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13 Apr 2021
Depor’s coach was saying that his team was trying to prevent things from happening, and that it won the team that seized its opportunity. Héctor believes Depor deserved a point.

Rubén De La Barrera was commenting what his team was trying to do in the game, "We have prevented things from happening and from there we have had two clear chances to score. In the only approach they had, in the second half, they claimed the lead. And everything that followed was a consequence of that. Little by little. we imposed ourselves and curiously, in the second half, before Miku's clear chance happened, I think we were eating more ground. Finally, the goal blew everything but especially for how the match ended.”

"We ended the game with chances, but that was the result of their goal. In this type of game, the team that achieves the first advantage has a lot to win. Still, we try to turn it around. And that control that we had without the ball didn’t work to prevent that action they had in the second half. From there, what we wanted was that goal that would allow us to at least add one point. " He added.

The result breaks the positive streak of Deportivo, but the Galician coach was saying that this stage won’t be solved soon, "Before this begins, everyone thinks that it’s solved on the fast track. The team has to be prepared to solve it on the fast track and if it doesn’t go so fast, then we must be prepared for the long term. And that happens by competing and adding the major number of points, so we don’t have to reach the last days competing for that place in the Pro. We continue to depend on us. Today we had a very important opportunity. The victory would allow us things. What we have to do is react after the result that we didn't achieve."

De La Barrera also said that the defeat doesn’t change the way to face the next game against CD Numancia, "It was very important, but it would also be important if another result would have happened on here. In the event of a draw or our victory here, the game against Numancia would be very important to achieve something else more quickly. Now we face Numancia. It’s going to be a tough and competed match for sure where you have to do it well to win it. You have to get up and prepare what comes next."

Héctor Hernández was commenting the game, "It has been a pity. They have hardly disturbed our area. It’s true that after they scored, they had a chance that was saved by Lucho. Otherwise, the game was controlled. We had several occasions, we didn’t materialize any of them and in the end we leave with that bittersweet feeling of not taking at least one point from this field. Miku in the second half had another opportunity. It was saw that the game was ugly, there weren’t too many chances. A shame in the end for the result." 




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