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09 Apr 2008
Joaqu?n Caparr??s returns to the Riazor on Sunday, the Sevillan coach spent two years in La Coru?a, but the bad memories are stronger than the positive readings, at least for the players. However, nobody inside the club wants to mention the word 'revenge', although it's clear nobody will welcome Caparr??s with a big hug.

The return of Joaqu?n Caparr??s to the Riazor is not the kind of event that will be celebrated by Depor's fans, neither by the players. And its that the Utrera-born coach maintained several internal conflicts during his stage at Depor, specially with the players. Like when Duscher wasn't playing at the beginning of the season 2006/2007 after been a crucial piece one year before.

It was argued the Argentinean was having physical problems, but the true is that both men had a discussion in the pre-season stage at Isla Canela, Caparr??s even demanded the midfielder should sent back to La Coru?a, at the end the will of the club's officials prevailed and Duscher stayed in the squad for the stage at Isla Canela, but he wasn't a regular in the starting squads until the second part of la liga.

Caparr??s also had fights with 'heavy weights' in the squad like Coloccini, Manuel Pablo and Scaloni. Coloccini was performing as a defensive midfielder against his own will, reason why he pushed from an exit to Zaragoza, something that wasn't fulfilled at the end. Manuel Pablo was the captain of the team, but he was spending more time on the stands than on the pitch, he also said in public that an exit was a real option for him. Scaloni also had discussions with Caparr??s, something the Argentinean admits now.

The case of Scaloni is also an example of a different conflict maintained by Caparr??s: the one with the club's officials. Caparrr??s didn't want to have the Argentinean as the captain of his team, he pushed strongly in order to have Trist??n as the team's captain, but the players's opinion prevailed and Scaloni stayed as the captain.

Despite this, Scaloni stayed as a normal participant in the line-ups as he played in 15 of the 19 games in the first round (season 2005/2006), and Caparr??s never understood why he was loaned to West Ham during the last day of the winter window. It was the first time he wasn't happy with the decisions taken inside the club.  Caparr??s was renewed for two additional years just some months after his arrival, everybody inside the club was happy with him, and the conflict for Scaloni was the first sign the relationship was failing. It was the starting point that ended the honeymoon with Depor's officials.

The climax of this particular conflict occurred when Caparr??s negotiated with Osasuna without talking with Lendoiro first. Depor's president had to phone the president of Osasuna in order to send a message "stay out of my business". Lendoiro never liked this attitude of Caparr??s, however he defended his work and even tried to convince Caparr??s about continuing in the club at the beginning of the present season.

The third conflict maintained by Caparr??s was the one with the fans. His arrival to Deportivo was saw as a positive thing by the public, but things changed radically during the last season of Caparr??s at the club, more precisely after the Sevillan made some unfortunate comments about his ex-team Sevilla one day before to a clash in copa at the Riazor. Depor lost the game with a disastrous 0-3 and the police had to protect Caparr??s when the game ended.

It's clear the players, the club's officials and even the fans aren't having positive memories about Caparr??s's era, after all he abandoned the club when he still had one additional year in his contract. It's also clear the players won't feel sorry if Athletic loses the three points on Sunday, but it's also true that nobody wants to talk about revenge. As Xisco said on Monday (see the full article below) "It's a coach who passed over here, and nothing more".

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