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16 May 2008
Lotina searches his first victory against Pellegrini. Deporā€™s coach hasnā€™t been able to defeat Villarrealā€™s boss after seven confrontations in la liga. The Basque commented before the game the reasons why Deportivoā€™s players are wishing to play in Europe, while he also commented about the rumours linking Omar Bravo with the Galician club.

Manuel Pellegrini has been one of the most successful South American trainers in Spain during recent times, the Chilean signed for Villarral in the year 2004 after leaving River Plate in Argentina. Since then, he has achieved a seventh spot, one fifth place, one third place and his most recent success: the second position on the present liga campaign. He was also the coach that guided the successful participation of the Valencians in the UEFA Champions League 2005/2006. Tournament in which Villarreal reached the semi-finals stage.

But Pellegrini hasn't conquered any title yet. Contrary to Miguel ?ngel Lotina, coach that already won a copa del rey with RCD Espanyol. Besides, Depor's trainer possess more experience in Primera Divisi??n: 290 games as a coach. Meanwhile, Villarreal's boss only accumulates the half of that mark: 151 games.

And the interesting statistic is that Lotina hasn't been able to defeat Pellegrini. After seven confrontations in la liga, the Basque coach has only achieved two draws against the Chilean. The last meeting between this two trainers occurred at the end of the first round, Depor started winning the game and in the end, Pellegrini's Villarreal achieved a 4-3 victory.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina talked before the game at Abegondo's press room, he analysed his squad for the game and also the reasons why Depor deserves to play in Europe for the next season "I have called 19 players just to cover our backs, although Lopo and Xisco have trained today without any problem. At a national level, people was saying that Depor was going to Segunda and now we can enter into Europe, therefore we are call the attention of everybody in the sense they should  be aware about us. We want to play in Europe, first for ourselves, secondly for the fans and thirdly for the young people at our squad that has never played a continental tournament."

The Basque warned that Villarreal is coming in order to obtain a victory at the Riazor "It's normal they are celebrating, but that doesn't mean they are coming here on vacations. They are football players and want to win. For me is the best team in Spain for the game they practise, the only one that was able to give troubles to (Real) Madrid. We can't think we will defeat them without working hard or without suffering."

One of the main news of the days was related to Omar Bravo, according to newspaper La Opin??n, the Mexican striker is near to sign for Depor and Lotina joked about this matter "What a joy you have gave me, I didn't know it." Later, he commented in a more serious tone "He's a very interesting player, he can contribute with things."

Finally, the Me?±aka-born trainer explained in a more general sense what he expects from the summer market "On Monday, it starts what really matters, what we do at the office, the complicate thing, to negotiate, to bring, to guess right... Now we know the squad, we know how do they train and how they compete, we have found a way to play and that's an advantage. With all this in mind, we only need a few incorporations in order to improve what we have. If nobody leaves, I only need two signings."

The Chilean coach didn't give a press conference before the game. His only declarations during the week were related to the possibility of coaching the national team of Chile in the future "I will love to coach Chile, if I have the chance, if there's a possibility between both sides, I will like to end my career directing the national team. But right now I'm only thinking of Villarreal."

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