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07 May 2021
Captain Álex Bergantiños listed the countless problems that Deportivo had on this season as he valorized the season. The 35-year-old veteran said that his intention is to play for at least one more year.

Álex Bergantiños addressed the media after securing the permanence with Deportivo. He was valorizing the season, “Well, it was very tough for everything. In the end, it’s clear that I would unite this season with the previous one, the year in Segunda with a whole lap without winning. Then the pandemic issue, the break, the problems that it meant for the players, for me as captain, with the issue at the AFE, the Fuenlabrada’s case... I would unite it with this. An unpredictable year, breaks, empty stadiums, a format that we aren’t used to, a league with 102 teams... demanding, difficult to carry, but as I said, I tried to minimize damage as much as possible, knowing that the objective was another, but we have saved a situation that was critical, that has taken many projects forward. I am relieved that this year is ending and seeing normality at the Riazor with people, a normal competition and that Depor can return to professional football as soon as possible. “

He is convinced that Rubén De La Barrera should continue training Deportivo, “Rubén is a perfectly prepared person, he has already shown it. He knows the league, he has already clinched a promotion with Cultural. He is well prepared, but it doesn’t depend on me.”

Depor’s captain was also taking of his continuity at the club, “I have enough to play for at least one more year, I feel good. As long as I feel useful, and in a position to contribute, what we players enjoy is competing and playing games. This year I have played a lot, the body will say later, but with enthusiasm after the long break, to face a new year with exciting challenges.”

He admitted that it will be perfect to retire with a promotion inside the pocket, "Of course. Each year are different challenges. I have experienced wonderful things at Primera Division with Depor and my challenge now is to leave it as high as possible. If it can be in professional football, I would go out content. You have to go little by little, football is present. Now we have to rest, it will b a new squad and try to get Depor up as soon as possible.”

About the project that Depor want to build up, based in the academy, Álex said that, “It’s very difficult to play fortune teller. There will be movements, there will be a lower budget, as it’s normal and logically there are still things related to how many sub-23 spots will be necessary, how the competition is going to be... They are waiting for the 40 teams of the new league to be closed and establish some bases. Very difficult to establish speculations. Hopefully there are as many people as possible from the academy who can contribute, who arrive with level and with enthusiasm. But here there will be a lot of demand, it will be required to be at the top and fight for promotion. It’s important to get it right and whoever comes he should offer the needed level.”

Finally, Bergantiños talked of the game with Numancia. If Depor want to take part of the next Copa Del Rey, it must keep the first place in the subgroup, “We have had two days to disconnect and now we all want to leave with a good taste in our mouths, keeping the good level in this phase of the competition. And there is the hypothetical attraction of the Copa, which I don’t know if it’s fully decided. It would be nice for everyone to compete there again, it’s a source of motivation for the Segunda B clubs. If this is really the case and that place gives access, we will play the game and also for the integrity of the competition. Last year we lost at home to Extremadura, which was already demoted. We have to go to Soria to give our best version, to play our best game, knowing that they have an important objective, and that Racing Ferrol is also involved. You have to be fair to the competition.”



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