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20 Mar 2021
Left-back Héctor Hernández conceded an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; he talked of the reaction of the team since the game Vs. Pontevedra CF and the chances of Depor regarding the promotion to Segunda.

Q: Do you see yourself against Zamora?
A: It’s the match of the first phase, so to speak. We all want to be in that game, apart from that the team is starting to work and we have hit the key that didn't work before.

Q: Did you imagine having possibilities as things were two weeks ago?
A: We left Ferrol a little affected and the match against Pontevedra was going to mark where we were going to be in the next matches. We managed to get the victory and against Celta the team showed the face it should have shown throughout the year. It was a matter of time before everything worked.

Q: Did everything change as a result of the match against Pontevedra?
A: It was them or us. There was no other way. It was heads or tails. It was head because we wanted it, it was not by chance.

Q: What is the key that was hit?
A: I would like to know and have fixed it before, but now it seems that the coach has found it and the team is working well. We are all taking advantage of it, both coaching staff and players.

Q: Was it necessary to insist more on football or on the emotional aspect?
A: It’s an accumulation of things, I don’t think it’s only football or mental. There were many things that were adding and carrying the backpack, in the end we carried a slab in each game and it has been shown that it was not in our favor. We have taken a bit of everything away and last weekend, against Celta B, there was a Deportivo that we all wanted to see.

Q: Has the team's mentality changed?
A: When we scored a goal we leaned back a bit, as a sign of defense protection. It was a bit because of all those things that happened to us, those handicaps and the fear of a dynamic in which the team wasn’t moving on. The other day we scored a goal and the team continued to push up; we scored the second and the team kept pressing up... until we scored the third.

Q: Was the ghost of a double demotion a big weight?
A: We have to be realistic, it hasn’t been a good year for us so far, but we knew that we had a lot inside, that things weren’t working out for us and that it was a matter of time. I have always said that this changing room is a family and we didn’t deserve the results we were having. Time is playing in our favor and I think we are still on time. If we manage to get third, we enter with a dynamic of three wins in the last three games that is very beneficial for the head. For a footballer, dynamics are important.

Q: How possible do you see qualifying for the promotion phase?
A: We have to beat Zamora and then see what happens. We are convinced that we are going to win and then what has to happen will happen. The first thing is to do our job.

Q: Would qualifying for the Primera RFEF, which would actually be like the permanence, represent a lesser evil?
A: Well, after how the year has gone... You comfort yourself as you want, but we are focused on the game against Zamora. Obviously, what we want is to play the promotion phase. After how the year has gone, we want to go through, it would be a positive thing. Qualifying for the next phase with three consecutive victories gives a lot of confidence to the team and the coach.

Q: A few weeks ago you said that it had been difficult for you to adapt to the league, when did you realize what Segunda B was?
A: I still think that everybody, the fans, managers, people from other teams... thought, as all of us who came here in Segunda Division B thought, that it was going to be a walk, that it was going to be 100 teams and Depor. What I came to say is that you have to play, that you have to go to difficult fields and that you don't just win with the badge and the jersey. When have we realized it? I think it has been difficult for everyone to assume it. Starting from there is where we have to start.

Did you lack humility?
A: Yes, it can be, by everyone. It’s also true that you hear statements from the teams you play against and they all say that Depor is a great team, good players ... It's all flattery, but you don't win with the shirt or the badge. You have to go out to compete and show that you are better. That’s what, until today, we haven’t been able to demonstrate with that superiority.

Q: Was the situation difficult to assimilate?
A: Sure it is, but we still have time. If we get through, watch out with Depor. Three games in a row winning, the pieces begin to fit together, the keys begin to sound good, the coach's work is noticeable... What we all want begins to be seen.

Q: With Rubén de la Barrera you have found a fixed place at the starting team that you didn’t have with Fernando Vázquez...
A: It is like this, I didn’t enjoy the confidence of Fernando, but nothing happens. Each coach has his tastes and preferences. I have nothing against Fernando, I spoke with him every day and I said goodbye to him. I only have good words towards him, because he taught me a lot. Football has this, you are a starter or a substitute, but above all you have to be a partner.

Q: Why did it take so long to start with De la Barrera?
A: The team had very different characteristics to those proposed by the new coach. Adapting to new ideas in such a short time is not easy. I'm talking about Depor in Segunda B as I could do with Madrid in Primera, it's not easy for anyone. It is clear that the better players you have, the easier it is, but from one day to the next you have to adapt to other ideas. Assimilate these concepts is not easy.

Q: Did you notice doubts in him when things didn't work out?
A: No. He has always said that he was not going to doubt, that he was going to be the same whether he loses, ties or wins. He’s a coach who is doing very well and we have to make the most of it, because he is getting good things out of us.

Q: However, it seems that the style of the team now doesn’t have much to do with what was expected of his reputation, which was combinative play, long ball possessions...
A: It’s that, in the end, a coach has to adapt to the players that he has. As a coach he has to know what is good for the team according to the characteristics of his players. He analyzed us from day one and has adapted to us.



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