05/Aug/2020: 17h20: Deportivo: Marca reported that Deportivo already have 20 players available for Friday. It's uncertain if CF Fuenlabrada will have enough men to compete in the game.

05/Aug/2020: 15h15: Deportivo: The club announced that the first team will train tomorrow at Abegondo. Before, the players will undergo the COVID-19 tests. The club understands that the game is on for Friday.

05/Aug/2020: 13h22: Deportivo: According to Deporte Campeón and Radio Cadena Cope, CF Fuenlabrada want a new delay. The Madrilenians aren't sure of having enough men available for Friday and are requesting a new delay.

04/Aug/2020: 20h43: Deportivo: The game Vs. CF Fuenlabrada has been moved to Friday (20h00 CET)

04/Aug/2020: 18h12: Deportivo: Only 13 players showed up today at Abegondo after been called yesterday: Dani Giménez, Jovanović, Víctor Mollejo, Hugo Vallejo, Ager Aketxe, Sabin Merino, Vicente Gómez, Eneko Bóveda, Uche Agbo, Juan Rodríguez, Yago Gandoy & Michele Somma.

04/Aug/2020: 18h10: Deportivo: After the media received the message that game Deportivo Vs. CF Fuenlabrada was delayed, now La Liga says that it's on for tomorrow. 

04/Aug/2020: 12h54: Deportivo: The game Vs. CF Fuenlbrada has been postponed again. No new date yet.

03/Aug/2020: 20h51: Deportivo: The game Vs. CF Fuenlabrada has been fixed at 20h00 on Wednesday. The club is calling the players to return to A Coruña. The board of directors will give a press conference tomorrow.

03/Aug/2020: 17h42: Deportivo: The Competition Committee fixed that the game Deportivo Vs. CF Fuenlabrada should be played this Wednesday. Depor's players are currently on vacation and Depor will probably skip the match.

03/Aug/2020: 16h01: Deportivo: A doctor of La Liga was in Abegondo today, the reason was to make COVID-19 tests to the players, but the squad is currently on vacation. a Liga is pushing to play the game with CF Fuenlabrada on Wednesday and the club is refusing to it.

02/Aug/2020: 18h31: Deportivo: Elche CF released today a communicate criticizing CF Fuenlabrada for their negligence in the trip to A Coruña. The Valencian club wants an immediate resolution to the frozen promotion playoff.

02/Aug/2020: 17h39: Deportivo: Seven members of FC Fuenlabrada were released from the lockdown in A Coruña after having a negative result in the COVID-19 tests. Only the six players infected remain now in the city.

01/Aug/2020: 13h32: Deportivo: The club opened today the first phase of the capital increase operation (€35 million). The first phase lasts until September 4 and allows current shareholders to buy the same number of shares that they currently have.

31/Jul/2020: 15h44: Deportivo: 33 of the 46 members of CF Fuenlabrada locked in A Coruña since last week received the green light to return to Madrid. The 13 remaining are the ones that tested positive to COVID-19.

30/Jul/2020: 20h20: Fabril: The club announced today that the returning date to training for Fabril has been delayed to August 10.

30/Jul/2020: 17h26: Segunda: The Xunta de Galicia announced that it has opened a legal case against CF Fuenlabrada and La Liga.

29/Jul/2020: 18h55: Fabril: The club reported today that  Iñigo Reinoso, Víctor Guedes, Álex Pérez & Israel Pérez will play with Fabril on next season. The four of them are retuning from loans.

29/Jul/2020: 15h40: Segunda: Real Zaragoza reported today a COVID-19 case at ther squad. It's the second playoff team with the same problem.

29/Jul/2020: 13h21: Segunda: UD Almería reported a positive COVID-19 case among their squad. The Andalusians are settle to face either CF Fuenlabrada or Elche CF in the playoffs.

28/Jul/2020: 20h28: Deportivo: The Players Union is requesting a meeting between all the parties in order to solve the situation at Segunda División.

