled all the no professional leagues. There won't be relegations, but the promotions remain on as there will be playoffs. This means Segunda B and Tercera season 2019/20 is over. The RFEF also cancelled Liga Iberdrola.

08/May/2020: 15h46: Deportivo: Back to work. Depor's outfiled players trained today at Abegodo in two different groups. The goalkeepers will train in the afternoon.

07/May/2020: 23h14: Deportivo: The club confirmed today that the first team will return to train tomorrow. The squad will be divided in two groups of 12 players, while the keepers will train apart.

07/May/2020: 14h29: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that David Villasuso is the new financial chief of Deportivo. He was an executive of Abanca.

06/May/2020: 20h51: Deportivo: Depor's players and the club's staff underwent today the COVID-19 tests. It's expected that the players will return to train on Friday in individual sessions.

06/May/2020: 16h44: Deportivo: The RFEF will have a meeting tomorrow and is proposing to cancel the leagues at Liga Iberdrola, Segunda B, Tercera and Juveniles. Depor Ladies and Fabril will not play more games until next season.

05/May/2020: 16h17: Deportivo: The players completed the medicals yesterday. Tmorrow the players that could be suspicious of having the COVID-19 virus will undergo PCR tests, and on Friday it’s expected that the players will start to train at Abegondo in individual sessions. Five academy players will be training with the first team during this stage: Mujaid, Iago Gandoy, Valín, Juan Rodríguez & Alberto.

04/May/2020: 18h02: Deportivo: The president of la liga, Javier Tebas, said today in a statement of the LFP that they are planning to relaunch the season in June and to end the 2019/20 campaign during the summer.

04/May/2020: 17h26: Deportivo: According to La Opinión A Coruña, Depor's players will resume the trainings on Friday (individual sessions). Since today the players will undergo medicals.

02/May/2020: 13h38: Deportivo: Since today the players were cleared to complete outdoor physical exercises. Borja Valle, Mollejo, Beauvue, Montero & Christian Santos were running on the street/beach as they reported it on their social media. 

01/May/2020: 18h21: Depor Ladies: The club announced today the first signing for next season: María Noelia Bermúdez (25). The Costa Rican keeper signs a one-year-contract and has experience at Liga Iberdrola.

01/May/2020: 14h17: Deportivo: The Ministry of Health has approved the returning plans of La Liga, but the COVID-19 tests will only be made to the players that were in contact with persons that had the virus, this according to the protocol of the government.

30/Apr/2020: 18h02: Deportivo: Deporte Campeón speculated today that Deportivo will start ot make tests to the players on Monday and that the players will be returning to train at the end of next week.

29/Apr/2020: 18h19: Deportivo: Several peña federations, including the one of Deportivo, released a statement calling to end the season now as they believe football cannot be the same without public at the stands.

28/Apr/2020: 21h11: Deportivo: The Spanish government announced today that the Primera and Segunda clubs will be able to return to training on May 4. La Liga wants to reopen the tournaments on June 5, but it isn't defined if it will be possible.

28/Apr/2020: 13h40: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that Albert Gil is now the head of Depor's organisation after the exit of González-Dans. The club told so in a letter sent to the employees.

27/Apr/2020: 13h35: Depor Ladies: La Voz de Galicia reported that the three candidates to replace the exit of keeper Misa are Rute Costa (26, Sporting Braga), Noelia Bermúdez (26, Valencia CF) and María Echezarreta 'Cheza' (19, North Carolina State).

25/Apr/2020: 18h04: Deportivo: The club reported that the general director of Deportivo, José González-Dans, has presented his resignation. He arrived to the job under former president Paco Zas.

24/Apr/2020: 15h12: Deportivo: The Players Union has rejected the project of la liga of starting to make COVID-19 tests on Tuesday, this because the union believes the tests should be used first by medical staff.

23/Apr/2020: 18h03: Deportivo: The plan of la liga is start making tests to the players on Abril 28, to resume trainings on May 4 and relaunch the Primera and Segunda tournaments on June 5/6/7.

22/Apr/2020: 16h10: Market news:  The agent of Celso Borges, Rodri Baster, said in a interview that the midfielder is still thinking of returning to Deportivo, even that his career could end playing for the Galicians.

21/Apr/2020: 17h54: Market news: Deporte Campeón reported that Deportivo are still thinking of Borges and Insua as possible reinforcements for next season.

20/Apr/2020: 15h11: Market news: The vice-president of CD Juaréz, Álvaro Navarro, told to a paper in Mexico that they are ready to negotiate the final transfer of Diego Rolán. They have a buyout option of 4 million euros.

