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16 Feb 2021
The coach is aware that Depor wasted too many opportunities, but for him the most important thing was to break the negative dynamic and win the game. He didn’t want to describe the lineup as a revolution after the several changes that were made.

Coach Rubén De La Barrera was aware that his team needs to polish a lot of things, but for him the important thing was to break the spell and win the game, "We were playing a game in which the victory was the only valid outcome. Within the game, there were a lot of positive things, but at this height in the tournament, if you don't close the game, you end like this. We could have scored more than a goal, but it didn't happen. Fortunately, we were able to win a game that's vital.”

"The first victory should approach the second, and to score a goal should approach you to score more. We were forced to cut this dynamic, now we must try to seize the opportunities. At another time it would be part of the obligation we have. But as a result of the dynamics in which we were stuck, breaking it based on a victory was the most important thing." He added.

The Galician coach denied that the multiple changes at the starting lineup should be considered as a revolution, "I don't like to talk of revolutions. This wasn't a revolution, but to make decisions. Yes, we made changes, but only thinking of what could happen in this game. The most important thing was to achieve the victory. Then we should think of the forms. We shouldn't allow the rival to arrive to the last stage having the chance to comeback."
He clarified the seriousness of Miku’s injury, “The injury of Miku isn't serious, but we should wait for tomorrow's scans.” Then he talked about the presence of Lucho García at the goal, "About Lucho, the keeper is always considered as a special player, but for me he is only one more man. For this game I considered that Lucho was going to add a lot of things, and he did it. This doesn't mean that the game at Coruxo was the last one of Carlos Abad."

Eneko Bóveda said that Deportivo should feel proud of the victory despite the changes that were wasted, "If we have learned something this season is to value the victories, the scores. We will not be the only fools who don’t enjoy or celebrate the victories. We should not be ashamed to enjoy it and celebrate it. It is a process, of growing, but it’s all about winning. And we have won.”

“If someone has to valorize the game, and it’s usually done on the occasions you had, well we also won in that department. That we can be improve? Yes. That Depor can do better? Also. But of course, we are happy. This game only gives us three points, not fifteen at all. Well, we enjoy it. Tomorrow we will train again and little by little you get ready for the next game. But I do think it’s important to learn how to win, to learn how to win again, because when you don't win for a long time, it’s hard for you to imagine a scenario in which you win. The team can improve from this victory, but it will only be seen on next week." The right-back added.

At CD Guijuelo, coach Chuchi Jorqués left the game with a bittersweet taste in the mouth, “We did a great job, I'm super proud of them. I don't have much experience as a coach, but I have a spectacular and sensational group. I go with them to death. We have done what we have trained: be a pro-active team, go to press u front, we were making it difficult for Depor to get the ball from the back, we were well planted. In the end, what has happened during the season has happened now again. That minimal detail unbalances the game." 




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