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12 Jul 2008
The deal between Deportivo and Daniel Aranzubia has been confirmed. First it was Newspaper El Ideal Gallego and later the same Depor Sport. The ex-Athletic Bilbao keeper will sign a three-year contract with Depor. Right now, they are only waiting to see the exit of Depor’s current keepers –Mun??a and Aouate.

Daniel Aranzubia (28) will be Deportivo’s fourth signing for the season 2008/2009. The information was first confirmed on Friday by newspaper El Ideal Gallego after a conversation with the agent of the Basque keeper, Pedro Mari Ondarra. As he said: ?We are just waiting for the exit of one of the two keepers in order to sign, the deal is done and we just need to agree in the prizes and the number of seasons, but in the beginning we are talking about three or four seasons. I hope it will be a matter of one week, anyhow I’m optimistic.?

Later on Saturday, Depor Sport confirmed the information and announced that Deportivo  and the Basque keeper already have an agreement for the next three years. The only thing missing is the sign of the player, although everything should be settled during the next week. No transfer will be paid since Aranzubia ended his contract with Athletic on June 30.

In the interview with El Ideal Gallego, Ondarra also said that a previous conversation with coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was crucial for the decision of the keeper ?The step made by Lotina was fundamental, but maybe the history is giving a second chance to Aranzubia in order to play at Deportivo, because he was near to sign for them during Irureta’s era.? The agent also affirmed that Aranzubia has rejected other offers that were better in the economical aspect ?Before to achieve any financial goal, Dani is worried about the sporting subject, to be feeling again as a football player. ?

Meanwhile, Gustavo Crmko is surprised because his represented, Dudu Aouate, wasn’t included for Depor’s tour in Denmark ?This in unbelievable, we are surprised and demoralised. I can’t understand what’s’ going on and why all of this is happening, the true is they have just rejected a good offer that was coming from Toulouse.?

According to sources consulted by El Ideal Gallego, the offers that Aranzubia rejected were coming from Torino in the Italian Serie A and from two clubs at England’s second division. The paper also assured the second keeper of Depor will be Fabricio Augusto, youngster that took part of the tour in Denmark.

The carrer of Aranzubia at Primera Divisi??n:

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