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12 May 2021
Richard Barral didn’t want to talk of his future, but he admitted that only a few players under contract might leave. Once again, he refused to assume the responsibility for the debacle on this season.

After not talking throughout the season, Richard Barral faced reporters after the last game of the season at Soria. Depor’s sporting director talked of the season and the future, including his uncertain situation at the club. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Balance of the season: “It’s a topic already spoken and analyzed. Our idea was the promotion, you can get it or not, only four can get promoted. But the big disappointment was not having entered those three teams that had the right to take part of the playoff. We arrived half a second late, if this lasted a little longer, then we would have gotten in and we would catch cruising speed. It is what it is, you cannot go back and there is no other thing than to prepare next year. At least we are in the Pro League, which still can change its name a couple of times. To think that, if this were a normal league, there would still be fourteen games left.”

What note will you give to yourself? “I'm not going to put any notes on myself. I start with a job and I need to be faithful with what I did before starting. We cannot make decisions in the past. Those of you who put notes, you can change it. Before you can say one thing and depending on the results another. What grade am I going to give myself? IF I approve myself, you will criticize me, and if I fail, then I would be silly.”

Will you stay at Deportivo? “My future is the least of it. Of course, it is known. From now on, the decisions to be made will be made, each one will think about what to do. We all have it clear. For next year we need to try to make the best squad, whoever the sports director is, whoever the coach is, starting with all the enthusiasm. I'm not going around the bush, but the decisions aren’t to be said here after the game against Numancia. People have to talk to each other, communicate and make them public. This is not the time for any of us to say who is going to stay.”

Have you talked to the club? “Everyone at the club, once we enter the Pro league, we know a bit who it is going to stay. In the players there may be doubts, there are signed contracts and you have to negotiate. But related to the club’s employees, more or less we all have the decisions made. I am not that important, the important thing is Deportivo. There is a maximum shareholder who must make decisions at this time of pandemic. To have the employees that they think are the appropriate ones, let them work in peace and make a team where we are all united.”

Rubén De La Barrera: “I would like him to continue. He is a young coach, very capable. You just have to watch the training sessions. You know that I am a coach, that I have seen a lot of training sessions from many people, I like it. I keep seeing people training and Rubén is at the highest level. He has a future ahead of him with his 36 years, to get where he wants. He is capable of everything. He has other things that will be enriched with experience.”

What will happen with the players under contract? “In the end, everyone is clear about it. There are signed contracts, in some there are release clauses. In the end, there may be problems with two or three players, not more. Closer to two than three. A bet was made on them and we all agreed on the bet on them, but the promotion wasn’t achieved and that has consequences.”



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