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04 Apr 2008
The game Deportivo-Racing Santander doesn't only means a confrontation between two clubs coming from neighbouring communities, but also a clash between two teams that know each other really well. And it's that seven players in this two teams have spent in the past a period in the rival squad.

Three ex-Depor players are currently performing at Racing Santader after ending their contracts with the Galician club: Aldo Duscher, Pedro Munitis and Pablo Pinillos, while a fourth man is playing on loan at Marcelino's team: Pablo ?lvarez, winger that won't take part of Sunday's match since the contract between the clubs stipulates the Cantabrians must pay a fee in order to use him, something that won't be fulfilled by the Cantabrians.

Meanwhile, Depor has three players that were part of Racing in past seasons: Rodolfo Bodipo, Dudu Aouate and Antonio Tom??s. And the list could be bigger, but Javier Arizmendi already left Depor in order to join Valencia., Also Lionel Scaloni who left Racing in order to play with Mallorca and Juanma ended his contract at Depor in June of the past year. This three men wore the shirt of both clubs in recent seasons.

All of this means a curious case: at least five men could be facing their ex-team during Sunday's liga confrontation at El Sardinero (it could be six players but at the end Bodipo wasn't called for the game). For this reason is possible to say the game Deportivo-Racing represents a match between cousins, relatives that already know the secrets of the rival.

It's something that can be realised hearing the comments before the game, as example the explanation gave by Pablo ?lvarez about the lately improvement made by Depor "It's tough to defeat them after the change made in the system, it's almost impossible to create occasions against them. They have won a lot in a defensive aspect and since that point, their squad has made a major improvement. We have improved too, but our team always had problems when we have to face a rival with those characteristics."

Similar thing occurs hearing the comments of goalkeeper Dudu Aouate about his former team "Racing have 50 points, it's hard to win at El Sardinero, and the table can tell you they are favourites for the game, but in fact I don't see a favourite. Matches at El Sardinero are always exciting. To me it's like an English ground. We have a good chance of winning there. It's not like going to Camp Nou or the Bernabeu, even though they're a good team in good form. I don't envy Racing, on the contrary, I'm happy to see them succeed and I hope that they will reach the Champions League. However, I'm happy here and I'm sure that the good times will come to Deportivo. We have a good squad and recent matches have shown that we're capable of being higher up the table." Comments made on Thursday at Abegondo's press room.

Of the seven players involved in this curious history, the three men that are currently performing at Depor have spent more minutes on the pitch wearing Racing's shirt than using the Blanquiazul uniform, meanwhile in Racing, only Duscher has spent more time playing for Depor than to for his present team.

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