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28 Jan 2021
After the disaster of Depor in recent weeks, president Fernando Vidal addressed the media on Wednesday. It was after the presentation of Raí. Depor’s boss say that Rolan will go out and blamed the muscle injuries for the crisis.

President Fernando Vidal addressed the media on Wednesday. It was after the presentation of Raí. Depor’s boss tried to chill the environment after the most recent results. He was blaming the injuries for the poor performance of the team, he openly admitted that Rolán must go out during the winter window, and even revealed some errors of the past board of administration. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

The situation of the club: “This is a very had moment for the club, when we took the club in January of 2020, we knew the mess was big, and we made the step seeing that nobody was willing to do it. We guessed right in several issues, the team broke the record of points at Segunda during the second round, but unfortunately we went down to Segunda B, which was a hard hit for everyone.”

Deportivo exist for the deal with ABANCA: “We started this season in a huge financial mess, the decrease in the incomes is large, but we made the step of searching a buyer and, I have been saying this for a while, without that step we wouldn’t have started to compete back in August.”

The cost of the first squad: “The money spent in the squad, without including the presence of Rolan, is 3.6 million euros. It isn’t the Real Madrid of Segunda B as someone said before, but I believe we have a team with quality”

Why the team isn’t matching the expectations? “Until January we had 33 muscle injuries at the squad, and it’s difficult to progress like that. You have players with quality like Keko at the squad, but he hasn’t competed since the game at Guijuelo. And we made five points in three games with him, and how many did we had since he is injured? Later the weight of the shirt, the other day it seemed that the shirt weighed 10 pounds. The players are dealing with a burden. It has been hard for the players to deal with the pressure. I didn’t enter the changing room on Sunday, because the players were having a private conversation. I was told it was an emotive speech. This is something the players must fix. . Is the team badly composed? I believe there are other factors. We made mistakes, but it’s normal.”

The long-term project: “Our model of the club is for the long term, and it will be based in the academy. There will be a renewal and it should be finished in the three or four months. We are content with the results of the academy. Deportivo was never a club based in the academy, now we need patience.”

The sins of the past administration: “Deportivo is like a kinder egg, because we find a surprise every day. La Liga reduced the TV incomes for 300,000 euros, this for the past season. We also found out that the last administration didn’t pay the electricity in Abegondo, it meant other 100,000 euros. Later the dismissals from the stage with Del Pozo, other 100,000 euros. The case of Ribera, who at some moment was reclaiming 100,000 euros for inability.” 

Response to the fans for the bad results: “I understand the criticism, I understand the hate. I am mad, the board is also mad. But right now, we can only try to end among the first tree places, and for that we must go out for the next game. Don't get in the top three? I don't even think about it. I can't have another thought. The team has to wake up once and for all.”

The transfer window and Rolán: We will work with the coach during the next days and determine if we can improve the squad. The intention is to allow the exit of Rolan, because we need to clean the economy and his wages are unpayable for the club. But yes, if we have departures, then we will have arrivals. The issues with Rolán isn’t necessary a transfer, it could be an extension of contract and later a loan spell. We are working to see if we will have more exits and what we can improve. Neither is easy as we are at the limit economically. I know the club is working in exits, and if we have exits then we will have arrivals. Maybe we won’t have more exits after the arrival of Raí. The coach has said that he is content with the team he has. That we have an exit for a need? Those are other circumstances. We are working in several positions.”

Criticism on Richard Barral: “Richard Barral is the director of football at the first team. When things don’t work out then it’s normal to hear criticism, but the board needs to have patience. The same with the coach. What happens is that this is a very short tournament. We will valorize the situation at the end of the league.” 




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