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01 Aug 2008
Deportivo won the first of its three matches in Venezuela. Lotina’s team made a decent game and defeated a squad that was very well placed throughout the match. The best players for Depor were Andr?s Guardado and Z? Castro, while the goal was scored by Bodipo. Also, goalkeeper Aranzubia debuted with the squad.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina used the encounter in order to prove the alternatives inside his 5-2-2-1 formation. Aranzubia made his debut at Depor’s goal, while Andr?s Guardado started playing as left-back. Laure covered the right side and the centre of the defence was for Juanan, Rochela and Z? Castro. Verd?? and De Guzm??n were the midfielders. Cristian was the left winger, Mista covered the right and Omar Bravo was the lonely striker. In this way, only Juanan repeated his presence compared to the squad that played the Intertoto second-leg during the past weekend.

The game was played with some brilliance although both teams missed to create clear chances to score, Depor was the most dangerous side, while Minerven only made one shot on target throughout the match. The best man for Depor was Andr?s Guardado, the Mexican started playing as left-back, but he constantly ran over the left side of the pitch and was very dangerous in set-pieces actions. For the locals, captain David MacIntosh and Colombian Leandro Vargas were very active. Z? Castro also left a positive impression as he commanded the defensive zone. The Portuguese saved Depor in the only clear chance for the Venezuelan team and was even close to score a goal during the last minute.

The actions started slowly as both teams were studying each other. The first attempt of the game came until minute 14, it was a long-distance shot from Camilo Uribe that went wide. Six minutes later, Verd?? had a chance during a free-kick, but his effort went out. Both teams fought hard for the ball during the first thirty minutes, but no clear chances were created. Minerven was having huge difficulties to surpass the line of five defenders imposed by Depor, that’s why the local team was mainly betting with long-distance shots, like the one of Jos? Caraballo that passed near the crossbar at minute 32.

Meanwhile, Mista and Omar Bravo were disconnected from the rest of the squad, they missed several passes and it was clear that both strikers need more time in order to find an understanding with the rest of the players. The clearest chance for Depor came at minute 34, Guardado sent a cross to the box and Mista was near to head the ball, but he missed and it ended in the hands of the keeper Hern??ndez. The first half ended with Leandro Vargas eluding three defenders, but his effort was worthless since Z? Castro cleared the danger.

No changes were made at the start of the second half and Deportivo seemed to be more motivated. The Galician squad was dominating the game, but it was unable to create a clear chance. In fact, it was Minerven who had the most important opportunity within the first fifteen minutes as Colombian Vargas eluded Rochela and then bet Aranzubia with a drilling shot, but Z? Castro saved Depor when the ball was near to the goal line (59’).

Then Lotina moved the bench. First Piscu replaced Juanan and later Bodipo and Pablo ?lvarez did the same with Omar Bravo and Mista. The Basque trainer guessed right as the new duo upfront was the one that scored the lonely goal of the match. Once again it was Andr?s Guardado who started the play, he sent a cross from the left that Pablo ?lvarez slightly headed in the box, the ball couldn’t be cleared by the local defenders and it reached Rodolfo Bodipo who just pushed the ball in.

With the advantage in the score, Depor spent the time defending the result and waiting at the back zone. Minerven tried to react, but the Venezuelan team never found the ideas or the spaces to create chances. Deportivo even had the choice to score a second goal in the last minute, a new cross from Guardado was sent to the path of Z? Castro, the Portuguese defender headed the ball and it went near to the right post.

Depor is now travelling to Caracas in order to face Maritimo Funchal (Portugal) on Sunday (22h30). The match will be played at the Olympic stadium in Caracas. The squad will make the first training in Venezuela’s capital on this afternoon. The last match of this tour will be played on Wednesday against Deportivo T??chira.


Deportivo: Aranzub?a - Laure, Rochela, Juanan (Piscu 62’), Z? Castro, Guardado - De Guzm??n (Antonio Tom??s 74’), Verd?? Cristian, Mista (Pablo ?lvarez 68’) - Omar Bravo (Bodipo 68’)

Minerven: Tulio Hern??ndez - David McIntosh, Daniel Ben?tez, Jorge Amara, Carlos Verd?? (Samuel Benavides 77’) - Camilo Uribe (Rafael De Fex 87’), Agnel Flores, Leonardo Ver??n (Hugo Ib???ez 52’), Jos? Caraballo (Juan S??nchez 71’) - Edgar Lima (Charly Ortiz 52’), Leandro Vargas.

Goal: 0-1: (69’) Bodipo.

Referee: Giovanny Perluzzo. He showed yellow card to De Guzm??n (73’).

Venue: CTE Cachamay (7,000)

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