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12 Dec 2005
The players admitted that the team suffered a lot in order to achieve the victory, but they are also satisfied since the three points are letting Depor to occupy a European spot. Caparr??s and Valer??n showed his support to Trist??n for the whistles that he hear during the second half.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is satisfied with the effort of his men and specially with the three points achieved: "We surpassed the difficulties and the first chances that C??diz enjoyed, they suffered two early exits for injury reasons and we locked them up in their area. Their goalkeeper made a good job and later we scored the wining goal. We are happy with the effort done by the players and with the three points gained, nobody can take those points away from us."

The Sevillan coach had also some words about the conflict between Trist??n and some part of the public at Riazor: "Diego is a marksman and he could fail a lot but he insist. That's a thing to be considered. We are happy with his work and it's time to let him continue. He knows that the coaches and the rest of the players trust in him." Caparr??s also anticipated the derby against Celta: "This kind of matches are a motivation for me and it's a new experience. It must be an spectacle."

Juan Carlos Valer??n accepted that the squad had several troubles with C??diz, but he emphasised the importance of the three points: "Since we won the game, it doesn't matter if we suffered in order to achieve the result. Everybody likes to win without suffering, but today it was a complicate day. We failed a lot, in other case we would be able to achieve the victory without this complications, but we won and that's what counts."

The Canarian playmaker had also some words to express his disapproval to the whistles that Trist??n hear in Riazor: "It isn't a pleasantly the fact of hearing complains coming from the public, specially if this are caused for the performance of one player. For this reason is important to achieve the result as we did it today."

Pedro Munitis commanded once again the offensive work of Depor, the Cantabrian winger explained the difficulties that they had with C??diz: "The problem was that they were locked up in their area. Only a couple of players were creating pressure in midfield. The rest was defending and for this reason we had to play on the wings making crosses to the box."

Iv??n Carril replaced V?­ctor in the second half, the Galician youngster expressed his satisfaction for been part of the first squad: "It's good to have opportunities and I hope that this thing could happen again for the next confrontations." He also talked about the match with Celta: "I don't know if I will be in the list of called players, but I admit that it’s giving me a lot of illusion. I hope to be included in the squad that will travel to Vigo, play some minutes and win that match."

The negative news was the injury of V?­ctor, doctor C?©sar Cobi??n explained the new problem of the Madrilian winger: "He felt a strong pain in the tight when he was running, after a first exploration it looks like he suffered some damage in the muscle, in 48 hours we will make a new analysis and then we will know with more certainly his situation."

President Lendoiro was satisfied with the victory and also with the current position that Depor has in the table: "The result has been fair, we suffered a lot but we are in European positions. The squad could think in achieving great things, nobody has giving us nothing for free and we are in a similar position than Real Madrid."

Depor's president commented also the case of Coloccini and the renovation of Caparr??s: "Nobody had a meeting with me about the situation of the player (Coloccini), so I don't know what's happening. About the coach, I can tell you that we will try to close the deal in the first days of this week. The team needs serenity and I think that we could reach an agreement soon."

Despite of the final score C??diz's coach, V?­ctor Esp??rrago was satisfied with the performance of his men: "We lost with dignity, the squad tried to achieve a positive result and we had our chances. Maybe we fought more with the heart than with our brain, but we showed that the squad is alive and with a lot of strength in order to surpass our current situation."

Winger Fabi??n Estoyanoff played the last minutes of the match as striker in a intent to reach the draw, his team didn't succeeded in the task, and the Uruguayan player admitted the superiority of Depor: "They were superior and this time we can't talk about having bad luck. The solution to end our poor rally of results is to make a good match against Barcelona on the next weekend, at the same time it will give a lot of joy to our fans."

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