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04 Aug 2008
The exit of Coloccini is leaving a big hole at Lotina’s defensive squad. The Basque coach is aware that his club needs to make a new signing in order to cover the departure and two names are appearing as the main targets: Diego Colotto and Jonathan Bottinelli.

Reports appoint that Deportivo has several names on the list of possible replacements in order to cover Coloccini’s departure, but two are the main candidates for the job: Jonathan Bottinelli (24) and Diego Colotto (27). Both are Argentinean players and possess an Italian passport . Another coincidence is that a deal for any of these two men seem difficult to fulfill.

Starting with Colotto, the problem with him is that his club, Atlas de Guadalajara, is worried because the central defender is the current captain of the squad and the leader of the defensive sector. Besides the Mexican tournament already started and since it’s a short tournament, Atlas is worried of the consequences. The vice-president of the club, Gustavo Montoya, told to reporters they don’t want to sell the player �We didn’t have any contact about this matter and his departure is discarded. If somebody wants him, they should pay the buyout clause.�

This clause reaches the €4 million, but the papers in Mexico and Spain doesn’t believe in the words of Montoya and appoint that a transfer could be closed in €3 million. Sportpaper AS even appoints that Colotto could even return to Europe in the same plane that will carry Deportivo after the tour in Venezuela. However it’s very probable the negotiations will be tougher.

Meanwhile, the opposite case is occurring with Botinelli. Contrary to the case with Atlas, San Lorenzo de Almagro is wishing to sell one of its main assets in the squad. This caused for the financial problems suffered by the club. Here the problem is the amount asked by the Argentineans and also by the fact that other European teams like UC Sampdoria and Panathinaikos FC are also interested.

A report in Argentinean sportpaper Ol?© appoint to Deportivo as the main candidate to hire Botinelli, but the price seems too expensive. In the beginning it was said the transfer could cost €3 million, now the Argentinean media is talking about a €5 million move. The main problem is that San Lorenzo only owes the 50% of the player’s rights, the other half belongs to a corporation named Gustavo Ranucci.

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