19/Jun/2019: 17h37: Deportivo: 300 Depor's fans are expected to attend to the second-leg in Majorca, though there are problems to book the trips due to the high price of the airlines.

19/Jun/2019: 16h25: Deportivo: Martí hinted changes for the game with RCD Mallorca and also said that the tie will be decided by small details.

19/Jun/2019: 13h16: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Pablo Marí, Krohn-Dehli, Iñigo López & Vítor Silva trained apart. The team will train again on Thursday. Martí will release the roster after this session.

18/Jun/2019: 18h08: Deportivo: Quique González on the tie with RCD Mallorca, "We're not here to be presuming. Mallorca ended above us and there are no favorites on here. The only thing that counts is on Thursday and then on Sunday. This is a good team, they have a great coach and it’s very well worked team. They know each other a lot and they are there because they have earned it. "

 18/Jun/2019: 15h34: Deportivo: The club announced that there are no more tickets available for Thursday's game Vs. RCD Mallorca.

18/Jun/2019: 13h10: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Pablo Marí, Krohn-Dehli & Vítor Silva remain training apart.  Mari remains doubtful for Thursday. Cartabia and Edu Expósito were rested at the end of the session. Iñigo López trained apart. 

17/Jun/2019: 21h41: Depor Ladies: The club announced today the 2nd signing for next season: centre-back María Méndez Fernández (18). She is coming from Real Oviedo.

17/Jun/2019: 16h32: Deportivo: Pablo Mari is not ruled out of the games with RCD Mallorca. He will try to pass a test tomorrow during the training session.

17/Jun/2019: 13h07: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Pablo Marí, Krohn-Dehli & Vítor Silva remain training apart. Dani Giménez was rested.

16/Jun/2019: 19h16: Deportivo: For the first-leg on Thursday, the club announced tickets prices between 10 and 30 euros.

16/Jun/2019: 16h04: Deportivo: The first team landed this morning from Andalusia and will return to train tomorrow (Abegondo, 11h00 CET). 

15/Jun/2019: 21h52: Deportivo: Final whistle at La Rosaleda: Málaga 0 - Deportivo 1. Depor are in the final round after a perfect game in defence. No big chances to score in the second part until Álex scored in a big error of local keeper Munir (81').

15/Jun/2019: 20h46: Deportivo: Half-time at La Rosaleda: Málaga 0 - Deportivo 0. The Galicians are holding on the advantage. Málaga having the ball, but without shots on target.

15/Jun/2019: 19h52: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Málaga CF: (4-3-3) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Somma, Saúl García –Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Edu Expósito, Nahuel, Pedro Sánchez, Carlos Fernández.

15/Jun/2019: 13h02: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning in Marbella. It was a physical session that lasted 45 minutes, later the players had a video session.

14/Jun/2019: 17h13: Fabril: The team remains training as the first team might need players for the playoffs. Also, between five and six lads have been working with the first team during the week.

14/Jun/2019: 15h58: Deportivo: Martí said today that there will be changes at the lineup. He didn't want to confirm if Quique González is going to start the game.

14/Jun/2019: 13h26: Deportivo: The first team didn't train today as it travelled early in the morning to Andalusia. 

13/Jun/2019: 18h04: Deportivo: Álex Cobo travels to Málaga with the first team, because Dani Giménez is having muscle issues; actually the Fabril's keeper was with the first team at the Riazor for the same reason.

13/Jun/2019: 16h41: Deportivo:The club confirmed that the license of Iñigo López has been suspended by the competition committee until his case in the match-fixing scandal of SD Huesca is resolved. The club didn't announce the suspension of the player, only that a disciplinary file has been opened.

13/Jun/2019: 15h37: Deportivo: Iñigo López has been separated from the team after the interview published by newspaper El Mundo. The club will release a statement throughout the day. The centre-back was also suspended by la liga, his lawyer already said the measure was “unfair and disproportionate.”

13/Jun/2019: 13h13: Deportivo: Picked players for the returning leg at Málaga: Dani Giménez, Adrián Ortolá, Álex Cobo, David Simón, Eneko Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Michelle Somma, Diego Caballo, Saúl García, Edu Expósito, Álex Bergantiños, Didier Moreno, Pedro Mosquera, Vicente Gómez, Pedro Sánchez, Fede Cartabia, Nahuel Leiva, Quique González, Carlos Fernández, Christian Santos & Borja Valle.

