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24 Jan 2021
Depor’s coach hopes for a good debut at the Riazor and to see his team increasing the number of goal opportunities. Compostela’s coach is still hopeful with his team despite the lack of goal.

 Rubén De La Barrera addressed the media on Friday. He was still explaining his philosophy of football and believes that Compostela will play a good game despite their most recent set-back. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Home debut: “It’s going to be a good football game, we want to be protagonists and win it. It will be very special. I am really hopeful. The memories that I have, logically, are as a Depor fan. I had the fortune to experience enormous moments. Hopefully, as a coach, this type of event that happened in the past can be repeated; attending to the peculiarity that we cannot put people at the stadium.”

The passing game and the pressure felt by the players: “My work is to give references to the players, so the risks can be diminished. From that point, we must search for other issues in order to take advantage of other situations. We want to have a fluid game, so the attackers could have better and more arrivals.”

The 4-3-3: “The squad offers different possibilities and you try to place every player at their best place, so he can yield at the top. It depends on the mobility of the players. Each one must do the best they can. The structure can be the same, but the goal is to create unbalance against the rival and feel confident, play on the rival’s side of the field and stay there the highest number of minutes.”

Compostela: “They have spent time playing together, with the same coach, and that identity took them to the promotion. It’s a joy to see them playing. The other day they suffered, and this is football, but we knew how the pitch was there. I believe we are going to watch a good game of football.”

Uche, Rolán and the injured players “In that regard the week has been good for us. The players have been joined the group, some of them haven’t played for a while and need minutes. We hope to have everyone available in the short term. I hope they could be ready for this game, but we have to see the situation after the last session.”

Importance of the game: “All the games are very important. This is the most important one as it’s the next one. Compostela, Compostela and Compostela, nothing more.”

Winter market: “What I feel is the need to help the team and improve, right now I am worried of recovering the players that aren’t fit to play, anything else is useless for me. This is football and you don’t know what could happen, if something happens tomorrow, then I will need to adapt.”

Set-pieces: “The set-pieces represent a moment of inspiration for the players, and we have important players in the aerial game, so it must be translated into numbers. The set-pieces determine games and goals, we need to work with it and everyone must be clear about what to do.”

How to create more goal chances? “My work is to see the ball arriving to the attackers with a higher frequency, and that passes through constructing the plays in a good way. We also pretend that the ball shouldn’t reach the rival with an advantage. One thing depends on the other, and we are here to see things working.”

Mental aspect: "It is not a question of giving a motivational speech to the players, but about turning them on, bringing them closer to where we want. The moment the team feels confident about what they have to do, and how to do it, you will gain in mental consistency, in security. You will believe it and everything will be much easier. We are working on that in addition to trying to plug everyone, not losing anyone along the way because regardless of the minutes Who participates more or who participates less, this will be achieved if we are able to preserve who we really are, today a team with a phenomenal atmosphere. Hopefully that turn can be given allowing us to finish and achieve cruising speed and not stop."

Yago Iglesias also addressed the media on Friday. He about the lack of goals at his team and the winter window.  The following is a summary of the things he said.

Lack of goals: "Getting to the area is becoming more and more complicated and, in that regard, the team gives a very high level, but the revenue is not in line with what we do. It’s a matter of insisting. If with ten arrivals we aren’t able to score, then we will have to arrive fifteen or twenty times. We know of the ability of Primo, Brais, Juampa, Miki, Bicho, Antas... there is no doubt about it; you have to be calm.”

The debacle at Salamanca: “Eight games are remaining and that match already passed. We are 100% focused on the next game, the players are hopeful and counting the hours for Sunday.”

The absence of Primo: “Evidently the names will change, because when you are missing a player, you have to make changes, but surely it is a matter of changing one man for another one, though you can also make other changes searching for certain behaviors in a collective sense in order to surprise or trying to impose our idea.”

What do you expect at the Riazor? “I am expecting for a good game, and from there we will try to block their ideas or at least to delay it one more week, and then to impose our game.”

The winter window: "The club has a clear philosophy, which is the continuity of the people who put us in this league. It’s true that if something appears it will be looked at and we will see if it can be brought. Not that I’m not happy with what we have, I’m delighted and very proud of what the team does. It’s the players who do their job well, and they’re doing well. But we think that with a little more at this point we could be talking about other things."




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