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19 Apr 2021
Suffered victory for Deportivo. The Galicians didn’t play a good game, but they added the three points thanks to two set-pieces.

Coach Rubén De La Barrera made two modifications to the expected formation. Celso Borges returned and claimed the spot of Uche Agbo, while José Lara was the chosen one over Rai Nascimento in the offensive trident.

Lucho García covered the goal, Eneko Bóveda performed at the right side of the defence, Héctor Hernández played on the left, while the central positions were for Mujaid Sadick and Borja Granero. Álex Bergantiños, Borges and Diego Villares performed at midfield, Keko Gontán attacked from the right wing, Lara did it from the left and Miku was the centre forward.

At CD Numancia, coach José Huerta allowed Fran Manzanara to perform at midfield after been isolated with COVID-19. Asier Benito, Juan Carlos Menudo, Moha Sanhaji and Jesús Tamayo were the references in attack.

It was an entertaining first part, because both sides displayed their offensive game and enjoyed opportunities. But Depor suffered due to its inaccuracies at midfield, the locals weren’t attacking and later allowed CD Numancia to step into their area having some advantages. Still, the Galicians managed to take the lead thanks to a set-piece.

The game started with a corner-kick for CD Numancia, and their first attempt was a header of Menudo that missed the target (2’). Depor started to have the ball possession, while CD Numancia were having fluency in quick counterattacks.

The first clear chance in the game was for Depor. Villares collected a pass at the edge of the area and his curved shot passed close to the far post (6’). CD Numancia were having fluency through their trident at midfield (Tamayo, Menudo and Moha). Depor were too slow in the offensive transitions, and only looked dangerous when Keko Gontán got the ball at the right wing.

At the middle of the first half, Miku started to give problems to the centre-backs due to his movements. And Depor found the goal in a set-piece, precisely the weak point of CD Numancia. It was a corner-kick at the left side, the combination Keko-Héctor Hernández assisted Lara, who released a precise cross from the edge of the area, it went directly into the path of Celso Borges, who crossed keeper Ximo Miralles with a great header.

CD Numancia could have scored the equalizer at minute 26, Asier Benito got the ball at the left side of the area after a distraction by Mujaid and his crossed shot passed close to the far post. The visiting side started to push for the equalizer and Depor continued to have presence in attack, therefore the game was entertaining.

The problem for Deportivo was the big number of losses at midfield, from there CD Numancia were releasing quick attacks that the defence was barely containing. At minute 35, one of those losses almost end in a goal, but the low cross of Diego Aguire couldn’t be found by Moha at the far post. Depor equaled the pressure for the final ten minutes, and the locals even had a couple of approximations without consequences.

The final part saw a Deportivo that was more in control as it wasn’t losing the ball at midfield, but the equalizer arrived and later the Galicians found a weird penalty that mean three points.

At minute 47, Álex assisted Keko when the winger was entering the area by the right corner, it was a good chance to score, but the referee whistled a doubtful offside. Two minutes later Miku connected the ball after a cross of Keko, Ximo made the save and the referee whistled offside again.

Depor were more organized in the second part, the losses at midfield were no longer taking place, but the equalizer of CD Numancia came when the locals were looking more solid. It was a cross of Tamayo in a quick counterattack that found Asier Benito alone enough at the area to head the ball without problems.

The visiting goal ended the streak of five straight games without conceding goals at the Riazor. Rai replaced Lara, but Deportivo continued to suffer the attacks of CD Numancia, mainly with the penetrations by Diego Aguirre.

Since the result was very important for the aspirations of both teams, the game turned to be dramatic. Depor were having problems to attack and Numancia were looking better, the problem for the visiting side was that they weren’t having opportunities.

And suddenly Depor found the second goal in a weird penalty. A cross from Héctor Hernández was cleared by Asier Benito at the box, unluckily the ball went into the arm of Lillo and the referee whistled the penalty. And Miku scored the winning goal from the spot drilling the ball into the far post.

 The referee was criticized by both sides. Throughout the game he whistled doubtful offsides against Depor, and within the final twenty minutes, the side that criticized the referee was CD Numancia. First for the penalty, and later for the red card saw by Borja López.

The red card occurred after the visiting side lost the ball in defensive positions, Keko was entering the area and the foul was clear almost at the line, the problem was that it was Antonio Cotán the one that committed the foul and not Borja López. The referee consulted his assistants, but the decision stayed.

The resulting free-kick ended with a shot of Borges that was saved by Ximo Miralles (79’). The keeper was dragging a muscle problem and was replaced. Keko Gontán and Borges were also replaced. Uche Agbo and Rayco entered as De La Barrera was trying to have more control at midfield and also more speed.

The game was frantic within the last ten minutes as Depor tried to protect the valuable victory. CD Numancia tried to push, but they didn’t have opportunities. Actually, Deportivo were closer to score thanks to two shots of Rai that missed the target.  At minute 85, the Brazilian winger got the ball after a corner-kick for the visiting side and ran 50 meters, but he missed the target from inside the area. And in the added time, his powerful shot from outside the area went close to the far post (90+5’).

CD Numancia gave a lot of problems. Depor claimed the advantage in the first part, but had losses at midfield that almost cost a goal. The equalizer came in the second part and Miku scored from the spot in a weird penalty action.

The victory leaves Depor at the top of the standings in the subgroup, now having a four-point lead with only three games to go. The next game is the visit to Marino Luanco (Sunday, 17h00 CET). A victory combined with a defeat of CD Numancia would certify the permanence at the third tier.

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Lucho García – Bóveda, Mujaid, Borja Granero, Héctor Hernández– Villares, Álex Bergantiños, Borges (Uche Agbo 80’) – Keko Gontán (Rayco 80’), Miku, Lara (Rai 55’).
Numancia: (4-2-3-1) Ximo (Jara 79’) - Lillo, Borja López, David Castro, Diego Aguirre – Cotán, Manzanara – Tamayo (Jose Fran 79’), Menudo, Moha (Del Campo 84’) – Asier Benito (Gabarre 79’).
Goals: 1-0: (22’) Borges, 1-1: (54’) Asier Benito, 2-1: (72’) Miku (penalty)
Referee: Sergio Pérez Muley. He showed yellow cardo to Diego Aguirre (42’), David Castro (43’) & Borja Granero (57’). Borja López was sent off with a direct red card (76’)
Venue: Riazor (1,000)



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