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12 Apr 2021
Expensive defeat for a Deportivo that lacked ambition. The rival was never better and their virtue was to seize their main opportunity. De La Barrera sought for the game only after been in disadvantage and the best opportunity came in the added time.

Coach Rubén De La Barrera opted to play with Héctor Hernández and Rayco Rodriguez covering the left side of the pitch, the rest of the starting formation was the expected 4-3-3 draw.

Lucho García covered the goal, Eneko Bóveda performed at the right side of the defence, Héctor Hernández played on the left, while the central positions were for Mujaid Sadick and Borja Granero. Álex Bergantiños, Uche Agbo and Diego Villares performed at midfield, Keko Gontán attacked from the right wing, Rayco did it from the left and Miku was the centre forward.

At UP Langreo, coach Ángel Rodríguez just made changes at the sides in defence of his 4-3-3 expected formation. Miguel Santos was playing on the right and Chus Puras on the left. The trident in attack was composed by David Iglesias, Allyson Santos and Kalvin Ketu.

Grey first half. Deportivo looked sharp at the start, but later UP Langreo started to play on long throws and were winning each time the ball was bouncing on the artificial grass. Only a few opportunities to score and little football.

The first chance in the game was for Depor. Uche Agbo stole the ball at the edge of the area and assisted Keko Gontán, who fired a shot that hit a rival (3’). The Galicians were well placed on the pitch, which allowed them to win the aerial duels and even to create some problems to the defenders as they were pressing the output of the ball.

The first big chance in the game came at minute 12, and it was for Deportivo. Keko Gontán made the play on the right and drilled a pass into the path of Diego Villares, who sent the ball over the crossbar firing from the edge of the area.

With the passage of the minutes the game became boring. Depor had the ball possession, but it didn’t have clarity in attack. UP Langreo were holding on and waiting at their side of the pitch and released a couple of counterattacks without consequences. At least they balanced the game thanks to be winning the ball in secondary plays and taking advantage of their best knowledge of the pitch conditions.

The first chance to score for UP Langreo came at minute 28 and it came after the longest ball possession for the locals. Álvaro Muñiz got the ball at the edge of the area, his low shot hit the ground and passed close to the far post of Lucho García.

At minute 31, an error by Álex allowed a penetration by the left wing that ended with a blocked shot by Allyson and a couple of failed clearances that UP Langreo didn’t seize. Nothing more occurred within the last fifteen minutes in the first part.

The game continued to be colorless. Depor lacked ambition and had things under control, though never pushed for the goal. And it was only after UP Langreo scored that De La Barrera made drastic changes, but it was too late.

The second part had a discrete start. Deportivo only worked when Keko Gontán was guiding the attack. At the same time, the Galicians were having the same problems of the first half trying to get the ball after the long throws from Langreo.

Depor had the ball, but lacked ambition and UP Langreo were looking more dangerous. At minute 56, Allyson Santos got the ball in a counterattack, he didn’t connect the ball properly, but his attempt passed close to the far post. Then De La Barrera made the first substitution and Rai replaced Rayco.

Miku should have scored at minute 61. Bóveda made a heal pass, the Venezuelan dribbled Gonzalo de la Fuente and his attempt passed close to the far post. Depor had more fluency in this second part, but it wasn’t enough to increase the presence at the rival’s area.

And UP Langreo were going to score the lonely goal in the game. A high cross from Chus Puras was poorly cleared by Borja Granero, then Kalvin Ketu drilled the ball into the box and Álvaro Muñiz pushed the ball in from close range.

The goal broke the streak of Depor without allowing goals.  De La Barrera made late changes with Lara, Beauvue and Borges replacing Álex Bergantiños, Uche Agbo and Bóveda. But Depor were desperate and, despite having a couple of opportunities, it was too late.

Beauvue had an attempt with a volley collected by Adrián Torre (86’), one minute later a new mistake by Borja Granero almost cost a goal, it allowed a cross from the left and Ketu completed a shot on target that Lucho García cleared over the crossbar. And the game ended with a clear chance for Mujaid, who released a volley from the left corner of the area with the ball passing close to the far post (90+3’).

Deportivo paid a high price for its lack of ambition. It had the game under control, but never pushed with conviction for the victory. And it was only after UP Langreo scored that the coach changed the scheme, but it was too late to rescue anything.

Depor remain at the top of the standings, but now the advantage over the third place is reduced to two points. The next game is against CD Numancia at the Riazor (Sunday, 19h00 CET), a rival that’s currently the runners-up.

Langreo: (4-3-3) Adrián Torre – Miguel Santos, Alaín, Gonzalo, Chus Puras – Jorge Hernández (Adrián Llano 73’), Marenyá, Álvaro Muñiz (Álvaro Gómez 88’) - David Iglesias, Allyson, Ketu (Ljungberg 88’).
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Lucho García – Bóveda (Lara 80’), Mujaid, Borja Granero, Héctor Hernández – Villares, Álex Bergantiños (Borges 80’), Uche Agbo (Beauvue 80’) – Keko Gontán, Miku, Rayco (Rai 58’).
Goal: 1-0: (77’) Álvaro Muñiz
Referee: Alberto Fuente Martín. He showed yellow card to Rayco (36’) & Álex Bergantiños (58’)
Venue: Nuevo Ganzábal stadium



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