28/Jul/2020: 15h55: Deportivo: Judge Ricardo Esteban Díaz from the Competition Committee of the federation admitted that FC Fuenlabrada could have violated the rules after making the trip to A Coruña without the safety measures of the COVID-19 protocols. The Committee will now decide if FC Fuenlabrada is guilty or not, the penalty is to lose the game with Depor and even to suffer the demotion.

27/Jul/2020: 17h43: Fabril: The club announced today the signing of Adrián Castro. The 21-year-old attacker is returning to the club after scoring  11 goals in 27 Tercera presentations with Laracha CF.

27/Jul/2020: 15h41: Deportivo: The club released a statement in which the club complained that La Liga opened a file against FC Fuenlabrada on Wednesday, but that the Galician club was informed until Sunday and that they only had 24 hours to present allegations.

26/Jul/2020: 16h15: Deportivo: FC Fuenlabrada have declined to participate in the playoff, and La Liga is suggesting to cancel the game Deportivo Vs. FC Fuenlabrada, which will give the last spot of the playoff to Elche CF.

25/Jul/2020: 17h58: Deportivo: The club presented today the Galician kit for next season, the collection "Galicia 20·21"

25/Jul/2020: 14h31: Deportivo: CF Fuenlabrada reported today 12 new positive COVID-19 cases, 4 among the staff in Madrid and 8 players that are currently locked in A Coruña. The number of total cases is now 28.

24/Jul/2020: 19h20: Deportivo: The club denounced that FC Fuenlabrada traveled to A Coruña without a doctor. This is an infraction of the rules. The doctor is one of the members of the coaching staff with COVID-19 that stayed in Madrid. This situation wasn't informed by FC Fuenlabrada and should have been reported.

24/Jul/2020: 14h55: Deportivo: One of Fuenlabrada's player that was diagnosed with COVID-19 was taken to a hospital in A Coruña after fainting.

23/Jul/2020: 19h14: Deportivo: FC Fuenlabrada have confirmed 5 additional COVID-19 positive cases (4 players and 1 member of the coaching staff) among the squad currently in isolation in A Coruña.

23/Jul/2020: 17h32: Deportivo: The competition committee opened a disciplinary file against CF Fuenlabrada for what happened during the weekend. At the same time the committee announced that they are unable to decide if the last matchday should be suspended or not. They are passing the decision to the RFEF.

22/Jul/2020: 21h45: Deportivo: The Superior Council for Sports (CSD) released a statement blaming La Liga and CF Fuenlabrada for violating the COVID-19 protocols.

22/Jul/2020: 18h50: Deportivo: Radio Cadena SER is reporting that the promotion playoff has been postponed by the RFEF until the mess of the game Deportivo v FC Fuenlabrada is resolved. The competition committee is studying today the appeals presented by CD Numancia, Rayo Vallecano, Elche CF and Deportivo.

22/Jul/2020: 13h46: Deportivo: Fernando Vidal told to La Voz de Galicia that Fernando Vázquez will continue to coach Deportivo on next season no matter what happens with the case of FC Fuenlabrada, but he didn't want to confirm if Valerón will land for Fabril.

21/Jul/2020: 23h37: Depor Ladies: The team returned to train today ahead of the Liga Iberdrola 2020/21.

21/Jul/2020: 14h10: Deportivo: The players released a statement criticizing the way the final matchday was handled by La Liga and the RFEF. They say that the results lack validity.

21/Jul/2020: 14h09: Deportivo: The club informed that the players have been given some free days. The statement didn't inform about when the first team will return to train.

21/Jul/2020: 13h31: Deportivo: The first team was supposed to train today at Abegondo. Instead the players just showed up to pick up their things. It's expected that Richard Barral will address the media today.

20/Jul/2020: 23h58: Deportivo: Fernando Vidal announced at midnight that Deportivo will present a protest and that will demand to play the last matchday again, because it is affecting the competition to end it without playing a crucial game like the one of Deportivo.

20/Jul/2020: 23h03: Deportivo: Depor relegated to Segunda B after the victories of CD Lugo and Albacete Balompié.