18/Apr/2020: 16h05: Depor Ladies: The club announced today that defender Noelia Villegas has signed a contract extension lasting until 2022.

17/Apr/2020: 13h44: Deportivo:  Fernando Vidal offered today a press conference. He said that the clubs at Primera and Segunda are hoping to play the remaining games of the season, but that other competitions like Liga Iberdrola are already over.

16/Apr/2020: 18h16: Depor Ladies: La Voz de Galicia reported that Deportivo have offered a two-year renewal to Tere Abeleira, but that she also has offers from Real Madrid and Barcelona FC.

15/Apr/2020: 18h10: Deportivo: Reported agreement to avoid the furlough of the non-playing staff
1- The players will cut their wages in 17.5% if the rest of games aren't played
2- The players agree to extend their contracts beyond June 30 if the games are played
3- The players will cut their wages in 5% if the games are played behind closed doors.

14/Apr/2020: 13h08: Depor Ladies: The club announced today that Alba Merino has signed a contract extension for one more season (2021).

13/Apr/2020: 20h32: Depor Ladies: Marca reported that goalkeeper Misa changed his agent and is now negotiating his signing for Real Madrid.

11/Apr/2020: 18h40: Deportivo: Cartabia said in an interview he had with fans in Instagram that he would live to return to Depor, but that he doesn't know if Al-Ahli will fulfill the buyout option over him.

09/Apr/2020: 14h13: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that Deportivo have told the club’s employees that they won’t furlough their non-playing staff during the pandemic despite the pressure from La Liga.

08/Apr/2020: 15h47: Deportivo: The RFEF, AFE and LFP had a chaotic meeting yesterday. They negotiated the possibility of playing matchdays every 48 hours and there wans't any agreement, just accusations betwene the three parties.

07/Apr/2020: 18h22: Deportivo: La Voz de Galicia reported that the club had told the employees that it won't apply any ERTE. Any adjustment will only be made if the seasons ends without playing the remaining games or if the club doesn't reach an agreement with the players.

05/Apr/2020: 17h05: Deportivo: The Players Union released a statement today criticizing the fact that La Liga want to reduce their wages. They question that la liga presumes of having a strict financial control and that now they cannot afford to page their wages for two months.

04/Apr/2020: 17h36: Deportivo: The Spanish government has extended the self-isolation order until April 26. La Liga and the RFEF have had meetings during the week, but without a clear idea of when the crisis will end, it isn't known yet if la liga will be played or instead cancelled.

03/Apr/2020: 14h54: Deportivo: The LFP recommended today to all the clubs to use the figure of the Employment Regulation File (ERTE) in order to face the financial consequences of the COVID-19. Deportivo haven't decided yet if it will use it with the club's employees.

02/Apr/2020: 18h50: Depor Ladies: Midfidler Iris Arnáiz told to reporters that she and the rest of the team are expecting to end the league tournament, and that they will be prepared in case the competition is restarted.

31/Mar/2020: 18h41: Deportivo: There were talks on Monday about what to do with la liga, but the RFEF will wait until the government decides to lift the self-isolation before giving a solution to the current league. Marca reported that several clubs want to cancel the Primera and Segunda season.

30/Mar/2020: 15h25: Deportivo: AS reported today that the cancelation of la liga would cost 4 million euros to Depor, which is around the 14% of the club’s budget. The solution of the club to the decrease in the income is to use the figure of the Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) which will differ the payments to the employees excluding the players from the first team and the female section.

28/Mar/2020: 17h54: Deportivo: AS reported that the club will negotiate the extension of Mujaid, who ends his contract in 2022, but that there are no hurries as the release clause for the centre-back is 20 million euros.

26/Mar/2020: 14h06: Deportivo: Borja Valle said on his Instagram account that he will love continue at Depor. His contract ends in June.

24/Mar/2020: 17h39: Deportivo: Ex-Depor keeper Benito Joanet die during the weekend due to COVID-19. He played with the team between 1965 and 1971, he was also the second coach of Arsenio Iglesias during two seasons at Primera.

23/Mar/2020: 13h20: Deportivo: The LFP and La Liga has postponed again the restart of the competition at Primera and Segunda. The previous delay ended yesterday, the new suspension is indefinite and until the authorities decide there's no risk.

22/Mar/2020: 17h17: Deportivo: There wll be virtual meetings starting on Monday in order to decide what will happen next in la liga. The Spanish goverment has extended the emergency for fifteen more days.

20/Mar/2020: 18h20: Fabril: Iago Gandoy said today that he hasn't talked to the club about a renewal. The contract of the midfielder ends in June. He is one of the few Fabril's players that has played with the first team during the campaign (2 games in liga and 1 in Copa)