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19 Jan 2021
Depor’s new coach and the captain of the team weren’t impressed with the performance of the team, but believe that they can improve in the coming games.

Rubén De La Barrera was explaining what he saw in his debut with Deportivo, "We want to win all the games that we are going to play. That been said, during the games, things are happening that make you think that you are closer to doing so and sometimes that you are not. It’s true that we had a good entry into the game and we have spent the last minutes of the first half when things were difficult for us at the moment of playing in the opposite field, they forced us to run. That prevented us from attacking with a lot of people. We sent the ball to the people above and they, in many moments, were alone and away from the others. And defensively speaking, in the three situations of not having adjusted well the defense in the lateral crosses.”

"In the second half, there was more control, the area was closed well. It’s true that there were details and fewer appearances of what we had been doing. Yes, it’s true that what was trained during the week appeared, but it has to appear much more. We have to grow a lot as a team and adjust and increase the individual performance of each and every player." He added.

The Galician coach was also saying that he wasn’t satisfied with the result, "In this type of games, you have two options: When it seems that nothing happens, then win it with an isolated play; or, on the other hand, lose it. It’s true that all the coaches have played this type of game. The point is that the winning teams are those that don’t lose in this type of match. I am not satisfied with the point, but one point is more than zero and we have to make it good the next match at home.”

De La Barrera also said that the team must remain calm despite the poor form, "What I don't want for us is to be up one day, and another day down emotionally. We have to be stable. This was the first game of the second round. We know that it’s a peculiar competition, there are fewer teams. Today is one more game. We came here to win the game. And now the next one arrives in which the team has to improve its performance, do much more and win the game."

Álex Bergantiños was blaming the field for not having too many opportunities, "We had a very good Depor in the first twenty minutes. It’s a bit what we have worked on during the week. Then, as the field has become muddy, we have had some losses, some inaccuracies and the game has fallen a little. We have competed much better than last week. The part of the frozen area was super muddy. In the turns it was quite complicated. It became too direct a game, with too many losses. Hence, there were only few occasions.”

The captain of Deportivo was also admitting that the team isn’t fulfilling the expectations of the fans, "The expectations of this team were very high. We are below the level we have to give. The team is going to improve. This change is going to be good for us. Now we have two games in a row at the Riazor that are decisive for what remains. of the first phase. We have to give more. Let's hope to get people back. We had an exaggerated plague of injuries that has conditioned us a bit in recent days. Let's see if with that, and with the impulse of Rubén, we can get both games from home and that everything will look different."

At Salamanca UDS, coach Lolo Escobar was satisfied with the performance of his team, “I value the point positively, because in the first place, it breaks a horrible dynamic of results, and with this point you can start to believe and especially for the clean sheet. The team has been spectacular there. If a team has released crosses, shots on goal and finished plays, it has been Salamanca. We had quite well controlled the game in all aspects and especially taking into account the size of the opponent, very powerful. In the second half we wanted more and we went out for the game, we wanted more.” 




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