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17 Jan 2021
Depor’s coach gave his first impressions on the team ahead of the debut on the road. Salamanca’s coach is also debuting and believes the pitch is going to be a factor in this match.

On Friday, Rubén de La Barrera offered his first press conference as Depor’s coach. He said that little changes should be expected for Sunday, and that from there the team must evolve. The following is a summary of the things he said.

First days of work: “The feelings are good as it normal happens in these cases. Truly we arrived in the middle of the season and we need to introduce some concepts. We are content and now we want tor reach Sunday’s game in the best possible way, and then to see the team assimilating things without major shifts, so they won’t feel an excessive change.”

Aspects to improve: “We are trying to have an impact in everything, it isn’t a matter to be focused in one. From there to see the team competing at the highest level in order to deserve the points. “

Systems: “It’s something that interests me, to have an idea and later been changing the draws. For me it’s important as the structures allow things. There’s a rival in front and you need to adjust according to how they will defend. The squad fits into the draw and we need an evolution in the short and long term.”

Salamanca: “They changed the coach and changed two positions. I had two of their players with me, and no matter the situation, I am expecting from a different team. We have to foresee some scenarios and we need to be prepared for all the possibilities. I am expecting for a serious team in defence trying to seize the counterattack. We will try to create a lot of scoring opportunities and later not concede anything.”

Is there enough time to prepare next game? “We are on that, the clear thing is that, no matter the number of days, this is Depor. We have good players and must seize the available men. The intention is to win. We are trying to bring references to the players, so they can be resolving the situations they will be facing.”

What do you want to see on Sunday? “To try to translate into the pitch what we have been working since the beginning. Things are changing and we need to adjust.”

The set-pieces: “We need to see the capacity that we have and the players that are available. Depor have been defending the set-pieces in certain way, and in four days we try to work everything, and yes, there could be some changes, but the differences cannot be drastic. We are trying to win the duels.”

Recovered players for the game: “Erik [Osede] and Yago [Gandoy] have joined the group. Little by little, they should feel fine and seize these training sessions.”

Academy players: “I will like to not been making differences between Fabril’s players and Depor’s players. We are all the same on here. The ones having presence in the trainings are assuming it as they should. But I don’t want them only to fill the gaps, I want them here in order to help them, so they can develop their capacities.”

Rolán and Uche Agbo: “We will have to wait for tomorrow. The important thing is to plan the game, from there we will see who is here and who won’t be available. We need to wait for tomorrow in order to see who can enter the roster.”

Will your arrival change the role of Álex Bergantiños? “I know him since been a child. I am conscious of what Álex represents for the team. He is the essence of the team and is important. He will help and is trying push into the place we all want. It’s very important to have these kinds of players.”

The mental issue: “We are trying to bring security, not only a matter of feeling safe, but to know what to do when the rival puts pressure. To understand what to do according to where the ball is. When the ball is moved everything is moved and the player needs to recognize it. The players should have two or three things clear for Sunday, and form there to keep growing. We must win on Sunday.”

Changes with the captains? “We have an incredible group of people, so there’s no need to make changes. We have a lot of good people on here, and we only need to help them and try to win on Sunday.”

Manuel María ‘Lolo’ Escobar will debut on Sunday with Salamanca UDS. He talked on Friday and believe that the pitch is going to be a factor in the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Arrival to the club: “Very good, with very little time, because all the time you have is to try to improve aspects of the game. It has been a very enriching fifteen days; I have tried to control as many things as possible and not drive them crazy. This preparation has taken me a long time, I didn’t want to cover them with concepts that would not be seen later on Sunday. I wanted to be clear about what I want us to do so that they can try it on Sunday.”

Change of coach in the rival: “It’s a full change for the team. Fernando was a more predictable coach when it came to preparing the game with him, he is more defensive, more of the one searching for a clean sheet and short results. Rubén is a from Barça’s school, he likes that his teams dominating and that they are grouped according to the ball. It's more difficult to counter a Deportivo like that. Rubén has evolved a lot as a coach, before he was very radical, but he has been very intelligent and has been adding different aspects to that methodology focused on the pass. They didn’t have much time to change, they come from being with the same coach for a long time and a fairly clear idea. He will put touches of what is going well for him and with what he feels identified with, which is the output of the ball. But I expect it will be a team that continues to be practical, that handles games well, because it has a lot of experience and that from set-pieces continues to hurt. The team still has all of that. I have been looking at photos of his trainings and I have been amazed. They are training on a great pitch and what they are going to find here is not even close to what they have during the week. In dimensions it’s a field similar to the Riazor.”

Snowy lawn: “The field is not in perfect conditions, but perhaps that’s why I have never had a fixed idea of playing everything in short or long game, I have always liked to alternate. These days we have tried to ensure that the team can be comfortable in both ways, playing long and short. We are not going to be stupid, we are going to be very clear that the important thing is to compete and if the field is bad, then we must try to be practical.”

Game plan: “I have a very clear idea of the game, but if the field doesn't allow it, you have to be as chameleonic as possible. I would like my team not to underestimate any phase of the game, neither the organized attack nor the defensive aspect. I like that the team can run in transitions, that they put pressure after a loss and the strategy, apart from the fact that I like to work it, it’s decisive. This team needs to improve a lot in set-pieces.”

Game scheme: “It’s clear to me, but not the starting eleven. Until tomorrow when the last training session is over, I will not be clear about it, it seems like an insult to me, with one day of training left, to rule out players.”

Casualties for the game: “The only casualty is Kristian, for yellow cards. The rest are all available, we don’t have any muscle issue. In that regard we arrive in a very good moment.”



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