20/Jul/2020: 20h01: Deportivo: LAST MINUTE: The game Deportivo v CF Fuenlabrada has been suspended after detecting COVID-19 cases among Fuenlabrada's squad. According to reports, the rest of the matchday will be played.

19/Jul/2020: 17h45: Deportivo: Fernando Vázquez said today that Depor have good chances of clinching the permanece if they defeat Fuenlabrada.

19/Jul/2020: 13h20: Deportivo: Picked players Vs. Fuenlabrada: Dani Giménez, Aleksandar Jovanović, Alberto; David Simón, Mujaid Sadick, Abdoulaye Ba, Javi Montero, Juan Rodríguez, Salva Ruiz, Jorge Valín; Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Gaku Shibasaki, Iago Gandoy, Ager Aketxe, Peru Nolaskoain, Víctor Mollejo, Emre Çolak, Keko Gontán, Hugo Vallejo; Borja Valle, Christian Santos, Claudio Beauvue & Sabin Merino.

19/Jul/2020: 12h39: Deportivo: The club is reporting that Álex Bergantiños suffered a muscle injury on his left leg during Friday's game against CD Mirandés. He is out of the final game Vs. CF Fuenlabrada.

18/Jul/2020: 14h18: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Uche & Somma trained apart.

17/Jul/2020: 22h56: Deportivo: Final whistle in Anduva: Mirandés 1 - Deportivo 0. Fernando Vázquez made changes, but Deportivo continued to be a flat team in attack. Depor is in relegation with only one matchday remaining.

17/Jul/2020: 21h47: Deportivo: Half-time in Anduva: Mirandés 1 - Deportivo 0. Bad first half by Deportivo, Merquelanz scored in a direct free-kick (22') and the locals were closer to score the second goal.

17/Jul/2020: 19h56: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. CD Mirandés: (5-4-1) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Mujaid, Álex Bergantiños, Ba, Salva Ruiz – Hugo Vallejo, Nolaskoain, Gaku, Mollejo - Christian Santos.

17/Jul/2020: 11h57: Market news: The club reported today that Francis Uzoho has been transferred to Apoel FC. No details on the amount of the operation, but the keeper signs a 3-year deal with the Cypriot club.

16/Jul/2020: 18h02: Deportivo: Fernando Vázquez hinted today that Peru Nolaskoain is going to start against Mirandés. He also said that Çolak doesn’t know how to administrate his own emotions.

16/Jul/2020: 12h41: Deportivo: Picked players Vs. CD Mirandés: Dani Giménez, Aleksandar Jovanović, Alberto; Eneko Bóveda, David Simón, Mujaid Sadick, Abdoulaye Ba, Javi Montero, Juan Rodríguez, Salva Ruiz; Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Gaku Shibasaki, Ager Aketxe, Peru Nolaskoain, Víctor Mollejo, Emre Çolak, Keko Gontán, Hugo Vallejo; Borja Valle, Christian Santos, Claudio Beauvue & Sabin Merino.

15/Jul/2020: 17h15: Depor Ladies: The club announced that the team will launch the pre-season 2020/21 on Tuesday. The first matchday of Liga Iberdrola has been scheduled for September 5.

15/Jul/2020: 13h08: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Çolak stayed at the gym as the club is about to punish him after skipping Monday’s training. Luis Ruiz, Uche Agbo, Somma and Dani Giménez trained apart. Peru Nolaskoain & Salva Ruiz trained with the group.

15/Jul/2020: 00h59: Deportivo: The competition committee rejected the petition of Deportivo regarding the three points of the game against Extremadura UD.  The committee decided that it wasn’t illegal lineup the fact that the rival spent one minute with six first team players on the pitch as the man that went out for medical treatment was still counting at the lineup.

14/Jul/2020: 17h57: Deportivo: The club announced today the dates for the return of the academy. Fabril, Juvenil A & B will return to train on August 4.

14/Jul/2020: 14h11: Deportivo: The first team is resting today, but Çolak showed up at Abegondo in order to train. The local media reported that he talked to Fernando Vázquez and apologized after skipping yesterday's session.

