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07 Aug 2008
Deportivo ended the Venezuelan tour with the first defeat of the pre-season. It was an exciting game in which Depor started losing by two goals, later it achieved a comeback
Before leaving A Coru?a, defender Fabricio Coloccini gave a press conference at Abegondo. He wanted to say good bye to the fans and journalists. Richard Moar represented the club and thanked the Argentinean for the effort done in the last four years.

The first words of Fabricio Coloccini were to thank the support of the fans during the last four years ?I arrived trying to leave a mark and I hope I have fulfilled my mission. I want to thank all the people that have been nice with me since the first day. They always gave me their love and respect. They deserve a good bye and that’s why I am here, I need to face them.?

Later the Argentinean central defender valorised his career at Deportivo ?It’s clear that I am going to miss all that I have lived during these years, but I?m leaving satisfied and content. This was for me a huge step. Unfortunately, we lived tough years, moments of transition, but I am leaving content because we’ve left Deportivo at the doors of the UEFA (cup), that’s a great satisfaction for me.?

Coloccini also have some words for Joaqu?n Caparr??s, trainer with whom he lived his worst moment at the club ?These are things that happen in football, nobody owns the truth. I always tried to do my job and follow the right way, the one that was showed to me by my family. If I made some declarations before it was because we always call the things as they are. I was never disrespectful with anybody; I wanted the best for my team although it wasn’t a pleasant speech. The persons don’t matter; the important thing is Deportivo, its club and its shirt.?

The ex-Milan defender even praised the level of the players appointed as his successors, Colotto and Botinelli ?I think they are prepared to take my place. I have played a lot with Diego Colotto and I think they are prepared enough for the job, they are demonstrating it in their leagues. You will always find some comparisons. The day I arrived they also compared me with Naybet. It’s an extra motivation although everybody has its own way to play and want to write his own history.?

Coloccini ended describing his best moment at the club ?It was when we were five points above the salvation, when we were facing the worst scenario. We saw comradeship on here. We witnessed the union inside the squad. The people who didn’t want to be in the group were sidelined, who wanted to be in were here and our strength was the fact that took us out from that situation.?

Since president Lendoiro was in Venezuela, the sporting director of the club, Richard Moar, was the one that thanked the effort done by Coloccini at Deportivo ?He’s leaving by the main door, carried in shoulders. He demonstrated his value in the past year and also his human spirit. He was the main column, together with Valer??n, the one that was used by everybody in order to leave behind the situation we were facing.? In the end Coloccini was applauded by the journalists in the press room and left Abegondo.

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