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29 Apr 2021
Winger José Lara is convinced that Deportivo will succeed on Sunday, mainly because the team has the experience and the calm to face the current situation.

José Lara addressed the media on Wednesday. He was denying that the team is feeling the pressure before Sunday’s important game Vs. UP Langreo, "There is no nervousness. There’s responsibility to secure the place as soon as possible. But if it isn’t on this weekend, it will be against Numancia. The team knows the responsibility it has, but that should not lead us to despair. All rivals would sign to be in our situation".

"Why? Because the team has responded well before to these situations. This season we have seen ourselves on this same scenario several times and I fully trust the attitude of each of my teammates in these games. It is what has made us get out of these situations.” He added.

The winger is candidate to be a starter as Keko is injured. He is aware of the responsibility, “I've always said it: I speak from a personal point of view, but my role this year here is different from what I had in the previous club that I was. I have noticed that demand, and the present moment doesn’t have to lead us to a moment of despair or nerves.”

Finally, Lara was welcoming the fact that the Riazor will host 5,000 spectators for the game, "That increase, especially with the fans that this club has, is important. It’s the essence of football and it will always be positive that there are more and more people. It has been noticed this year at home and on the road, football changes completely when there are people and when you don’t have it. It’s important to feel that heat and even the referee's decisions have changed because of that.”



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