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16 Feb 2021
One of the best games of Depor in the season, just when the coach changed the half of the squad and put the youngest players to direct the offensive game. The team finally scored a goal in 2021.

1- The best game of the season? For many people the home game against Unionistas, despite ending in a goalless draw, was the best of Depor on the season, well this match should be considered as a serious candidate for that place. First to all, because Depor showed a consistent offensive approach that lasted for a long period of time and not for some minutes as it was common with Fernando Vázquez, later because it was able to create six clear chances to score, something unseen with the previous coach. Off course, they failed to materialize almost all the opportunities, but at least this is a step into the right direction.

2- The changes at the starting lineup: De La Barrera was ready to make six changes at the starting lineup, it ended in five changes as Miku got injured in the warming up and Lara stayed on the formation. The coach didn’t want to refer to it as a “revolution” and preferred to describe it as the right lineup for the game, but the true is that he was attempting to shake the squad after the poor rally of results, it’s the only explanation for the change at the goal and the unexpected rejuvenation of the attackers. The true is that the team changed its previous image and looked more dynamic.

3- The youth of the attackers: A very curious scenario with the starting formation. The exit of Miku left the coach with four of the six men at midfield and attack been U-25 players, so Depor passed from been a team with experience in attack (Miku, Beauvue and Rolán) to be another Segunda B team full of young players (Rai, Villares, Rayco and Lara). The result was that Depor was a more dynamic team, far from that passive and maddening team with long and unsuccessful ball possessions at midfield, now the players from the second line were searching to drill passes into the back of the defenders, and for that reason the team was able to create six goal opportunities. What was missed was a finisher capable of transforming those chances into goals.

4- Villares and Rayco: The two promoted players on deadline day had the chance to start for the first time, and both left a positive impression with some shades. Villares might pass unnoticed, but he has the potential of been really important. Depor have been full of midfielders like Álex, Agbo and Borges that make horizontal and irrelevant passes, while Villares breaks the lines with his vertical passes and offensive approach. His problem is his physical condition, because frequently he was losing the ball in individual duels with the rival. In the case of Rayco, he focus the attention for been more explosive moving across the attacking line, he definitely adds a new dimension to Depor’s game, but in this game he wasted three chances to score.

5- The entry of Keko Gontán: CD Guijuelo was giving problems at the start of the second half, but that was changed with the entry of Keko Gontán, who wasn’t fit enough to start the game. The Madrilenian winger started to perform as a playmaker, unleashing Villares on the right and from that modification Depor created three straight opportunities. Definitely, it was a good move by the coach.

6- Héctor Hernández This was only the fifth appearance of Héctor Hernández on the league season, he has been diminished by the injuries, but in this game he demonstrated that he could be important if he is fit to play. The left-back improves a lot the option of Salva Ruiz, been able to both attack and defend his sector, always fighting for the ball until the last second.

7- Borja Galán as a substitute: Borja Galán is demonstrating to be a better substitute than a starter. In the game at Coruxo FC, he played the last twenty-five minutes and was a direct participant in the three shots that hit the posts, now his presence was cut to eleven minutes, but still was important. This time defensively, he saved the equalizer in the best chance for CD Guijuelo, running ten meters to clear a ball at the far post (81’), later he was the only player trying to keep the ball instead of risking the possession, for this reason he provoked the fouls that ended with two of the three booked players at the rival’s team, including the red card of Kamal.

8- Breaking the spell: Finally, Deportivo scored its first goals in 2021. The Blanquiazul team finally cut the long spell of not scoring in the games. The goal of Lara in the first part left the drought in 538 minutes without goals in liga and 642 minutes in official matches.



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