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04 Jun 2008
Albert Lopo went through surgery on Tuesday in order to correct his hernia problem. The Catalan has been struggling with this injury since the season started and the doctors decided to operate after the latest scans made on the past week. It's expected the Catalan defender will be out of action for four weeks. The good news is that Lopo might be able to complete the pre-season without problems.

The hernia problem of Albert Lopo is known as Sciatica. This is a pain that starts in the back and radiates down one of the legs. It's quite a common complaint and is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve which runs down into the leg. The medical term is 'acute nerve root compression'. The cause of this pressure is a slipped (prolapsed) disk to muscle.

This problem isn't new for Lopo, he has been suffering from this condition since the pre-season, more precisely on September 26th 2007 during a training session,  and the defender has supported the pain since then. Doctor Ram�n Barral even described in past occasions that Lopo's behaviour was 'heroic', because the defender was forced to put his back on ice after each match and to pass through painful therapies. All of this in order to be able to play each weekend.

Depor's doctors appointed in the past that the 85% of this kind of injuries can be healed without needing a surgery, however the Catalan defender never improved from his condition after been treated with physical therapy. That's why, and after the scans made on the past week, the doctors decided that now the best alternative was an operation. In the end, the surgery took place on Tuesday and was completed by the neurosurgeon Enric C�ceres and doctors Carlos Lari�o and Rafael Arriaza.

On the past Friday the club announced that Lopo will be out of action for six weeks, but after the surgery took place, the club changed its forecast. Now it has been announced that Lopo will be out for four weeks. Meaning he could be ready to join the squad for the pre-season stage that starts on July 1st. However, it isn't known if the doctors will allow his participation in the Intertoto cup. A conservative alternative is to follow a personal schedule and to prepare the start of la liga instead of been forcing the player to perform in the Intertoto. The option to be chosen will be studied at the start of the pre-season.

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