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03 Jun 2008
A small meeting between Omar Bravo and the president of Chivas -Jorge Vergara- was enough to solve the conflict between the Mexican striker and his former club, now the player is free to travel to La Coru�a and join Deportivo. Also, Vergara confirmed that Chivas was invited to the Teresa Herrera 2008, although he didn't want to confirm the participation of his team.

Jorge Vergara, the president of Chivas de Guadalajara, returned to Mexico during the weekend and had a meeting with striker Omar Bravo on Monday. The goal was to resolve the issues between the Mexican striker and his former club. And everything was resolved in a friendly conversation, as the same Vergara told to reporters during a press conference: "It's over. Omar and I cleared out the problems and all is ready. We reached an agreement and Omar can travel now to A Coru�a, if he wishes. But if he wants a written letter, he will have to ask for it to the Mexican federation. Omar and I are good friends, we talk to each other with the truth and when I knew he was wishing to go to Europe, I did what I could in order to help him."

Vergara also wished good luck to the second best historic scorer in Chivas during his European adventure "Omar Bravo possess very good qualities and a lot of will. Let's hope that now A Coru�a will see a great star. He has showed this at Chivas and I'm sure he will score a lot of goals at Depor. Bravo will arrive to la liga with the needed strength in order to succeed. I don't believe he's too old to take this chance, he's just in the right point of his career. Besides, he still have four good years in his career. He isn't missing motivation, he was wishing to go to Europe."

Another thing that called the attention in the press conference of Chivas's president was that Vergara admitted that Deportivo has invited Chivas to the Teresa Herrera 2008, although he didn't want to confirm the participation of his team in the summer tournament "We are thinking about the possibility, because it depends of our calendar in la liga and we will have to see if this tournament coincides with some games in the Mexican competition. It will be good to see Omar Bravo playing against his former team and to see us winning."

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