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11 Aug 2008
There are no novelties about the arrival of Coloccini’s replacement, although the father of Colotto said that Deportivo is a dream come true for the player. Meanwhile, the agent of Pablo ?lvarez had a meeting with Lendoiro in order to talk about three offers for the winger.

There are no fresh news about arrivals and exits at Deportivo. Lendoiro and Lotina were having a meeting on last night and it was expected they would be defining the name of Coloccini’s replacement. All appoints the main candidate continues to be Diego Colotto from Atlas de Guadalajara. The papers in Spain still giving contradicting news about the price to pay. Some of them calculate the transfer in €2.8 million while other say it will reach the €4 million.

Sportpaper Deporte Campe??n appointed the deal could be closed in the next hours as an intermediary is already in Guadalajara with Depor’s offer. Meanwhile, the father of the defender, Daniel Colotto, appeared in La Voz de Galicia saying that his son is dreaming to sign for Depor ?To make the jump to Europe it’s the dream of any South American player. In the case of Diego, Deportivo is fulfilling all his aspirations, although nothing is official yet.? He also explained that his family is from Spain ?Although our name comes from Italy, the family of my mother comes from a little town in Salamanca named Villabuena.?

About possible exits from Depor’s squad, the main novelty is related to Pablo ?lvarez. His agent is Jos? Luis Tamargo and he was having a meeting with Lendoiro on Monday’s morning, the intention was to present three offers for the winger, as he explained to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a ?Right now we have three propositions for Pablo ?lvarez, but the decision doesn’t depend on us.?

La Opinion believes these offers are coming from Racing Santander, M??laga and Real Zaragoza. The meeting of Tamargo with Lendoiro could also reactivate the cases of Manu and Jairo, because Tamargo is also the agent for both players. So far Jairo has been linked with Alav?s, while Manu is waiting for offers. Finally, it has been known that Deportivo and M??laga have continued with the negotiations for striker Adri??n. It’s expected the Asturian striker will be loaned without a buyout option.

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