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04 May 2008
Fabril achieved an important victory and Ramallo's squad keeps its chances to play the promotion series to Segunda Divisi??n. Despite the result, it wasn't a good presentation for Depor B, the team didn't play well but at least it recovered the defensive solidity of past occasions. Now, Fabril needs to obtain a positive result from the visit to Atl?©tico Madrid B during the next weekend.

Laure, Iv??n P?©rez and Guille continued to be the casualties for injury reasons, while Chapi and Piscu missed the game since they were with the first squad for the trip to Zaragoza. This time coach Tito Ramallo chose a 5-2-2-1 formation, just like Lotina has done with the first squad lately. Sergio Benito, Carlos Pita and Juanan were the central defenders, Roberto Casado replaced Juachi at the left-back and Borja Facal performed at the right side. The duo of midfielders was conformed by Alex and Nacho Matador. Iv??n Carril covered the left wing and Lassad the right. The lonely striker was Aridane.

Legan?©s was arriving to Abegondo without any hurry, the Madrilenians were already saved and their chances for the promotion were almost over. Coach David Gordo was missing the presence of central defenders Alberto Negral and Javi Gonz??lez, the first player for suspension and the second for a serious injury. Midfielder Roberto Land??buru was unfit to play, but  Fernando Monasterio surpassed a physical problem and was sited on the bench. The main hope was midfielder Gerardo Berodia, he's the best scorer in the team with twelve goals on the season.

The system with three central defenders gave more security to Fabril, just like it happened before with the first squad. Depor B has allowed at least one goal in each one of the 17 matches played during the second round, and Tito Ramallo thought his team was needing to regain the confidence in itself. And it worked because the defensive zone seemed more quiet and the efforts of Berodia, Carlos Mart?­nez; Juli and Quini were always stopped.

The only two chance in which Legan?©s created troubles were during a shot of Carlos Mart?­nez that was cleared by Borja Facal, and a corner-kick that was headed out by Garrido. The problem was that Depor B wasn't creating anything in attack, Lassad had difficulties to perform on the right and Iv??n Carril never appeared throughout the game.

But Fabril scored the first goal during its first attempt, it was a weird play since Manu cleared the ball and his long shot was received by Aridane Santana in the other side of the pitch, the defensive line of the visitors failed to follow the play and the Canarian striker took advantage of the occasion to cross goalkeeper Ra??l Moreno with a drilling shot. It's the third goal for Aridane on the present season.

The goal didn't change anything. Legan?©s didn't react and Fabril was having troubles in order to advance, ?lex was controlling midfield and was supported by Nacho Matador, but the connection with Carril and the strikers was simple inexistent. Therefore the match turned to be boring. Despite the situation, Fabril doubled its advantage and once again during an action that seemed harmless.

Iv??n Carril recieved the ball when he was in midfield, the Galician youngster assisted Alejandro Berganti?±os and the midfielder ran a couple of meters, then he released a powerful shot that entered by the top-right corner of Ra??l Moreno. Fabril was reaching a 2-0 advantage and almost without doing nothing. Ramallo's squad had even the chance to score the third goal before half-time, but this time the shot of Aridane was saved by goalkeeper Moreno.

The situation continued to be the same during the second part, Legan?©s was unable to surpass the wall imposed by Ramallo, and Fabril was missing the sparkle during its attacks, although this time Lassad was more active as the French striker started to find more spaces. He tested with a couple of mid-distance shots that ended wide.

Aridane had a new chance after he faced goalkeeper Ra??l Moreno in a one-to-one action, but the third goal came during a counterattack of Carlos Pita, the A Coru?±a-born player was running with the ball in midfield and he drilled it to the right wing, then Lassad Nouioui controlled the ball and entered into the penalty area to cross Ra??l Moreno with a low shot. It's the sixth goal for Lassad on this season.

Fabril ended the game in a relaxed situation and Ramallo started to make his substitutions. The Galicians weren't having too much worries at the back but neither were creating chances against the Madrilenains. And as it happended with Depor B, Legan?©s found the goal during an action that seemed to be ending without consequences, it was a lost ball found by Joaqu?­n ?lvarez ?lvarez 'Quini' at the border of the penalty area, then the Madrid-born attacker sent a powerful shot that entered by the left-top corner of Manu. Legan?©s tried to insist during the last minutes, but it never created a real problem.

Fabril broke the negative streak of five consecutive defeats and keeps the chance to qualify to the promotion series to Segunda Divisi??n. However, it wasn't a good presentation of Depor's youngsters, the change of system ordered by Tito Ramallo regained the defensive solidity, but the squad barely had attempts to score. In fact, the first two goals came in isolated situations. The game of Legan?©s was also poor  and the game turned to be boring.

The victories of the other clubs involved in the fight for the promotion are complicating the chances of Fabril, but the fourth spot in the table -the last one that gives a ticket to the promotion series-  is now only one point away from the Galicians. In order to advance in the table, Depor B needs to win the last two matches, starting with the tough visit to Atl?©tico Madrid B during Saturday (16h30).


The game San Isidro - Celta B was suspended for a fight.


Deportivo B: Manu - Borja, Sergio Benito, Pita (Herbert 81'), Juanan, Roberto Casado - ?lex, Nacho Matador - Lassad, Iv??n Carril (Rub?©n Rivera 85') - Aridane (Jos?© Arenas 78').
Legan?©s: Ra??l Moreno - Gustavo, Mario (Camacho 70'), Hugo, Garrido (Berm??dez 61') - Javi Vicente (Monasterio 61'), Aguilera, Berodia, Carlos Mart?­nez - Juli, Quini.
Goals: 1-0: (16') Aridane, 2-0: (31') ?lex, 3-0: (71') Lassad, 3-1: (86') Quini.
Referee: Gonz??lez Gonz??lez. He showed yellow card to Berodia and Mario.
Venue: Abegondo (1,500).

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