12/Jun/2019: 22h50: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Riazor: Depor 4 - Málaga 2. Incredible reaction by a Deportivo that demolished Málaga in the second part. Pedro Sánchez (55'), Carlos Fernández (62') and Borja Valle (77') scored the goals to claim the advantage in the tie.

12/Jun/2019: 21h46: Deportivo: Half-time at the Riazor: Depor 1 - Málaga 2. Deportivo in trouble, Luis Hernández claimed the lead for the visiting side, Carlos Fernández scored a quick equalizer from the spot (20') and Ontiveiros scored a great goal to give the lead to the Andalusians (36’).

12/Jun/2019: 19h58: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Málaga CF: (4-4-2) Dani Giménez – David Simón, Domingos Duarte, Somma, Saúl – Cartabia, Álex Bergantiños, Edu Expósito, Pedro Sánchez – Borja Valle, Carlos Fernández.

12/Jun/2019: 17h41: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Cope reported that, after the interview published by newspapaper El Mundo, Iñigo López has been suspended by the competition comittee. He is ineligible to play in the playoff.

12/Jun/2019: 15h36: Depor Ladies: The club announced otday the first signing for next season: keeper Esther Sullastres (26, Zaragoza CFF)

12/Jun/2019: 13h27: Deportivo: Iñigo López talked to newspaper El Mundo and admitted that there was an “agreement” to fix the game Huesca against Gimnástic on last season.

11/Jun/2019: 21h54: Deportivo: Depor Ladies: The team ended the season winning the Copa Galicia facing Friol Lugo (6-1). The goals were scored by Alba Merino (2), Tere Abelleira, Gabi, Peke & Iris.

11/Jun/2019: 16h34: Deportivo: Martí talking of the key for the tie against Málaga CF, “It’s very important to work the mental aspect, because you will have good and bad moments in a tie, sometimes in the same game."

11/Jun/2019: 13h09: Deportivo: Martí released the roster for the game Vs. Málaga. He picked all the players at the first team, but Vítor Silva and Krohn-Dehli are out injured.

10/Jun/2019: 17h30: Deportivo: The club reported that it ended the season with 23,491 socios. It's a decrease of 4,000 socios compared to the previous campaign (27,358).

10/Jun/2019: 16h24: Deportivo: Pedro Sánchez on the playoff with Málaga CF, “There isn’t any favourite in these kinds of games. I have played several games like these ones and you cannot label anyone as favourites You need to be focused and it will be decided by details. After what happened within the last months, it’s a reward to be in the playoffs. We have another spark and are fine before the game.”

10/Jun/2019: 13h05: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Krohn-Dehli & Vitor Silva trained apart. Bóveda and Dani Giménez were rested.

09/Jun/2019: 16h03: Deportivo: The club reported that Vitor Silva suffered a muscle injury during Friday's training and won't be available for the first-leg against Málaga CF.

09/Jun/2019: 14h21: Deportivo: The first team trained in the morning at Abegondo. The starters against Córdoba were rested. Krohn-Dehli and Vítor Silva skipped the session.

08/Jun/2019: 22h19: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Riazor: Depor 2 - Córdoba 0. Pedro Sánchez scored a great goal (49') and Deportivo didn't suffer to reach the pass to the playoffs. The rival will be Málaga CF.

08/Jun/2019: 21h16: Deportivo: Half-time at the Riazor: Deportivo 1 - Córdoba 0. Depor suffered a bit, but Borja Valle found the goal at minute 44. Depor are sixth for now as Cádiz are losing at Sporting (1-0).

08/Jun/2019: 19h25: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Córdoba CF: (4-4-2) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Pablo Mari, Saúl – Cartabia, Álex Bergantiños, Edu Expósito, Pedro Sánchez – Borja Valle, Carlos Fernández.

08/Jun/2019: 12h28: Deportivo: The federation of peñas will make a concentration before the game (18h30 CET) in order to support the team before the game with Córdoba CF. 

