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08 Apr 2008
The line-ups for this game are a real mystery, both coaches seems careless about the competition and they are preferring to think of their next meeting in la liga. It's clear that both teams will face the match with their less habitual players.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina already appointed that he is more worried about next liga game against Athletic Bilbao than of Racing de Ferrol, he gave a free day to the squad during Tuesday and he even scheduled a training session on Wednesday's morning, therefore is expected the less habitual players will perform on this game (Lotina won't release a list of called players until noon). This means that Mun??a, Barrag??n, Adri??n, Valer??n and even some Fabril's players could finally have a chance in Lotina's starting eleven.

Similar thing happens at Racing de Ferrol, the Galician neighbour isn't saved yet in Segunda Divisi??n and they are more worried about Sunday's game against Gimn??stic de Tarragona, a direct rival for the salvation. As it happens with Lotina, coach Juan Veiga scheduled a training fro Wednesday's morning and he hasn't released any list of called players for the game, therefore it's expected he will also put on the pitch the less habitual players during this season, including Paco Corredoira (the player in the photo), he's a 28-year-old striker that suffered a serious knee injury one year ago and that will use this game as his official return.

The game is part of the last-eight round in copa Galicia. The winner of this game will face the winner of the encounter Negreira Vs. C.D. Lugo, while the other finalist will come out from the series Coruxo Vs. Celta and Ourense Vs.Pontevedra.

Ferrol: Rub?©n -  Jonathan, Casti?±eiras, Pi?±eiro, Iv??n Romero - Cami, Idrissa Keita, Lamatina, Cristian Portilla - Steven Cohen, Corredoira.
Deportivo: Mun??a - Barrag??n, Piscu, Chapi, Juachi - Alex, Antonio Tom??s - Riki, Valer??n, Verd?? - Taborda.  
Kick-off: 20h45 (A Malata).

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