13/Jul/2020: 18h03: Deportivo: The club protested the three points Vs. Extremadura for illegal lineup. At some point in the second half Extremadura only had 5 first team players on the pitch. The rules say it must have 6, but it was for a minute as one player was getting treatment after a knock.

13/Jul/2020: 17h46: Deportivo: Fernando Vázquez has been suspended for four additional games after giving instructions from the stands during the first half.

13/Jul/2020: 17h32: Deportivo: According to AS, Çolak was the first player that left the stadimu after yesterday's defeat, and today he didn't attend to the training session.

13/Jul/2020: 13h11: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Çolak skipped the session without permission. Peru Nolaskoain joined the group. Luis Ruiz is injured with an ankle sprain. Somma, Uche Agbo and Salva Ruiz trained apart.

12/Jul/2020: 18h52: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Riazor: Deportivo 2 - Extremadura 3. Painful defeat for Deportivo. Terrible defending in the second half, Montero scored an own goal (67') and later Pinchi scored the second for the visiting side (84'). Christian Santos scored at minute 89. And Pinchi scored again. Depor remain in deep problems.

12/Jul/2020: 17h47: Deportivo: Half-time at the Riazor: Deportivo 1 - Extremadura 0. David Simón scored (3') and Deportivo were feeling comfortable, later Extremadura started to put pressure and Depor ended playing bad first half.

12/Jul/2020: 16h02: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Extremadura UD: (5-4-1) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Mujaid, Álex Bergantiños, Montero, David Simón – Aketxe, Borja Valle, Gaku, Mollejo – Sabin Merino.

11/Jul/2020: 17h31: Deportivo: La Liga released the kick off times for matchday 41 & 42 at Segunda.
41: CD Mirandés Vs. Deportivo, Friday July 16, 21h00 CET
42: Deportivo Vs. Fuenlabrada CF, Monday July 16, 21h00 CET

11/Jul/2020: 13h02: Deportivo: Picked players Vs. Extremadura UD: Dani Giménez, Aleksandar Jovanović; Eneko Bóveda, David Simón, Mujaid Sadick, Abdoulaye Ba, Javi Montero, Juan Rodríguez, Luis Ruiz, Jorge Valín; Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Gaku Shibasaki, Ager Aketxe, Iago Gandoy, Víctor Mollejo, Emre Çolak, Keko Gontán, Hugo Vallejo; Borja Valle, Christian Santos, Claudio Beauvue & Sabin Merino.

10/Jul/2020: 18h32: Deportivo: Fernando Vázquez was suspended for three games after the referee of the game at Málaga reported that he sought for him at the changing room after the game.

10/Jul/2020: 13h10: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Peru Nolaskoain worked on the pitch and has options to be picked for Sunday’s game. Michelle Somma, Salva Ruiz & Somma trained apart.

04/Jul/2020: 13h29: Deportivo: Picked players Vs. SD Huesca: Dani Giménez, Aleksandar Jovanović, Alberto Sánchez; Eneko Bóveda, David Simón, Mujaid Sadick, Abdoulaye Ba, Javi Montero, Luis Ruiz, Salva Ruiz, Jorge Valín; Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Gaku Shibasaki, Ager Aketxe, Iago Gandoy, Víctor Mollejo, Keko Gontán, Emre Çolak, Hugo Vallejo; Borja Valle, Christian Santos, Claudio Beauvue & Sabin Merino.

03/Jul/2020: 21h26: Deportivo: Borja Valle said today that he hasn't talked with the club about a possible renewal, but that he will be open to negotiate.

03/Jul/2020: 20h52: Depor Ladies: Yesterday, Manu Sánchez signed a contract extension lasting until 2023. He has been the coach of Depor Ladies since 2016.

03/Jul/2020: 13h10: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Peru Nolaskoain trained apart and won't be available Vs. SD Huesca. Keko Gontán joined the group and should be available for Sunday.

02/Jul/2020: 22h13: Depor Ladies: The club announced today the 5th signing of Depor Ladies for next season: left winger Kenni Louise Thompson. The British player is 19 and is coming from RCD Espanyol.

