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06 Jul 2008
According to the media in Arag??n, Real Zaragoza will execute its buyout option over Angel Lafita during this week. However the same Marcelino is not sure if his club will be able to win this �battle’. It's speculated that Lendoiro might try to resolve the issue in court.

Angel Lafita is living his first days as a Depor's player after the Galician club paid on Friday the two million euro buyout option stipulated in the loan contract with Real Zaragoza, but curiously these could be his last days at Depor. And it's that the Aragonian club is wishing to take advantage of the confusion generated with the second buyout clause stipulated in the contract. This clause says that Zaragoza is able to regain the player if they pay three and a half million euro before to June 30, 2009.

Deportivo understands the 'spirit of the contract' is to pay the buyout clause and enjoy the player for one year, later Zaragoza could choose to regain him or not. But the Aragonian team believes they can fulfil the clause any day they want before the deadline, and they want to do it now. The media in Arag??n already wrote that Zaragoza will execute the buyout option on this week, this in order to 'not affect' the season of Depor and give the Galician team the time to search for a replacement. However Lendoiro already warned Deportivo could go to court in order to solve the case, right now he's only waiting to receive an official notification from Zaragoza about their intentions.

The media in Zaragoza is convinced the player will end returning home, however coach Marcelino already expressed his doubts about the issue, as he said to reporters "If we have Lafita, we will need to search one less player for that position and we have resolved one problem. Lafita yielded at Deportivo and possess the individual conditions that we don't have right now at the squad. It will be good to have him at the team, so we will save one signing. But if the situation is not solved and he doesn't stay, then we will have to search for another solution for that particular position."

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