Date of Birth: 5 January, 1966
Nationality: Spain (international from 1993 until 1994)
Period at Deportivo: 1992 - 1996
Transfer: (1992, Real Madrid)
Clubs: Mérida, Espanyol, Deportivo (1992-1996), Real Madrid (1987-1992), Castilla (1986-1987), Linense
Sold: Out of Contract (1996, to Espanyol)
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Position: Midfielder (right)

Cádiz-born ALDANA was just three days away from becoming 22 when he made his debut for Real Madrid in the Primera División. He had played before at Linense and Castilla, and that day was given the ultimate debut: against Barcelona (2-1) in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

Aldana replaced legendary Emilio Butragueño during this match between other colleagues like Míchel, Camacho, Gordillo and Hugo Sánchez. On the other side calibre players like Zubizarreta, Schüster, Carrasco and Linkere performed. But those were the days when Real Madrid reigned in Spain and won the title easily, and Aldana played three matches from start to finish that season. He scored his first two goals on 8 May, 1988 against Murcia (3-1).

But the tall midfielder never was able to break into the first eleven. During the next two campaigns, with both ended in championships, Aldana played thirteen Liga matches each and scored seven goals in total. One of them was on 22 October, 1988 in the match against Barcelona (3-2).

He finally got his chance during the season 1990/1991 when he played 31 Liga matches out of a 38 possible. But most of the them he played as a substitute, being an ideal player for all three coaches of Real Madrid that campaign: Toshack, Di Stefano and Antic. The proud club from the capital had won five Liga titles in a row from 1986 until 1990, but found themselves placed tenth after twenty-nine matches. Aldana scored one goal that season, on the final day of the season against… Barcelona. But Cruyff’s side already had been crowned champions, and in Spain things started to turn around.

1992 saw Aldana’s goodbye from Real Madrid after having played only 288 minutes in the Liga during the season 1991/1992, still scoring two goals. Aldana couldn’t compete with players like Chendo, Hierro, Hagi, Luís Enrique, Michel, Milla and Villarroya, all capable of playing in midfield. For Real Madrid the campaign would also be a big disappointment, as they had led the Liga since the end of October but lost it on the final day to Barcelona.

At the same time, Deportivo had just saved themselves from relegation back to the Segunda División but were preparing to put up a fight for the next campaign. It was no coincidence that Aldana joining Deportivo that summer happened at the same time as ‘Superdepor’ was formed.

During the season 1992/1993, the strong midfielder was an important piece of the team finishing third in the Liga. He played thirty matches during that campaign, most of them from finish to end. He scored seven goals in those appearances, of which two in his first three matches. His good shot and physical condition always permitted him to score several goals per season, and he made 31 of them at the highest Spanish level.

But on 23 May, 1993 bad luck struck as he was taken off injured in the match against Zaragoza. It proved to be a serious knee injury and came at a bad moment, as three months earlier he had made his Spanish debut in the match against Lithuania and made a scoring debut. The injury would keep him sidelined during the next campaign, and only on 4 September, 1994 (after almost fourteen months without playing) did he performn in another Liga match. Soon Aldana was back as if he had never left, played thirty-three matches and scored six goals. Deportivo finished second and won their first ever trophy (the Copa del Rey), while Aldana played his fifth (and final) match for Spain in November, 1994.

Aldana was already a veteran of 29 when he started his last season at Deportivo in 1995. He reached the same numbers as the year before (thirty-three matches and six goals), but couldn’t prevent Deportivo from finishing ninth in the domestic competition. Unfortunately for him, the big clean-up of that summer included Aldana as financial differences between the two sides proved to be too large. As he was out of contract he picked Espanyol as his next club and there played his final match in the Primera División on 16 November, 1996.
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