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03 Jun 2008
The end of Fabril's dream is meaning a huge change in the squad for the next season. Something confirmed by the manager of the young categories, Ernesto Bello. Fourteen players at Fabril's current squad could be released or promoted to the first squad, all depends on Lotina's plans and the suggestions of the coaches in the youth categories.

Deportivo B ended the season after the Galician team was eliminated from the playoffs to Segunda Divisi�n. However, the squad will keep training during Wednesday and Thursday and later it will start its vacations. But now the important work is the planning of next season, some of the youngsters that performed at Ramallo�s squad will be released or even promoted to the first squad. It�s seems the half of the squad will be changed for the 2008/2009 campaign.

The big changes at Fabril were confirmed by Ernesto Bello, the manager of Deportivo's young categories, as he said to newspaper La Opini�n A Coru�a: "We won't have any player above the 23 in the team during next season, and we will only have a few at that age. We are very happy with this squad, A long time will pass in order to see Fabril with a team so good as this one. Time will make us to valorise it."

Currently, Fabril have seven players fulfilling this condition: Iv�n Carril, Carlos Pita, Laure, Chapi, Jos� Arenas, Rub�n Rivera and Alex (he will be 23 on Friday). And there are six more at 22 and that will turn 23 during next season: Iv�n P�rez, Borja Facal, Jairo, Roberto Casado, Juachi and Manu. According to Bello, only a few of this youngsters will continue in the squad for the next season. Besides, Adr�an 'Piscu' (21) together with Laure have big chances to join the first squad of Lotina for the season 2008/2009.

All of this means a huge �facelift� in a squad that will have once again the permanence as its main goal during its second straight season at Segunda B. Bello also confirmed to La Opini�n that the five players loaned for the past season -Javi Redondo, Efr�n, Dani, Seoane and Alberto- will make the pre-season with the B squad and that "they will have to fight for an spot as everybody else."

In order to cover the empty spots left by the players leaving the team, it will be necessary to promote youngsters from Juvenil A and to sign others from outside the club. The five players from Juvenil A with the bigger chances are David Rochela, Juan Dom�nguez, Hugo Garc�a, Marcos Caridad and Dar�o. Youngsters that already debuted with the B squad during the season.

A thing that has been studied in the club is relates to the creation of an intermediary team between Deportivo B and Juvenil A, a squad that would be called �Deportivo C�. According to Bello, the creation of this team is related to the creation of a 'reserves league' in Spain, something that could be done in two seasons as the clubs in Spain are currently debating about this matter. There's a proposition in la liga related to create a 'reserves league' for the teams competing in Primera and Segunda, but it seems the option won't be activated soon.

Another thing that has been discussed is the continuity of Tito Ramallo as the coach of Deportivo B. President Augusto Cesar Lendoiro was asked about this subject in a interview in and he responded: "We aren't thinking about a change in this aspect . What happens is that everybody must sit and talk. We will talk about this with Tito. This week we will have a break, everybody must think and analyse the details. On the next week we will analyse the possibilities of each player, also the technical reports of Fabril's coaches and the ones of the other youth categories. We will act according to the information on this reports."

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