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22 Apr 2021
Defender Borja Granero is happy at Deportivo. The center-back warns that Marino Luanco will be a tough rival despite they are no longer playing for the permanence.

Borja Granero addressed the media on Wednesday. He was talking of the problems faced during the away games on this season, “It’s a point to improve. The teams that have been up there have had good numbers at home and also on the road. It has cost us and at this time that the team has grown and continues to grow, it’s a thorn that must be removed.”

The centre-back was resting importance to the fact that Marino Luanco is no longer playing for something, “They don't play anything, but I don't know of any team that doesn't go out onto the field not to win a game. The key will be in us. Overcome difficulties, take that little step outside home, we haven’t found that regularity. It’s a difficult game even if nothing is at stake for them. They surely want to defeat us. Being Deportivo carries these things. The rival's motivation is at the top, they always want to defeat us and we have to play with that, knowing what game we play, it’s the game of the year for the rival. And you have to know how to carry with it.”

He neither thinks that the visit to Miramar, a stadium with smaller conditions than the Riazor, should conditionate the moment of the team, “It cannot be the aspect on which the preparation of the game is focused. The good teams in Segunda B have tough visits and have to win games. We have to do the same. It can't be that all the work on this week will be focused in whether the field is going to be like this or like that. We focus on the small battles within the game and face it at the maximum competitive level.”

Then Granero was asked if the season has been too long for the team, and he responded that, "Not for me. I would like to play forty games every year. It's what I like to do. I want to achieve the goal, but that happens by playing and winning. If you don't play, it's a bad sign."

About his satisfaction with his performance, the defender said that, “On a personal level, you will give me the note. I came to work, to add, to get involved in a project that continues to be very exciting for me. I am happy. I tried to help the two coaches that we have had, and I was lucky to play with both of them. I have adapted well. I am feeling comfortable, both for me and for my family, the reception was good. I didn't like not getting into the fight for promotion, but we have to keep working.”

Finally, Borja Granero said that he is willing to continue on next season, “When you sign a three-year contract, it speaks enough about your intention. The club hasn't told me anything because we talked a few months ago and that's why I'm here. I joined the project and chose this option because this is Depor, it isn’t just any club. There's nothing more to speak of.”



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