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03 Jan 2006
Caparr??s announced last week that he was ready to make the decision about who will be ruled out of the squad in order to make some room for Arizmnedi. Yesterday he fulfilled his word and he decided that Momo should leave his team, a decision that he explained is only for the rest of the season.

Yesterday it was known that without interesting offers for the players that don't count in Caparr??s' plans, the only solution in order to open a space for Javier Arizmendi was to leave a player out of the squad. Immediately the names of Jes??s Mu?oz, 'Toro' Acu?a, C?sar and Pablo Amo appeared, but at the end the Sevillan trainer decided that Jer??nimo Figueroa 'Momo' should be loaned out of his squad.

Momo arrived in June of 2004 from Las Palmas, immediately he was sent on a loan spell to Albacete along with Rub?n Castro. The operation didn't work out since both players only participated in a few games with Albacete. The arrival of Caparr??s to Deportivo was understood as a new opportunity for them, but at the end only Rub?n has won the confidence of the coach.

The Canarian winger only played 80 minutes in 3 games this season and now the Galician club is searching for a destination in order to give him more minutes. The first choice continues to be M??laga, but there isn't any agreement yet. Other clubs interested in him are Murcia and Elche, but Momo's agent, Joaqu?n Secades confirmed that he has to negotiate the operation still.

Despite of the decision Caparr??s explained that Momo is an alternative that he wants to use in the near future, as he said: "Momo is a young kid that has a lot of years in his contract, right now we are interested in his progress and for that reason we want to see him competing. He will be sent on a loan spell, but of course he will return at the end of the season."

After the controversy for his declarations to the Portuguese newspaper Publico, Jorge Andrade said yesterday after the training session that he doesn't want to leave Depor, at lest in the short term: "I'm happy in La Coru?a and it's clear that I won't leave the club in the short term." The Portuguese defender also admitted that he has received offers from others clubs: "Lendoiro rejected the offers and I receive several proposals every summer, but I'm happy working here in Deportivo."

However, Andrade appointed that a possible exit in the future shouldn't be discarded: "I know that I'm losing money refusing some offers, but I want to make bigger the club that trusted in me, and if another club comes it must pay the money that Depor paid before in order to sign me. Right now I'm only thinking in the game against Osasuna and there's plenty of time until the end of the season, but my future depends of my agent and the president of Deportivo."

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