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01 Mar 2008
Lotina and his players were very happy for the victory and also for the fact that Depor already left the drop zone. The Basque coach said that instead of been dreaming with the permanence, he prefers to be focused in improving the level of his team. Meanwhile, Manolo Jim�nez was assuring the defeat was an unfair result for Sevilla.

Coach Miguel �ngel Lotina was content with the result but he wanted to emphasise that Depor still need to be focused in the competition "This victory is putting us more close to the permanence, but right now we can't be thinking of the salvation. We need to think about been improving, about been a best team in the defensive aspect, to have competence between the players and to be conscious as we were against Sevilla. We must insist on this."

And that competence could occur if Andr�s Guardado is fit to play against Valencia for next Sunday's clash, as Lotina reminded "Those are the problems that we like to have. Willy and Lafita were fine again, but let's hope that Guardado will be available for Valencia's match. Now we have to enjoy of this victory for twenty four hours, later it will be the time to think of the next game."

Finally, Lotina assured that Depor's second goal was the product of an 'old strategic play' invented by him, and that he explained the move to Antonio Tom�s during half-time "Antonio came and he told me: 'coach, I don't know that play' I explained the move to him in my board and it worked. It's incredible! this are the things of football. Sometimes, you spend days working in one play without results."

�ngel Lafita was once again one of the best players for Deportivo, he was pleased and proud of the 'superiority' showed by the Galicians on the pitch "Once again, things have been perfect. The team was fine and we passed over a great team like Sevilla. The important thing is that we are out of relegation and now we will see the rest of the matchday with our homework already done."

The Aragonian also said that his goal came in a play that was developed during the trainings "We tested the play during several occasions and I was able to surpass Alv�s in the near post, therefore everything was perfect. Sometimes, things work out. This moments are a compensation for all the bad periods that I have lived. It's clear that everything has a beginning and an end."

Defender Pablo Amo was very excited with the victory, he even confessed to be remembering the times in which Depor was playing the Champions League "The conditions were accomplished: a great rival, the necessity of the points in order to leave the drop zone, and the celebration at the end. The support of the fans made me remember the times of the Champions (League)."

Christian Wilhelmsson was another player that shined during the night, he scored his first goal with Depor's shirt and was pleased with the current situation lived by the team "Absolutely, we said the same on the past week, it was a very important week. Like we say then: we can enjoy two days and later we need to focus in the next rival. Now it's the same, we can celebrate two days and then we need to continue." The Swedish needed an interpreter in order to talk with Spanish reporters, he joked about it saying that the only thing he can say in Spanish is: "Una cerveza m�s" -One more beer.

Rodolfo Bodipo had a new opportunity to start since Xisco was injured, the Guinean striker provoked the penalty that ended in Depor's first goal, a play that he explained to reporters "I was smarter than Maresca and I stole the ball, then he made a contact with my legs, a clear penalty." Bodipo also expressed his happiness for the win "We knew how to suffer and how to compete against a great team. This are the games that I like."

Antonio Tom�s made a good game in midfield, the Cantabrian was emphasising the collective work of Depor "The important thing is the work done by the team and the three points. The team was wonderful and we made a great effort in order to conquer the victory."

One of the first figures to appear after the victory was Augusto C�sar Lendoiro, Depor's president was pleased with the result and wanted to thank the support of the fans "We did enough merits to deserve the win. Also, I want to mention the great support of the fans, they were fine and always cheered our team."

Who wasn't happy at all was Sevilla's coach, Manolo Jim�nez, he even described the final result as unfair "They surprised us in a strategic play, and this is one of those defeats that hurt you because Deportivo wasn't superior against us. We created a lot of chances and we never surrender. It was a game to achieve a 0-3 score with the counterattacks enjoyed by us. We just had bad luck: the referee didn't see an aggression over Alv�s, he whistled a doubtful penalty, and we missed three or four clear chances against Aouate, and we paid for that."

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