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13 Dec 2005
The confrontation against Celta is awakening the old spirit of competition that Deportivo has with their neighbours. The absence of Vigo's squad in Primera during the last campaign delayed the response of Celta to the historic 0-5 defeat that occurred in the year 2003. Now the players of both clubs anticipate the most expected match of the year.

The first ones to talk about the Galician Derby were the captains of both clubs. Gustavo L??pez heated up the environment with his declarations: "For us, the last two Derby's were very tough (0-5 and 0-3). I'm an anti-Deportivista since I've been in Celta since some years ago, I'm very identified with the fans and we hope to achieve an important result in order to satisfy them. It's a Derby and these kind of matches are very special for us."

Depor's captain, Lionel Scaloni was measured at the hour of the declarations, but he also desires the victory: "It's a great occasion in order to give a lesson to Spain. As captain I invite the people in order to support their team and to forget about the rival. Football is for fun and I hope that the best rival will win the game." The Argentinean player also wanted to avoid any polemic about the last descend of Celta: "We weren't guilty of their relegation to Segunda a couple of years ago. I had friends there and I felt sorry for them. I want Celta in Primera, in this form we will have the opportunity to defeat them."

Maybe the toughest declarations were made by the most unexpected figure, Senel. The youngster continues to work on his recuperation, but he expressed what are his feelings about the match: "I think that we can achieve an important result in Bala?dos, that's what we want: To win in their home and hit them in the face. In this form they won't be too confident just because they achieved the ascend this year:? It must be remembered that Senel was a former player of Celta, a thing that he didn't remember with a happy face, as he said: "The truth is that I wasn't content with my career at Celta."

Borja Oubi?a, one of the most promising youngsters in Celta believes that his team arrives in a better moment than Deportivo: "I believe that the dynamic of both clubs is very different right now. Deportivo arrives after having been in Europe and used to be at the top of the table. Their fans aren't happy since the club didn't sign important players; meanwhile, we came from Segunda and we signed a lot of good players, we are living in the top of the table since the beginning of the season and the fans are happy with the performance of our team."

?ngel preferred to be careful with his declarations, for him Depor is a dangerous rival to face, especially if they play away from Riazor: "It's a more complicated rival when you face it at home then if you face it in their stadium. It's a fighter team, a squad that's difficult to surpass and we have to remember that they are learning Caparr??s' philosophy."

The most morbid presence will be Fernando Baiano. The Brazilian striker was near to Deportivo in the summer market, but he finally chose the option of Celta, a decision that he explained: "The deal with Deportivo wasn't fulfilled because things weren't clear. So, I came to the right team, the one that fought for me and the one that presented me a clear offer. I'm glad to know that Deportivo was interested in me, but I'm happy here and the things are happening as we expected. Although we have to improve some details I want to win this Derby in order to enter into the history of my club."

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