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22 Feb 2021
Depor’s coach is aware that the promotion is fading away and also admitted that the team failed after conceding the goal.

 Coach Rubén De La Barrera was analyzing the game, "In the first half we had options to get ahead on the scoresheet. In the second half, we wanted to expand all that we had done in the last half hour of the first half. And the opposite happened. An isolated play in which they scored the goal, poorly defended from the first moment. From there it came between fifteen or twenty minutes where we weren’t present. The game ends with the feeling that you arrive, you put the ball into the area, you have a choice; but for twenty minutes we didn’t play. The goal clearly conditioned us. There were between twenty and twenty-five minutes in which the team wasn’t there.”

He wants to turn the page and focus the attention in the game against Pontevedra CF, "We must give our best, push the entire squad to focus on what's coming, Pontevedra, which is another option. We have to win, we have to compete and everything we do wrong we have to change it. We have to go, we have to win, we have to want to play, we have to go for the results. That’s the reality, and more so now."

The Galician coach was asked about taking the team in its worst moment in history, “I would do it again, a thousand times. The simple thing would be to be calm, wait for the season to pass. This is the club of my life, I want to fight and achieve what we want to do. The first objective has been very complicated, if not impossible, but I only think of Pontevedra. What we cannot do is to be off. If we do that, we screw it up and do nothing. It’s the day of Pontevedra.”

De La Barrera also accepts it’s almost impossible to end among the first three places, "It has been very complicated, not to say that this was the last bullet we had to qualify for the top three. We are dropping points in a moment in which we couldn’t concede anything. The world and life aren’t what you wanted. We came for everything, things have been complicated to such an extent that we cannot think about everything that has not been achieved until now. My job here is to prepare the team for the next game.”

Lucho García was feeling sorry for the defeat, "We are very screwed up. Everyone knows that we wanted to win, we have been working hard, with enthusiasm. We had four finals. We have lost this one, but we only have to go to Abegondo tomorrow in order to work, to do something different so that things turn out well for us. We don’t have to be ashamed. I have given everything on the field, I have been constantly talking with my teammates. Things haven’t turned out. “

At Racing Ferrol, Cristóbal Parralo was content with the performance of his team, “If we are all together and believe in what we do, we can achieve anything. I am very satisfied with the physical effort of the team, which also always kept its proposal, wanting the ball and playing our game. We have a fair reward, the victory and three very important points. We knew it was going to be a very level match, and for that reason we had to be ourselves, trying to pressure Depor up front and not lose the ball easily.”




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