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06 Apr 2021
Deportivo’s coach valued the fact that Deportivo earned the three points despite the problems faced throughout the game. Marino’s coach was disappointed with the call of the penalty.

Coach Rubén De La Barrera admitted that the game was tough for Deportivo, “It was the most different game of all until now. A rival that defends, defends the inside game, many players there, you hardly were finding any spaces and it forces you to go elsewhere. I was not afraid, but it generated some doubts if we were going to be able to achieve imbalance.”

But the Galician coach wasn’t disappointed; instead he was feeling proud as his team found the way to resolve the game, "The fact the game wasn’t in favor since the start, we had to work things out. In that sense we have earned maturity, we always tried to do many things, this in order to generate imbalances, but it was a game that had to be worked. And this kind of rivals are complicated. Nobody here gives anything away."

"I valorize this victory very much. Each game is different, especially this one. I am convinced that Marino in this second phase is going to give a lot of war, because it seems to me a very well-trained team and it has players that we cannot forget are good. We have a small number of games and the objective is to try to get the three points in each one of them. We know that we have to do things very well for that to happen. It seems that Marino or Langreo will only fight during the home games and that doesn’t fit reality. It seems to me that these two teams can aspire for the same things than us.” He added.

De La Barrera also confirmed that Borja Granero suffered a hip problem, “The issue with Derik [Osede] was a problem for everyone, then I hope the issue with Borja [Granero] is nothing, it doesn’t look serious, at least from the beginning.”

Miku scored his fourth goal on the season and he was satisfied with the attitude of the team, “On a mental level, the week has been difficult after the disappointment and the coach was very incisive, he didn’t want people to disconnect, that we couldn’t wake up late as we did in the first phase. In that sense, Álex has been fundamental in helping us not to unplug.”

“Álex spoke with the youngest during the week and also on the field, he tries to act as assistant coach, and that is to be appreciated. And with his history and trajectory, here he is 100% committed. Because of the badge that we represent and the city, the teams have been trying to play more closely, these games cost us a lot during the season, but today we got something.” The Venezuelan striker added.

At Marino Luanco, coach Manel said that he was satisfied with his team despite the outcome, “It was what we expected, Depor would be the protagonist with the ball, and we would be playing delayed, pressing them up. In the end Depor end up putting you behind, but I think we were pretty good. We came out to play here at the Riazor and against Deportivo, and that imposes. But the lads did a great job. Little by little they were recomposed. We had the clearest chances in the first half. If he had scored, things would change. In the second we had another very clear chance as soon as we started. Depor were gaining ground and creating chances, but it's a shame that you lose due to a penalty that I don't know if it's fair or unfair. From what they told me it was doubtful, but the referee decides.” 




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