07/Jun/2019: 17h53: Depor Ladies: The team ends its season on Tuesday facing CD Lugo Friol in the final of Copa Galicia (20h00 CET)

07/Jun/2019: 16h30: Deportivo: Dani Giménez has been named player of the season by the club and Estrella Galicia.

07/Jun/2019: 15h26: Deportivo: Martí said today that Quique González is fit to play, but that he won't take risks and that he will decide after tomorrow's session if the striker will take part of the game with Córdoba CF.

07/Jun/2019: 13h07: Deportivo: Martí released the roster for the game Vs. Córdoba CF. He picked the 25 players at the first team, including Quique González, who trained with the team today. 

06/Jun/2019: 18h10: Depor Ladies: Tere Abelleira is on the pre-list of U-Spain for the European U-19 tournament to be played in July in Scotland. 

06/Jun/2019: 17h21: Deportivo: Fernando Vidal criticizing former president Tino Fernández during a press conference, "Tino and his board have manipulated the process, Mr. Fernandez has dynamited the social peace of the club, he has thrown the ball in. If a board resigns, it doesn’t make sense that the weeks before the meeting it mobilizes all the machinery of the club: employees, telephones and the book of shareholders, if you have resigned, you will step aside."

06/Jun/2019: 15h52: Deportivo: Álex Bergantiños on the game against Córdoba CF, "It's a Segunda team like everyone else, we have to respect it a lot, we saw this weekend how teams without clear objectives took their matches, we have the obligation to win, but we have to mature it and if we trust because they are already relegated, then it will be the first goal against us, they will want to compete here and show themselves for next year, both for their coach and for possible team changes, if I were any of them, I would choose a team that plays for something and be the focus of the matchday.”

06/Jun/2019: 13h05: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Quique González didn’t take part of the session and is ruled out of the game Vs. Córdoba CF. The other player missing the game is Krohn-Dehli.

05/Jun/2019: 17h10: Deportivo: The club will sell 8,000 tickets for Saturday's game with Córdoba CF with prices between the 15 and 25 euros. The club also requested the 21,000 socios to attend to the meeting.

05/Jun/2019: 13h02: Deportivo: The first team is returning today from Alicante. The players will return to train tomorrow (Abegondo, 11h00 CET).

04/Jun/2019: 22h53: Deportivo: Final whistle at the Martínez Valero: Elche 0 - Depor 0. The Galicians wasted countless opportunities, mainly through Carlos Fernández. But Cádiz CF lost and Depor are now sixth and only need to defeat Córdoba CF in the final matchday to qualify for the playoffs.

04/Jun/2019: 21h46: Deportivo: Half-time at the Martínez Valero: Elche 0 - Depor 0. Edu Expósito with two clear chances to score, Depor unable to create too many opportunities against a rival with nothing at stake.

04/Jun/2019: 19h54: Deportivo: Lineup Vs. Elche: (4-4-2) Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Pablo Mari, Saúl – Cartabia, Álex Bergantiños, Edu Expósito, Pedro Sánchez – Borja Valle, Carlos Fernández.

04/Jun/2019: 12h49: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at the Rico Pérez stadium (Hércules' stadium). Short session to actívate the team hours before the game Vs. Elche CF.

03/Jun/2019: 18h04: Deportivo: Dani Giménez talking of the betting companies after the latest match-fixing scandal, "They have a power they are getting because of the people who move this. Nobody likes that betting houses are in the working class neighborhoods, and that they take advantage of those with less resources, but in the end they sponsor teams, sponsor competitions and hopefully it won’t be too late when we realize that it shouldn’t be like that.”

03/Jun/2019: 16h38: Deportivo: Radio Cadena Ser reported that Deportivo and other Segunda clubs have requested to push matchday 42 to Sunday, because several teams playing on the road tomorrow are finding difficulties to get plane ticket and return home on time for the final matchday of the season.

03/Jun/2019: 13h14: Deportivo: The first team traiend this morning at Benidorm. The team trained lineups and set-pieces in the last session before tomorrow's game against Elche CF.

02/Jun/2019: 18h32: Depor Ladies: The team reached the final at Copa Galicia after defeating Atlético Arousana (7-0). The goals were scored by Peke (2), Gaby, Kika, Peke Alba Merino, Nuria & María Calvo.

