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23 Apr 2021
Keko Gontán is frustrated with how Depor failed to achieve the promotion and isn’t sure if he is going to continue at Depor on next season.

Keko Gontán addressed the media on Thursday. He was admitting the frustration at the team after failing to qualify for the promotion round, "The taste is very bitter. All of us who got involved in the project had the objective of being, in a few months, doing the pre-season for Segunda Division. We didn’t achieve it and the aftertaste is bitter. But now there is another very important objective and we all fight for it.”

“It’s annoying to see that we had a certain stability, balance, a sense in the game and that because of how the format is, that we aren’t going to excuse ourselves, or because we have arrived late, we cannot achieve the objective. It’s a bit of pity or anger that we have arrived a little late." He added.

About the game with Marino Lunaco, the winger said that, “We face the game against Marino with great enthusiasm. The changing room wants to achieve the objective of this second phase, to get that place in the Pro. It’s difficult that it could happen mathematically even if we win on Sunday, but it would be to put a foot and a half on it.”

"They are not going to be on vacation even if they don't have a choice right now. Deportivo is going to play there and it is a hope for them, especially in this league. The field is not going to be in the best conditions, and at the Riazor, they already gave us a difficult game They were well placed, and we expect the same type of match on a field with more difficulty. You have to be attentive to the little details." The Madrilenian player added.

He was also commenting on the fact that Depor scored twice in set-pieces against CD Numancia, "It took us 21 matchdays, because I was the one who got the set-pieces [he laughed]. It’s true that when you work something, and set-pieces are worked every week, and it takes so long to get something, it gives a bit of stress and anxiety. But we were calm, because in most matches we were ending the plays. It was a matter of time. We finished the plays against Marino, we finished in Vigo, against Zamora… we had options."

Finally, Keko Gontán talked of the uncertainty of his future, "To this day I have not reflected on that, because the goal is not yet there. I still have three years of contract, I feel at home here. However, I don’t even know if the club is clear about next year's project. None of us have been able to sit down. and talk of what each one thinks faces to face."



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