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28 Mar 2021
New defeat for Depor Ladies, this time the team played an acceptable game, but that’s insufficient with the team lying at the bottom of the standings.

Coach Manu Sánchez was having the casualty of Athenea Del Castillo, the attacker was suspended and her place at the starting formation was taken by Lady Andrade. Winger Carolina Arbeláez was the other player out of the game. The rest of the team was the same one presented in recent games.

The attitude of the players and the tactic of the coach cannot be criticized as Real Madrid had a hard time in order to add the three points, but the good feelings are now enough when a team is at the bottom of the standings and almost condemn to the relegation.

It was a solid first part by Depor Ladies, the team was putting a high pressure that dismantled the game of Real Madrid, later the gals had problems to create scoring opportunities, but at least they were the ones having the best chances to score.

The first big opportunity in the game was for Depor Ladies, Gaby released a cross from the left and Alba Merino headed the ball at the near post and it went over the crossbar (9’). Then Gaby was the one having the chance to score, but she was unable to define against Real Madrid’s goalie Misa (16’).

Meanwhile, Real Madrid were having some arrivals through long-distance shots. Their first big chance was a header of Jessica Martínez that was saved by Esther Sullastres (19’). The game was balanced for the last fifteen minutes in the first part, Real Madrid had more presence in attack, but their best arrivals through Jakobsson (41’) and Keri (43’) was cleared by the defence.

All the good work made in the first half went down when Real Madrid scored early in the second part. Marta Cardona managed to connect with the heel a cross from the left, her effort turned into a crossed shot with the ball entering at the far post.

Since that moment the game became an uphill for Depor Ladies. Real Madrid had now the advantage and was no longer feeling uncomfortable on the pitch. The locals were now the ones pressed to attack and they simply lacked ideas and quality to create scoring opportunities.

Michelle Romero entered for Lady Andrade, but the wanted equalizer never came; actually what Depor Ladies found was the second goal from Real Madrid. It was scored by Sofia Jakobsson after collecting a pass inside the area and resolve in the one-on-one against Sullastres.

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Sullastres – Cris, Iris, Blanco, Villegas – Eva Dios, Alba Merino, Ainoa – Lady Andrade (Michelle Romero 74’), Peke, Gaby.
Real Madrid: (4-4-2) Misa – Oroz, Ivana Andrés, Peter, Claudia Florentino – Jakobsson (Navarro 90+1’), Tere Abelleira (Thaisa 84’), Kaci, Cardona – Marta Corredera (Asllani 84’), Jessica Martínez (Olga Carmona 46’).
Goals: 0-1: (52’) Marta Cardona, 0-2: (83’) Jakobsson
Referee: Verónica González Sánchez. She showed yellow card to Alba Merino (35’), Marta Corredera (79’) & Ainoa (80’)
Venue: Abegondo





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