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11 Apr 2021
Depor’s coach wants to see a strong mentality in his team, while Langreo’s manager is convinced that his players are highly motivated for the meeting.

Rubén De La Barrera addressed the media on Friday. He was resting importance to the conditions of the pitch, but he emphasized that Depor need a strong mentality in order to face the game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The pitch: "The dimensions are good. It’s wide. We aren’t going to play in a matchbox not at all. But when you go to a place like this, and more in an artificial grass, it seems that everything is much more than it really is, each throw-in, every free-kick... The issue of how the ball bounces and other issues must be felt and lived with even greater precaution, because it will generate seconds and secondary plays in which we must prevent things from happening that we don’t want to happen.”

UP Langreo: "They have good players. The started very well in the first phase. In fact, it allowed them to be the leaders. It’s a team that dares to do things, I think they have football and at the same time they are intense and aggressive. They will come looking for us regardless that, as time goes by, on our own merits, we manage to sink them and make them defend more delayed. I expect a difficult game, different from the one against Marino."

Not thinking of the situation at the standings: "I don’t want calculations. It’s our turn to play in Langreo on Sunday and we have to win the match regardless of whether there is a Numancia-Racing CD or not, only that in case of victory we should benefit. The objective is to win each and every one of the matches in this phase."

Mentality of the squad: "We need the mental predisposition that’s necessary in these types of games. And that’s the difference when a team of the so-called important ones goes to this type of place and how you predispose yourself before everything happens: if you want to compete or not, if you feel like it or not to leave what you have to leave in order to win a game. Let's not laugh at having to go to face a game like the one we are going to face. Because if that is the case, then we will lose for sure. I have it very clear. You don’t lose because you go to play on an artificial grass field, but because your mental predisposition is not optimal. And if that happens, then we will lose for sure. And if that doesn’t happen, we will pretend that the team is connected since we started the trip, like thinking this we are going to have a good chance of winning the game. "

Failing in set-pieces: “In terms of possibilities, the numbers have increased. But it’s true that in efficacy, no. We haven’t been able to score. On Sunday we will play that mental plane again, it’s a field with good dimensions and wide.”

Will you make changes at the lineup? “There are situations related to space, time, the bouncing of the ball, that frame of time will probably be reduced and it forces us to opt for specific people. It forces you to be connected, tucked in. You have to be prepared, anticipate all of this, because the trajectories or the bounces can condition each of the players, especially having the ball.”

Borja Galán: “It happened in a concrete action in a training session. He was hit in the Achilles muscle and got hurt. For the moment the only thing we can say it’s that it will be complicated to have him available for the weekend.”

Nacho González isn’t playing: “About Nacho and his mentality, what his day to day mentality produces me is admiration. That a person arrives with a smile and a total and absolute predisposition, that he trains as he does and squeezes the companions makes me feel that admiration. Hopefully moments can appear for these types of players in order to have a presence.”

Salva Ruiz or Héctor Hernández? “We look at every aspect and later we make the decision. In some moments the decision is right or not, it depends on the result and other issues. We still have tomorrow’s session and let’s see who we put there.”

Ángel Rodríguez addressed the media on Friday. He is expecting to see a team capable of playing one-on-one against Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The fight for the top places it’s a matter of three: “Yes. The normal thing is that those three will fight for that objective. These are teams called to have achieved it before, and they haven’t. But I also say that if they fall asleep... We and Marino Luanco can add enough points at home from any opponent. The normal thing is that Depor plus another team will be there. Who is the other? Well, the one who does it best between Racing Ferrol and Numancia would be the logical thing, because they start with an advantage. But there are five games left, there is still a lot left. Let's see what happens. If we are able to add three points on this matchday, maybe we are getting closer to a goal that, at first, seemed very far away and that can be brought closer.”

Expecting for a hard Depor: “I hope for a fierce rival, a rival that plays football well as it has done for a long time this season, a happy opponent, a team that always wants to be a ball keeper and, above all, who looks at any team without fear, no matter how big it is.”

Will the artificial grass be a handicap in this game? “It’s exactly the same handicap as when we went outside and found the natural grass. It’s a surface on which they will surely find themselves uncomfortable, but it happens to us in every game when we go out because we train every day in synthetic grass. We don’t step on natural grass, only when we play outside home.”

Surprised to see Depor out of the race for promotion: “Today I understand that there are teams that had a goal set and haven’t achieved it, and Depor are surely one of them. It’s such a complicated and complex league that, if you don’t position yourself well at the top places and are a bit irregular, as it has been so short, so different from other years, in the end it causes serious consequences.”

Expected game by Langreo: “We have played here against important rivals such as Burgos, Valladolid B or Cultural Leonesa, and we have played them one-on-one, we have taken the ball from them and we had them at times locked at their field and were playing good football. I hope it’s our trend, at least to try and be an ambitious team, not at all fearful, regardless of the rival. We are both going to be interested in the same thing, that most of the match can take place in the opposite field, that no mistakes are made and be effective in front of the goal, which is costing us. Both Rubén De La Barrera and I expect a very similar match.”

Are your players motivated to play against Depor? “When you face important teams the hope is greater. This is so. It isn’t the same to face Depor than another lesser team. These are games that all the boys like to play, they all want to be available. This happens to us with Depor and it would happen to Depor if they have to face Madrid tomorrow in Copa. The players are going to be eager to enter the starting eleven, that’s evident.” 




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