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13 Apr 2021
A team without ambition and suffering from lack of punch is destined to lose, and thatís what happened to Deportivo after losing its streak without allowing goals.

1-Playing for the draw, destined to lose: The coach admitted that his team was trying to avoid certain behaviors from the rival and that everything fell down after allowing the goal, thatís the acceptance that Depor went out for the draw and, with the problems shown by this team throughout the season, itís a dangerous game in which Depor normally has normally ended paying a high price in the form of defeat. Itís a lack of ambition that can explain the flat game of the team and also why the coach changed the draw making three substitutions until the goal arrived. A team like Deportivo, with the resources spent in this league, cannot use this poor argument as a strength in the quest for the highest goal.

2- Lacking punch: The victories over Celta B (0-3) and Zamora CF (2-0) opened the window for hope, because Deportivo was a team with big problems to score goals, and those wins could be the indication that things were improving. But Depor returned to the same path within the las two games, from a narrow win over Marino Luanco to a defeat in which the Galicians had two clear chances to take the lead through Villares (12í) and Miku (61í). A team like Depor cannot miss those chances, because later it ends paying the price.

3- The failure of the initial lineup: De La Barrera tried something new with the appearance of Rayco as a starter leaving Rai on the bench, maybe the fact the ex-Fabril had more experience playing on artificial grass. Whatever it was, it didnít work. Rayco had a por game, barely plugged into the offensive moves and was replaced early in the second half. The coach also allowed the appearance of Hťctor HernŠndez, probably because he is better than Salva Ruiz at the moment of releasing crosses. It didnít work as Depor was a disaster in set-pieces and crosses.

4- Bad game by Villares and Ńlex: The grey performance of Depor had its base in the poor game of Villares and Ńlex BergantiŮos. Villares looked imprecise in short passes, while the captain never found its place on the pitch. And that taking in mind that UP Langreo didnít put a continuous high pressure. Meanwhile Uche Agbo was as slow as in past games, he only appeared at the start of the game to steal a ball that wasnít seized by Keko (3í). Later he looked at half speed, to the point of been losing the ball in situations in which he was the one having the advantage.

5- Breaking the streak: This is the first goal allowed by Deportivo after the one that cost the defeat against Racing Ferrol (February 20) in a similar game to this one. It means Depor spent 479 minutes without allowing goals, the highest mark on the season.



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