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13 Jan 2021
New poor presentations of a Deportivo that had several casualties, but that presented the same poor game saw throughout the season. Five Galician players were starters, something not seen since 2014.

1- The circumstances: It might not be an excuse for many people, but the circumstances of the game definitely had an impact in the game of the team. The coach only had twelve outfield players available and it limited the resources for the game, especially at the moment of making substitutions. The weather was also a factor, not for affecting the teams during the game, but because Deportivo were forced to make a dangerous trip in a road with snow, just when the Spanish Federation postponed other two games in the subgroup in order to protect SD Compostela and CD Guijuelo.

2- Same plane game: What cannot be denied is the plane game of Deportivo, something witnessed throughout the season. Once gain Depor was a team uncapable to have long of periods of domination to justify a better outcome. The goal from Zamora CF came early, but not even eighty minutes were enough for a team that only had some isolated opportunities, more specifically the long run of Salva Ruiz and the couple of interventions of Rui Costa, who still didn’t justify his appearance as a starter.

3- The alternatives of the formation: It was expected a system with three centre-backs, but in the end Vázquez opted in a 4-4-2 with a diamond figure at midfield. Since the team was terrible within the first minutes, the coach started to rotate the three attackers (Rui Costa, Manu Mosquera and Adri Castro). But in only worked when Rui Costa were attacking the cracks by the sides. In the second half, Vázquez attempted a 4-2-3-1 with the entry of Nacho González, but it just made the team look worse. Perhaps this is the worst news from the game: the coach has been unable to find a tactics that suits this Deportivo during the offensive transitions.

4- The modifications of the coach: Throughout the season Fernando Vázquez has demonstrated to be a coach unable to seize the changes, which is something really bad taking in mind that he can make up to five changes in every game. But in this match, there’s an valid excuse as the bench was full of Fabril’s players. The only offensive alternatives were Nacho González and Keko, this first entered the field without success and the second suffered a relapse during the warming up. What cannot be justified is that Gandoy picked a muscle issue by minute 75, and he had to wait almost ten minutes to be replaced, because no one was ready. Those are the errors that cannot be tolerated in a coach that presumes of been professional.

5- Five Galicians at the starting formation: Deportivo began the game with five Galician players at the starting eleven: Jorge Valín, Álex Bergantiños, Yago Gandoy, Manu Mosquera and Adri Castro. That’s something unseen since 2014, at the time Fernando Vázquez was also the coach of a team competing at Segunda. There were several games in which there were at least four Galician players at the starting lineup, but the last time with so many “locals” was the six Galicians of the 1-1 Vs. CD Tenerife (March 29, 2014 – Diego Seoane, Pablo Insua, Juan Domínguez, Álex Bergantiños, Juan Carlos and Luis Fernández). 




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