02/Jul/2020: 16h32: Deportivo: The first team is resting today. The players return to train tomorrow (Abegondo, 11h00 CET).

02/Jul/2020: 15h19: Deportivo: The club reported last night that Uche Agbo suffered a sprain on his right knee that damaged the ligaments. He will be out for a month, so the Nigerian midfielder is out for the rest of this season.

01/Jul/2020: 16h37: Deportivo: The first team trained this afternoon at Abegondo. Uche Agbo skipped the session after his injury against SD Ponferradina.

01/Jul/2020: 16h13: Deportivo: La Liga released the kick-off times for matchday 40 at Segunda. Depor host Extremadura UD on Sunday, July 12, 17h00 CET

01/Jul/2020: 13h03: Fabril: The club announced today that nine Juvenile players will be promoted to Fabril ahead of next season: Alberto Sánchez, Pablo Brea, Iván Guerrero, Álvaro Yuste, Juan Rodríguez, Álex Barba, Miguel Ángel Prendes, Jorge Sarmiento & Yeremay Hernández 'Peke'

30/Jun/2020: 22h21: Deportivo: Mamadou Koné´will no longer play with Deportivo. The Ivorian attacker didn't agree in extending his stage at Depor beyond today. Fernando Vázquez confirmed it after the game.

30/Jun/2020: 22h10: Depor Ladies: Tere Abelleira announced today his exit ahead of next season.

30/Jun/2020: 21h25: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López: Tenerife 1 - Depor 1. Unfair score. Deportivo deserved the victory, but didn't seize its opportunities in the second half, while Tenerife were awarded with a very doubtful penalty converted by Luis Milla (79'). And again Depor rescued the result in the added time through a strong shot by Aketxe (90+1')

30/Jun/2020: 19h19: Deportivo: Half-time at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López: Tenerife 0 - Depor 0. Both sides had chances to score at the start of the game, later things were more settled. Uche Agbo had to be replaced for injury reasons by Borja Valle.

30/Jun/2020: 18h31: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. CD Tenerife: (5-4-1) Dani Giménez – David Simón, Bóveda, Álex Bergantiños, Mujaid, Salva Ruiz – Hugo Vallejo, Uche Agbo, Gaku, Mollejo – Sabin Merino.

30/Jun/2020: 17h42: Deportivo: La Liga released the kick-off times for matchday 39 at Segunda. Depor visit Málag aCF on Wednesday, July 8, 19h30 CET

29/Jun/2020: 13h43: Deportivo: Picked players Vs. CD Tenerife: Dani Giménez, Aleksandar Jovanović; Eneko Bóveda, David Simón, Mujaid Sadick, Abdoulaye Ba, Luis Ruiz, Salva Ruiz, Jorge Valín; Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Uche Agbo, Gaku Shibasaki, Ager Aketxe, Iago Gandoy, Víctor Mollejo, Emre Çolak, Hugo Vallejo; Mamadou Koné, Borja Valle, Christian Santos, Claudio Beauvue & Sabin Merino.

28/Jun/2020: 24h24: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Peru Nolaskoain, Keko Gontán, Borja Valle & Bóveda worked apart.

27/Jun/2020: 20h09: Fabril: Radio Marca reported that Valerón will coach Fabril if the first team clinches the permanence at Segunda División.

27/Jun/2020: 18h52: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Riazor: Depor 2 - Ponferradina 1. A clueless Deportivo didn't  do anything in the final part and Kaxe found a loose ball to give the victory to his team (59'). But the Galicians rescued the victory in the added time, first after an own goal by Trigueros and later with a low shot by Emre Çolak.

27/Jun/2020: 17h47: Deportivo: Half-time at the Riazor: Depor 0 - Ponferradina 0. Depor was the best team and wasted the best opportunities. The visiting side looked dangerous in the counterattack.

27/Jun/2020: 15h55: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. SD Ponferradina: (5-3-2) Dani Giménez – David Simón, Mujaid, Álex Bergantiños, Montero, Luis Ruiz – Uche Agbo, Vicente, Aketxe – Mollejo, Beauvue.