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03 Jun 2008
Augusto C�sar Lendoiro will spend the whole week in Madrid attending to several business related to Deportivo. Rumours say he might have contacts with an investor interested in the club, while others appoint that he's trying to secure the arrival of reinforcements for the next season. Madrid has been during the last couple of years the centre of all the business made by Depor's president.

Every Lendoiro�s trip to Madrid is a source of all kind of speculations. The capital of Spain has been the centre of all the negotiations made by Depor�s president since the year 2006. In this city he closed the deals for the transfers of Riki, Bodipo and Arbeloa. While it was also the place where he negotiated the last television contract of the club. Now, Lendoiro has travelled to Madrid for the first time since the liga season ended and as it could be expected, all kind of speculations have started to flow.

Lendorio travelled to Madrid after Fabril's game at Ecija on Sunday, it was speculated he was having a meeting with Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim Jr. on the same Sunday, something that was informed by sportpaper Marca on the weekend. Slim is one of the richest persons in the planet and his name has been linked with Deportivo in the past as a possible investor in the club. However, this information hasn't been confirmed.

On Tuesday Lendoiro attended to the Santiago Bernabe� in order to witness the acts for the Draft awards, this awards are given to the best young promises in la liga, Depor's president was joined by defender Adri�n L�pez 'Piscu', goalkeeper Fabricio Augusto and striker Adri�n. The three Depor�s players that were recognised with this awards. Later, Lendoiro will stay in Madrid until the weekend. His agenda wasn't announced by anybody at the club.

Other issue that's always related to Lendoiro's journeys to Madrid is the one of the new signings. The media in la Coru�a speculates that Deportivo's president is negotiating the incorporation of 'new blood' for Lotina's squad. Mores specifically, newspaper La Opini�n A Coru�a informs the priority is to sign a keeper and a striker.

For the goalkeeping position, the name of Daniel Aranzubia (28) seems to be the main candidate although the name of Colombian Robinson Zapata (30) has been also mentioned lately. Meanwhile, Galician sportpaper Deporte Campe�n (DxT) wrote a list of four strikers that Deportivo could try to sign for the next season: Radamel Falcao (22), Jonathan Pereira (21), V�ctor Casades�s (23) and Mateus Alberto Contreiras Goncalves 'Manucho' (24).

Colombian attacker Falcao has been related to Depor since the Galician club made an official offer to River Plate on January. Pereira is a Galician promise that made his career at Celta and that's near to be sent on loan to Recreativo de Huelva. V�ctor Casades�s is the option mentioned by Marca on Monday. Finally, Manucho is an Angolan attacker that belongs to Manchester United and that performed on loan at Panathinaikos F.C. for the past season. According to DxT, the intention of Lotina after the arrival of Omar Bravo is to have two strikers with the ability to achieve at least twelve goals per season.

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