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25 Mar 2021
Winger Borja Galán affirmed that Deportivo removed a big pressure after defeating Pontevedra CF; he now hopes that the combinations of results will occur in order to see the team reaching the first three places.

Despite Deportivo depend on others, Borja Galán is optimistic about the chances in the last matchday. And it’s that he admits that the team was in a mental hole, "When you come from seeing it so far away, now you see everything with a lot of optimism. If it were the other way around, I would say that oh my god we have screwed up, let's see if it happens. But when you come from such a bad streak, of being in the mud, and now you manage to get these games out when everything was desperation... to see yourself with options, you end up full of optimism and now we feel capable of anything. We have to win and I hope that football, which owes us one, will pay us this weekend.”

"The game against Pontevedra was very important. It was key. Perhaps we didn’t realize it at the time, but when we managed to win, we took off a pressure of many tons. We liberated ourselves knowing that the option of relegation was far away. In the game against Celta B, we played it freed and for the first time in the whole year we enjoyed the game. This week of break has served to recover people that were having issues, we were able to clean the head... a break is much more enjoyed when you come from a victory. I hope that, on Sunday, we will be see a Depor similar to the one that won in Barreiro.” He added.

But the ex-Fabril winger is aware that Zamora is going to be a tough rival on Sunday, “It’s going to make things very difficult for us. They already have their main objective and they may not have that tension of needing to get something out. If we put ourselves ahead, it will not be the same as if they came to risk everything. We have to put everything on the grill, so that it shows that we are the ones playing for a lot. It should be noticed that we are going with that extra demand.”

Borja Galán is also aware that Depor depend on other results in order to end among the first three places, "We have to worry about our result. Do our homework and add the three points. Then we will wait for results. Hopefully some will happen, but if unfortunately, it isn’t like that, then we must win the same to pass with the maximum number of points, because the competition continues.”



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