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02 May 2008
Lotina explained the reasons why he's taking two Fabril's defenders to Zaragoza. The Basque trainer also said that Riki or Juan Rodr?­guez are the two options to replace Lafita in the starting eleven. Meanwhile, Zaragoza's coach, Manolo Villanova, explained why he thinks this is the most complicate game in his career.

Depor's coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina is ahead to complete his 288th match in Primera Divisi??n, he talked before the trip to Zaragoza at Abegondo's press room. He firstly explained the case with Lopo "Albert began with his problems on Wednesday, it's a problem on the outside of the knee and he was feeling uncomfortable. In the beginning, he's travelling because the doctor wants to see the evolution. Before the trip, we will make a new scan and we will decide, but we are pessimistic. The two Fabril's central defenders are going with us because we aren't sure about the situation of Lopo. Chapi was going to stay, but with this problem, we must take him. We are concerned because Lopo was doing a very good second round, but he neither was able to play in Santander, and Piscu did a good job then."

Talking about the replacement for Lafita, the Basque trainer was more mysterious and he didn't want to reveal the name of his substitute "I don't think I will change the system, don't expect for surprises in terms of the scheme, but I don't know who will play. Juan (Rodr?­guez) or Riki. I will choose one of them, one gives one thing and the other is different."

The Me?±aka-born coach also talked about the goals of the team and the pressure lived by Zaragoza "Obviously, we have many reasons to think our targets for the season are very nice, and this week we talked a lot about our goals, but now there is only room for the game. In order to reach the goal, we need to fulfil our way, the path is winning the remaining games, so we just have to think of Zaragoza. They need to go out and win, the situation forces them to do a greater effort, is more worrying to achieve the permanence than to fight for Europe, and the tension is at their side."

Finally, Lotina analysed the subject of the payments by third parties "So far, there are no briefcases, is an issue that gives me a little… that others are paying me in order to sink another club, sincerely I don't want it, to receive something from your club for meeting targets is one thing, but that… Football would have to give a step forward, if this is something banned, we will have to see more. If you give me a million euro for sinking other club, I just don't want it. "

Meanwhile, Manuel Jos?© Villanova Rebollar is the coach that replaced Irureta after his resigning, he possess a big experience coaching clubs like Mallorca, H?©rcules, Recreativo and S. D. Huesca in lower divisions, and has also worked with Zaragoza in Primera during the 80's. Totally, he accumulates 180 games as a Primera coach (96 with Zaragoza, 68 with U.D. Salamanca and 26 with H?©rcules C.F.) This is his first meeting against Lotina.

Manolo Villanova talked before the game and assured that Depor will be a tough rival "It will be complicated because Deportivo is the best team in the second round. You can notice the work done by its coach. They are very solidary in defence and also in attack, they possess a lot of velocity through the counterattacks. It will be a match that needs a big heart from our side and also a cold mind."

The Zaragoza-born trainer also said this is the most complicate game in his career, same thing he said when Recreativo was visiting La Romareda a fortnight ago "I said in that occasion that it was the most difficult match and today I say this is the big one. Let's hope that the next meeting will be the most difficult one too, because it will mean that we still have chances to save ourselves."

Finally, Vilanova said that despite he will put an offensive team on the pitch, Zaragoza should not lose its mind in the quest for the goals "Recreativo gave us the facilities to win, but Deportivo is not going to give us the same advantages, and it must be us the ones creating the chances, with our movements, which will generate the opportunities. We must assume the risks, without doing crazy things."

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