02/Jun/2019: 15h03: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at the Guillermo Amor stadium in Benidorm. It was a tactical session with the team trained the ball possession and shots on target.

02/Jun/2019: 14h05: Fabril: The club announced today the first signing for Fabril: Aarón Sánchez. He played with Depor before at Cadetes and signs a 2-year contract with the chance of an extension.

01/Jun/2019: 15h02: Deportivo: The club announced that the first team will stay concentrated in Alicante for Tuesday's game at Elche CF. The players are currently flying to Madrid and then will take a train to Alicante.

01/Jun/2019: 14h16: Deportivo: José Antonio Reyes died this morning in a car accident. The winger was currently playing at Extremadura UD and la liga is delaying 7 of the Segunda games to Tuesday, including Depor's game. The game Elche CF Vs. Deportivo will be now played on Tuesday, June 4, 21h00 CET.

01/Jun/2019: 13h34: Deportivo: José Luis Martí said today that the team is highly motivated after the win over RCD Mallorca, but that it must left behind that game as it won't help in order to add the three points against Elche CF.

01/Jun/2019: 11h24: Deportivo: Picked players for the game at Elche CF: Dani Giménez, Adrián Ortolá; David Simón, Eneko Bóveda, Domingos Duarte, Michelle Somma, Pablo Mari, Diego Caballo, Saúl García; Edu Expósito, Álex Bergantiños, Vicente Gómez, Didier Moreno, Pedro Sánchez, Fede Cartabia; Nahuel Leiva, Carlos Fernández, Christian Santos & Borja Valle.

31/May/2019: 18h32: Deportivo: Pablo Mari on the game at Elche CF, “Everyone plays for something in this league. Everyone pulls pride to play against Depor. The one who thinks that it’s going to be simple is wrong. But you have to see the difference of what we are playing for. We have to show it on the field. We play the whole year in two games. It will be a complicated match, but you have to prove on the grass that we play for a lot. "

31/May/2019: 17h41: Depor Ladies: On Sunday the team face Atlético Arousana in the semifinals of Copa Galicia (Ordes, 10h30 CET)

31/May/2019: 15h30: Fabril: The first move of new president Paco Zas was to renew Jorge Valin. The right-back started the season at Juvenil A and ended it making 17 appearances with Fabril. He signed a two-year renewal.

31/May/2019: 13h09: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Quique González & Krohn-Dehli stayed at the gym. Quique is ruled out of the game at Elche. Iñigo López skipped the session with permission. Juvenil A keeper Alberto trained with the team.

30/May/2019: 18h14: Deportivo: Iñigo López released from jail after paying a bail of 75,000 euros.

30/May/2019: 17h59: Deportivo: Borja Valle on the game against Elche CF, "First of all, to congratulate the Elche for its season, and we don’t care what the others play for, our goal is very beautiful and ambitious, so we have to go out and win, as always, wherever it is and no matter what’s at stake for others."

30/May/2019: 16h43: Deportivo: Newspaper Las Provincias in the Canary Islands reported that Juan Carlos Valerón is open to return to Deportivo as a club's official. The source said that he already talked to new president Paco Zas.

30/May/2019: 13h02: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Quique González & Krohn-Dehli stayed at the gym. Iñigo López still out of the group. Academy players Alberto,  Mujaid, Víctor & Valín trained with the first team.

29/May/2019: 18h06: Deportivo: Álex Bergantiños before today's training, "We all should be focused in what matters the most, which is the sporting subject and how we should end the season. We are preparing the next game and studying the weak points of the rival. Elche made an excellent second round."

29/May/2019: 16h23: Deportivo: The scans determined that Quique González suffered a grade I hamstring injury on his right thigh. He is doubtful for the game at Elche CF.

29/May/2019: 13h14: Deportivo: The first team trained this morning at Abegondo. Quique González & Krohn-Dehli stayed at the gym. Iñigo López was out of the session as he still detained for the match-fixing scandal. New president Paco Zas visited the first team after the session.

28/May/2019: 22h58: Deportivo: The new president of Deportivo is Paco Zas. He won the elections with 33,859 votes.